Friday, August 26, 2011

The Shanghai Sevens

With all the sporting fervor going on in the country, from football to dragon boat racing to the staple of basketball and the anonymity of softball, it is about time that another sport take its place.

We know more about the Philippine Rugby team with their Guadalupe billboard that apparently offended the sensibilities of certain people. It's time and an opportunity to show our countrymen what they can do. Amidst the lack of attention, they have been relatively successful.

This weekend, they will be participating in the first leg of the HSBC Asian Sevens Series, the Shanghai Sevens. Played at Yuanshen Stadium, it pits our Volcanoes against these teams: China, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Chinese-Taipei, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Thailand, UAE and Sri Lanka. On the distaff side, China, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan and Thailand will be facing each other.

The concept of supporting our country should always be wholehearted. No ifs and buts. Not just because of something, but because it is all about playing for the flag.

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