Wednesday, October 28, 2009

NBA Predictions for opening night.

4 games on tap to start off the NBA:

Boston vs Cleveland: Both teams had chippy moments in their last preseason game. Both teams highly fancied to meet again in the late postseason. Low scoring, physical play will highlight this. I pick the Celts.

Washington vs Dallas: New faces dot the landscape. Both teams with early injury issues (Jamison for Washington, Howard for Dallas). I pick the Mavs because Jamison is a bigger loss.

Houston vs Portland:  Classic TNT game they played last year. No Yao this time. Still going with Blazers.

LA Clippers vs LA Lakers: Ring night. Clips will try to spoil party, but unfortunately, no Blake. Lakers roll.

The Definitive NBA Preview (part 2)

This is a portion of the definitive NBA Preview, despite what others may claim. I will try to tackle the prevailing issues the best that I can do so that the standards can be met by the others here and those who read elsewhere.

Part 2 is simply gazing into the crystal ball and peering into the different Awards that are to be given out this year, as well as the other things that need predicting.

Award winners:
-    MVP: Easy choice. I still think this is LeBron James' domain for a while.
-    DPOY: Easy choice. I still think this is Dwight Howard's domain for a while.
-    ROY: Despite the early injury, Blake Griffin is the choice. (Homer alert!)
-    COY: Jerry Sloan, because it is simply a travesty that he has not won yet.
-    MIP: Courtney Lee. He will be the slashing scorer he was at WKU.
-    6th man: Jamal Crawford. I really think the Hawks are better. It's just that the three teams above them are ridiculous.

Best offseason move: Richard Jefferson for nothing. The Spurs know what they need.
Worst offseason move: Kahn picking 4 point guards, Wayne Ellington and Henk Norel. Trading 1 of the 4 away and two going overseas.
Most underrated offseason move: Tie. Hawks and Clippers with their offseason transactions (Homer alert!)
Biggest storyline so far: The big-time teams getting better. The mediocre franchises gettting worse.
Storyline that we need to keep an eye on: the emergence of the kids of Oklahoma City.
Coach on the hotseat - Lawrence Frank. All the teams in East have had some sort of coaching overhaul over the past few years. You might be on the next one. Besides, not much is expected with what is on the cupboard right now.
Player on the hotseat - LeBron. It's all about you. What you do. and the offseason that follows.
Executive on the hotseat - Danny Ferry. Bringing in Shaq was a huge gamble. Will it pay off for him.

Divisional winners: Celtics, Cavs, Magic (East) and Lakers, Blazers, Spurs (West)

8 playoff teams of each conference
East: Celtics, Cavs, Magic, Hawks, Heat, Bulls, Wizards, Raptors
West: Lakers, Spurs, Blazers, Mavs, Nuggets, Jazz, Hornets, Clippers

4 Conference Semifinalists:
East: Celtics, Cavs, Magic, Hawks
West: Lakers, Spurs, Blazers, Nuggets

2 Conference Finals:
East: Celtics, Magic
West: Lakers, Spurs

NBA Finals: Celtics vs Lakers
NBA Champion: Lakers in 6. Revenge is served.

All-stars Roster

Starters: D-Wade, D-Rose, Lebron, KG, D-12
Reserves: Shaq, Joe Johnson, Danny Granger, The Truth, Jesus Shuttlesworth, Rashard Lewis, Agent Zero

Starters: The Answer, Kobe, Dirk, TD, Pau
Reserves: D-Will, Boozer, CP3 (wooooooooo!!!), Durant, Brandon Roy, David West, Melo

Lastly, every Monday, Alongside the TWTWTNBA: there will be this little segment called the games of the day, as i pick out one game per gameday that I personally like.

Here we go:
October 27: As much as I like LA @ LA, Boston vs Cleveland is the more flavored choice.
October 28: ESPN has New Orleans vs San Antonio. Both have new interesting pieces to play with.
October 29: TNT Doubleheader. Melo is a stud, but Roy is a star. Time to let the rest of the ignorant world know about it. Denver - Portland.
October 30: Vince Carter returns to New Jersey, with GatorTrey's crew.
October 31: Halloween. Which scares you more less: Sparty's Pistons or Sae's Bucks?
November 1: How about the GatorTreys visiting Hedo up north?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Clipper Virus struck

The Clippers are really cursed. Damn. Blake Griffin has a hurt kneecap. Out 6 weeks. Damn. I hope DeAndre Jordan, Marcus Camby and Chris Kaman can shoulder the load, and Al Thornton, too. But we really need this guy to do what he does best: Give all out all the time.

Monday, October 26, 2009

2009-10 NBA Preview (part 1)

This is a portion of the definitive NBA Preview, despite what others may claim. I will try to tackle the prevailing issues the best that I can do so that the standards can be met by the others here and those who read elsewhere.

Part 1 looks into the offseason and who struck gold in the offseason and who struck nothing on a per Divisional set-up

Atlantic Division (Boston, New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Toronto)

Best non-player addition: Imagine the possibilities if Mikhail Prokhorov will be able to secure the Nets. Brooklyn, here we come. Maybe LeBron, too.

Team that best benefited from the past offseason: Boston. Adding Sheed that could be motivated by what happened last year might be able put them over the top. Oh, and Marquis Daniels might be the guy that would be what James Posey was two years ago for John's Celtics.

Team that least benefited the past offseason: Philadelphia. Because I do not know if Lou Williams can handle the point full-time. Andre Miller was really effective in orchestating the offense. Is Jrue Holliday the answer? He might be too raw. Are they a running team or a halfcourt team?

New face to look out for: Courtney Lee. Because where will all the Vince Carter possessions go? And has already proven himself to be a good scorer. Oh, he and CD-R will be handling the 2-3 spot previously held by Vinsanity.

Central Division (Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Indiana, Milwaukee)

Biggest non-issue: Indiana is not racist with their large number of white players.

Team that best benefited from the past offseason: Cleveland reloading with Anthony Parker, Jamario Moon and Leon Powe. And then, there is that big guy.

Team that least benefited the past offseason: Milwaukee. Trading Richard Jefferson away. Then let Charlie Villanueva go. What are the Bucks really doing?

New face to look out for: Shaq. Because we really have no idea how this will work.

Southeast Division (Atlanta, Charlotte, Miami, Orlando, Washington)

Biggest non-issue: Gilbert Arenas abandoning his entertainment value. That is just Gilbert being Gilbert. Also Juan Dixon being waived, but is merely for someone with Maryland tendencies.

Team that best benefited from the past offseason: Orlando. Team GatorTrey actually getting even better with Brandon Bass, Matt Barnes and Vince Carter coming home.

Team that least benefited the past offseason: Miami. Beasley goes to rehab. Wade won't sign an extension (yet). Just like Lebron in Cleveland and Chris Bosh in Toronto, watch out all year long.

New face to look out for: Jamal Crawford. All Atlanta needed to get him was Acie Law IV and Speedy Claxton. They have a good shot to retain that 4th spot. And who knows, they might finish higher.

Southwest Division (Dallas, Houston, Memphis, New Orleans, San Antonio)

Biggest non-issue: Dirk Nowitzki and his off-court brouhahas. Some may take offense with his hair. Definitely we all take offense with his choice of women.

Team that best benefited from the past offseason: San Antonio. Richard Jefferson. Antonio McDyess. Theo Ratliff. Three vets who want a ring. This team wants to win. RC Buford and Pop know what their needs are and act accordingly.

Team that least benefited the past offseason: Houston. Losing Yao Ming for the whole year is really huge. Considering that T-Mac is still unavailable.

New face to look out for: Zach Randolph. People in Miz's area think he could average 20-10 this season. Makes you wonder why they traded Pau Gasol in the first place. The other problem with that idea is that there is only one basketball to spread around Iverson, Gay, Mayo, Conley, etc...

Northwest Division (Denver, Utah, Minnesota, Portland, Oklahoma City)

Biggest non-player acquisition: Kurt Rambis. He will bring a winning attitude to a team lacking one. Interesting coaching staff with Bill Laimbeer and Reggie Theus in his corner. Remains the top man to replace Phil Jackson in LA when he retires.

Team that best benefited from the past offseason: Oklahoma City. Not much on the new additions, but all eyes on the emergence of Kevin Durant as a super-stud. Bill Simmons has drunk the kool-aid. I might have as well.

Team that least benefited the past offseason: Portland. (Not because they will fail, because that's Minny and their inability to bring in Ricky Rubio.) I think they never really made an effort to improve. Come to think of it, other than Minny, not much major player movement took place in the Northwest, excluding Andre Miller. There's the rub. I never really understood that addition. It felt like a Tony Stark moment.

New face to look out for: Jonny Flynn. Another chip on the shoulder with the Ricky Rubio fiasco. Let's see if he and Ramon Sessions can coexist.

Pacific Division (Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Clippers, Phoenix, Sacramento, Golden State)

Biggest non-player addition: Khloe K. Odom. Nothing is not interesting in LA. If Ron Artest will not keep you interested, she will.

Team that best benefited from the past offseason: (Homer Alert!) The Los Angeles Clippers. Trading away Zach Randolph. Managing to nab Rasual Butler. Drafting Blake Griffin. We might be able to finish 8th and grant the wish of most to have a series at Staples.

Team that least benefited the past offseason: Golden State. It is not about the who they acquired or who they lost, it is about the chaos ensuing in Nellie's World. Monta Ellis and Stephen Jackson are not exactly happy campers.

New face to look out for: Blake Griffin. Maybe this guy can bring good luck to a moribund franchise.

Blog Outsourcing 10/26

Is it just me or I am the harbinger of reality for the Sparty and Friends community. A typhoon ravaging the countryside, not once, but twice. A third almost brushed us. Then, you know what I wrote last week. Rather not dwell on that one.

So, what should I write? Well, the other major collegiate league just wrapped their season last Saturday. The San Sebastian Golden Stags denied the San Beda Red Lions a chance at a fourth straight title in the NCAA. With that finally over, time to prepare for our own version of the NCAA Tournament, the PCCL.

I found some personal enjoyment watching / listening to U2 earlier today. How come? After all, I am in the 'burbs of Manila while they were at the Rose Bowl. I love Youtube. Youtube livestreamed the event online here. So the world managed to watch the event at the same time as those inside the home field of the UCLA Bruins. Very convenient since the concert was in the late morning / lunch time here.

Time for the Link-a-lot:

Sparty must be in a happy mood. I wonder why... (expect some major gloating later today). No shame to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. They really gave it their all but in the end, Andy Pettite made his mark on the postseason, and possibly book his Hall of Fame induction. Btw, found it interesting that the honorary American League President (Jackie Autry of the Angels) awarding it to Hal Steinbrenner.

Ok, insert your Big Mac joke in 3... 2... 1...

I hope this guy will keep Albert happy. I shudder at the thought of the best hitter in the game needing a hitting coach.

He definitely deserves a second chance. Does it have the Jen seal of approval?

He sacrificed it all for a woman. Haven't we heard this cliche before?

Someone is still bitter about not having the Joe vs Joe series.

Are the 2009 Phillies the best Phillie team constructed? The 1980 team might have some issues with that. Good discussion point.

Mini-preview of the World Series. And continued suffering for Jen and the Indians.

New BCS results out (because that is the only poll that matters, right?). If you are a Hawkeye and a Horned Frog, this is great news. You can discuss this further on the TWTWCFB. More stat goodness here.

SEC officiating cannot get a good break this year. Especially in games involving the Herban Jesus.

Talk about early entry. This is way too early, but at the same time, way too late. Someone has already tagged a team for him.

Mediocrity to still reign in Champaign.

Futbol update: The Reds have beaten Glazer's new boys, 2-0 at Anfield. On the other hand, Robert Kraft's new boys punched their playoff tickets.

Speaking of Glazer and Kraft, their NFL teams went to London. How the Brits view the spectacle. Goodell likes them so much, he wants seconds. Oh, Tom Brady was great.

Speaking of great, so was Miz's Manning. As for Sparty's Manning, not so much...

Steelers vs Vikings was amazing. Watching the highlights was amazing because the camera seemed to be rocking along with the stadium. AD, though, still deals hard hits that really hit hard.

Vengeance best served cold. For Cedric Benson and for Keith Brooking.

Finally some parting shots:

I was watching a special from NFL Films earlier today. It feautred this song. Fitting since Pittsburgh won against Brett:

Hope you can indulge me on something. This is a local song, a theme song, so to speak as our national elections are coming soon.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Blog Outsourcing 10/19

Pardon me for this will be simplistic, you might say a mailed-in version. but read the last portion of this and you would understand.

Brutal month, right?

Time for the links.

The BCS standings are out. You better subscribe to the Al Davis philosophy to advance.

Well, TCU is right now on the outside looking in, but their coach does not care. Focus is on BYU. And guess who will be there?

More fodder for TWTWCFB: This guy might end the QB Heisman run.

Exhibit B as to why if you can leave, you ought to leave. I think we should be showing this to a certain QB in South Bend.

Sad sad news
from Storrs. I like their chances this Sautrday against a West Virginia team with issues at QB.

Moving to beisbol:

This is the tim kurkjian special: the Game 3 NLCS edition.

Bill Plaschke
reminding the Dodgers about their trading gaffe.

Angels hoping their last two games were merely a mirage. However, in New York, A-Rod is clutch (so far). Must be the Kate Hudson.

Btw, Bud is not the only one hoping for a Joe vs Joe.

Your weekly Futbol update: Hot and Not in the Premier League. And btw, World Cup spots on the line as the matchups are to be determined.

Peyton 2008 = Brady 2009. This is why. Hard to believe Titans are 0-6.

The bookends of the NFL Franchise value index have issues. At least Oakland can hang their hat on a win. Zorn without play calling is a lame duck. Btw, their next game is Monday night (October 26) against the Eagles.

Oh, the State of New York lost all three games against Archie's boys, with Sparty's G-Men being the last one.

Parting videos:

After the Palace Brawl, there are times people never learn. See this case:

UPDATE: he has been thrown the book.

Meanwhile: here is a better way to end the post...

Enjoy the week ahead.

P.S. Dad, I love you.

What is now on my mind as of late.

Another huge weekend of sports looms and the world should be ready.

Locally, the collegiate scene winds down with the other big-time league (the NCAA) in its Final 4 stage. San Beda has booked its ticket by surviving a game Letran squad playing without Smart Gilas bound Rey Guevarra. The Knights, behind RJ Jazul and Kevin Alas, kept in step (even led) with the defending champions. But Borgie, Garvo, Dave, Bambam and Superman will not allow them to lose. On the other hand, the Heavy Bombers took advantage of a Jimbo Aquino-less Golden Stags to force a winner-take-all 330pm on Monday.

On the other hand. the international version is just starting, with Midnight Madness in full throttle. North Carolina will be trying to defend their title. Kansas and Kentucky just nipping at their heels and Duke chomping at the bit. Expect some posts on it soon.

Pro Basketball is taking root as well, with the PBA and ASEAN Basketball League underway and NBA Tip-off being two weeks away. I will input my thoughts on the NBA all season long here. Btw, Wynne Arboleda acted like an idiot. He acted as if what a certain retired "journalist" would be doing in theory. I am just giddy that SMART Gilas is playing. They lost against Burger King that featured the slugfest between Wynne and the heckler, but that's fine.


However, things change and perspectives change. As of 1110pm Saturday night, My dad passed away. It saddens that you lost someone you love. It saddens when he left a little bit too early. But you know, I know he is in good hands with the Deity.

What do I remember about him? For starters, I inherited the love of sports from him. He loved watching sports. He especially took to love baseball, especially the pitching aspect. After all, he did pitch when he was young. He liked the Yankees. He liked the Lakers as well. The first basketball game I watched live was with my dad at the Araneta Coliseum. The last moment I had with my dad in the hospital was watching Game 1 of the ALCS, with CC Sabbathia dealing some mean stuff. Yankees won, so he was pleased.

I also remember him being stern and strict, but that is a different matter. Anyway, Dad, I love you. Wherever you are, take care of us.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ateneans might be interested in this book.


After 20 years the Ateneo De Manila Blue Eagles have once again completed a back-to-back championship in the UAAP Men's Basketball Tournament. A once-moribund program has come full circle through a lot of blood, sweat and tears, and the tireless effort of so many men and women, from the players to the coaches to the team management and the team patrons.

Through it all the fans - the legendary Blue Eagles Sixth Man - have remained constant, steadfast and firm believers in their beloved Blue Eagles. From the most heartbreaking losses to the the most glorious victories, it is the Ateneo fans who lustily cheered the Blue Eagles to this incredible back-to-back crown. Gameface - the country's first and only online hardcore basketball authority thru it's popular Blue Eagles' Nest (BEN) Forum - is the preeminent sounding board of the Blue and White legions. Now in the works, it will soon present this chronicle of Ateneo's Sesquicentennial Back-to-Back UAAP championship of 2008 and 2009 as told by the Ateneo hardcore fans themselves.

Hardbound. Full gloss. Full color. 8.5" x 11" size. More than 200 pages of content which includes game per game narratives, analyses, highlights, and sideshows as written and arranged by Collegiate Basketball authorities and Ateneo Fans themselves (BENistas in particular). 200 photos. Topics cover from recruitment and a possible peek in Season 73 and those players waiting in the wings. You will be surprised to know that most of you are in this book thru your BEN Forum posts and photos in the games.

Only 500 limited copies will be made available. Book special price will be Php 1,500 if reserved and bought before Nov. 30, 2009. BENistas will get a special discount if bought before the said date. Orders from abroad shall also be accepted (but will include cost on shipment). Regular price of Php 1,859.00 shall apply thereafter. It is an ideal gift for Christmas for Ateneans worldwide.

It is our school's ONLY VISUAL AND ORAL HISTORY of the Sesquicentennial Back to Back championship.

Those interested to reserve copies can text cell no. 09088647948 and email at the following info:

1. complete name with corresponding gameface username (this will be treated with confidentiality)
2. year graduated from the Ateneo
3. Course (if College, if not HS or GS level)
4. Number of copies you are reserving or getting
5. Home address
6. email address
7. landline number
8. cell phone number

Monday, October 12, 2009

Blog Outsourcing 10/12

Happy Columbus Day! Coincidentally, if you follow the Julian calenday, it was on the 12th that he set foot on the New World. That translates to the 21st on the modern Gregorian calendar. I know most of you are enjoying the holiday, but I am as well.

I am still on a high from a championship sealed with a salute and a kiss.

Sealing a back-to-back for the first time since 1987-88 is a great thing. Now plans are afoot to seal a third straight title in 2009, despite losing three reliable players, including the last two Finals MVPs. We have the necessary players who can contribute in the pipeline. We just had our bonfire to celebrate the wins of our GS, HS and college teams to end the first semester.

This is the final minute of the said game:

This is how we celebrated in the court on that fateful momentThat's the Ateneo Way

And so the positive feelings and vibrations move on and I hope your alma maters achieve the same success as mine has.

Here are the links to love:

Asia's first professional basketball league returns. At the same time, the newest one just emerged.

Coming soon: the return of the Nordiques.

Mr. Ashley Judd won a championship recently. Yup, no one cares about racing unless it was a redneck.

There is more to competitive eating other than that event in Coney Island.

Regardless of this guy in Game 2, Sparty still believes that they won with ease.

7-6 for Boston means a little different now compared to its old past.

Meanwhile, Carl Pavano makes his biggest Yankee contribution ever. Unfortunately, he plays for the Twins now.

Here is a sort-of ALCS Preview. It's on FOX, so you have been warned.

Welcome to the frozen tundra that is Lambeau Coors Field. Unfortunately, the Phillies take homefield back.

Tiger + Jordan = Easy dominance.

Your latest futbol update: Remember when Petco was invaded by bees? This happened in Azteca Stadium.

More futbol: It's all about trying to qualify for South Africa in 2010 during the weekend. 19 teams have qualified already, the United States included.

I hate their uniforms, but the Son of Hoodie is 5-0.

Here, look: That is really ugly.

Game ball to Mike Zimmer and his family.

Losing to the Giants is not the worst of Tom Cable's troubles.

Who is in the hotter seat? Dick Jauron or Jim Zorn?

Finally, a special parting video. Because Ateneo = Amazing.

Ateneo back to back - Amazing. from Aaron Vicencio on Vimeo.

And simply, Win or Lose, it's the school we choose.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Countdown to hours and a Twin reflection

In a matter of hours, I would either be in complete jubilation or complete agony.

Two schools, two differing factions, two opposing concepts and credences. One is running on pure emotion and skill, the other focused on discipline and gameplan.

You can throw everything out the window now. This is about desire. This is about wanting it more than the other man.

Ateneo vs East. Eagles vs Warriors. Thursday. 330pm.

What I expect to see from Ateneo:

1. Better focus on the defensive end: Pari Llagas and Elmer Espiritu finished with a combined 41 points. In Elmer's case, he was ridiculous shooting the ball. And yes, that alley-oop play should not be happening when things are right.

2. Better shot selection and shot conversion: Too many threes (34 attempts). Too many passed up and missed opportunities.

3. Getcha head in the game: Rabeh, please.... Cooler heads must prevail and not let the three blind mice in.

4. San Sebastian, pray for us: Their tandem (Lee and Reyes) vs our tandem (Salamat and Buenafe). Eric and Ryan were outplayed in Game 2.

One last thought: I think the guys at Nonoy for President can best illustrate the collective thoughts of the 6th Man.

One Big Fight! For the Win. For the Blue and the White and the Eagles in Flight.


Speaking of do-or-die games, I was able to watch the one between the Tigers and Twins. Now there's a team that traditionally likes drama. Minnesota has a knack of being really good come September and October in pulling out rabbits out of their hats. They did it again, winning 6-5 against Detroit. A year ago, they lost to the White Sox on a Podsednik homer.

This was quoted from Yankee fan Rick Olivares

NY-Min match-up
catcher: Benjie Molina vs. Joe Mauer
pitcher: CC Sabathia vs. Brian Duensing
first base: Mark Teixiera vs. Michael Cuddyer
second base: Robinson Cano vs. Nick Punto
third base: Alex Rodriguez vs. Matt Tolbert
shortstop: Derek Jeter vs. Orlando Cabrera
left field: Johnny Damon vs. Delmon Young
centerfield: Melky Cabrera vs. Denard Span
right field: Nick Swisher vs. Jason Kubel
designated hitter: Hideki Matsui vs. Jose Morales

New York will have Jerry Hairston Jr, Eric Hinske, Brett Gardner, and even Jorge Posada as utility for the first game.

One: Bengie Molina is currently with the San Francisco Giants. He is a Free Agent at the end of the year. His brother, Jose, is the one playing for the Yankees.
Two: Speaking of Jose, he will be catching AJ Burnett, not CC Sabbathia, as seen in the news as of late.
Three: Yankees are prohibitive favorites, but they better win Game 1. Nice sendoff for the Homerdome.

Baseball playoffs are on. Enjoy the ride.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Blog Outsourcing 10/5

Sports always provides good therapy for all ills. When Katrina came around in New Orleans, it meant a lot. The MNF moment buoyed a positive vibe to a city that really needed it.

Unfortunately, what happens when your therapy turns into your worst nightmare? It sure happened last night. It was really ugly and it was brutal. It was shocking. It was epic, so to speak. I was at a loss for words and I was frustrated.

Now, it lies in a do-or-die tiebreaker game. Everything on the line for the final game. A title-clinching game. Nothing else matters come Thursday, 330pm local time. (check your timezones) Those who are interested to watch can do so online.

Now to the links we all love.

Speaking of tiebreakers, the J-Rods will actually be playing again. (Can J-Rod write his eulogy for the Metrodome?)

They will be facing off against Rick Porcello on Tuesday night.

Why Tuesday night? Because on Monday night, there will be reservations for six.

The Mannings did not lose yesterday. Not Peyton. Not Eli. Not even Archie's old boys. However, Eli hurt his heel in the process.

Is it the end of the Bobby Bowden era? A point to ponder for a TWTWCFB post. Watch out. One thing I can vouch, winning cures all ills.

Speaking of curing all ills, remember how much flak there was in the Plains for hiring Gene Chizik? They are in the Top 25. Spartacast had an interesting discussion regarding Cincy and Boise State. The Bearcats are ranked ahead of the Buckeyes and the Hokies overtook the Broncos.

If you need a QB in 2010? He might be an ideal choice. Believe me, he is better than a lot of QB's out there. Care to name all those starting QB's you would junk for him?

Good news all around New England: they beat a bitter rival and an old hand returns.

Where to, Bobby Valentine? Because you came back to the United States not to just be some figurehead.

The Sawx make known their pitching rotation. We have a Yankee guy, a Sawx guy, a J-Rod, at least 2 from the left coast. How about someone touting a team and feature a tete a tete of the 4 Divisional Series. We can have guest commenters for this.

The NBA beckons, and more J-Rod good news: Kurt Rambis won his first game. Are we ready to argue with the GITC expectorant again? Don't worry, Mondays will be peppered with a TWTWTNBA. Suggestions for content are very much welcome Contributions are encouraged.

Problem in Hockeytown? Then again, it is early. The Blackhawks were in nearby Finland.

Futbol update: It was Blue over Red to remain in step with Glazer's boys. Because Glazer's new Reds are much much better than the other Reds that Glazer owns. Meanwhile, the new Galacticos finally lost.

Finally: Pacquiao chips in his share of assistance.

Fantasy Updates:

Pigskin Pick 'em: (Pending MNF Game)
Week 4: Mike Vick PETA Sandwich leads with 12. Sparty and Marco are among those who are 11.
In Total: JB leading Sparty by 2. Rek and Trey chasing him down.

College Pick 'Em:
Week 5: Dew's Dynamos got 50. Sparty got 48. Patphish and Natsfan finished with 46.
In Total: Waiting for Next Year has a 4pt lead over Sparty, with Patphish and erstwhile leader henry8minus1 following.

Fantasy Football:
S&F League:
Show Me Those TD's vs Ateneo LA Clippers = 88 vs 112
Favre and Long vs Bacon Wrapped Donuts = 63 vs 37
Jersey Dirty Sanchezes vs Erin's Peephole = 102 vs 82
Red Hawks vs Miami Mullens = 75 vs 29
Serena's Ball Gag vs Gisele's Goat Mask = 65 vs 83

M&F League:
Ta-Kill-Ya Merrimans vs Ateneo LA Clippers = 44 vs 67
Jason Campbell Soup vs Patphish Baconators = 106 vs 107
Superbowl Homeboy vs Jones tackles Dyson = 31 vs 55
Mike Vick PETA Sandwich vs Huge Tebowners = 67 vs 92
Lights Out Tequila vs Team Oh No Stinko = 90 vs 97

Video Parting Shot:

This is for Sparty

Saturday, October 3, 2009

College Football Week 5 Predictions

# 3 Alabama @ Kentucky 12:21 PM ET - With the teams above them idling, they have a chance to make a resounding impact among the voters.

# 4 LSU @ # 18 Georgia 3:30 PM ET - Trap game material with the Gators looming the week after. However, the Mad Hatter will get them ready.

UC Davis @ #5 Boise State 8:00 PM ET - Little fact, Boise State Head Coach was a QB at UC-Davis. Boise State still stays in the Top 5.

#6 Virginia Tech @ Duke 12:00 PM ET - Just another team for the Hokies to trample upon.

#7 USC @ #24 Cal 8:00 PM ET - If losing to Oregon did not kill its chances, losing to USC will.

#8 Oklahoma @ #17 Miami 8:00 PM ET - This is Landry Jones' biggest test. The U should exploit the absence of Sam Bradford.

#9 Ohio State @ Indiana 7:00 PM ET - See previous Buckeye game. Same result.

#10 Cincinnati @ Miami Oh. 1:00 PM ET - Cincy taking a break from the Big East schedule to feast. Possible trap game as USF looms.

SMU @ # 11 TCU 8:00 PM ET - Run and shoot has NO chance against TCU's game.

# 12 Houston @ UTEP 9:05 PM ET - Case Keenum might make a case for a sleeper Heisman run.

Arkansas St @ #14 Iowa 12:05 PM ET - The way Kirk Ferentz is coaching, he might just have saved his job.

#15 Penn State @ Illinois 3:30 PM ET - JoePa will not allow another team to embarrass the Nittany Lions.

Washington State @ #16 Oregon 9:15 PM ET - Ducks will roll. And if they roll, Boise State looks good.

Utah State @ #20 BYU Friday 9:00 PM ET - Note: game already finished, but I still would go with BYU.

#21 Mississippi @ Vanderbilt 7:00 PM ET - If this was a sleeper team instead of Vanderbilt, Ole Miss would crap the bed again.

#22 Michigan @ Sparty 12:00 PM ET - Gut check for both, with Wolverines pulling it off.

#25 Georgia Tech @ Mississippi St. 7:30 PM ET - Mullen has them playing well. Hard to pick against the triple option.

snazzy pasintabis again

I haven't done these in a while, so here it goes...

1. I actually thought Chicago had a chance of bagging the 2016 hosting rights, but lo and behold, they get ousted early. Congratulations are in order for Rio de Janeiro for winning against Madrid. Tokyo finished third. All we needed was New York so that the New York Rio Tokyo connection.

2. Baseball is winding down and the playoff chase may end in a whimper. Pretty much all lineups are set in the AL and it's all about the seeding in the NL. But can you imagine if the Dodgers lost the NL West. But you know what, the Twins will not die...

3. I actually made a huge contribution to a podcast. Normally, they just let me listen while they do the recording. This week, i get my opinions aired out.

4. Remember the punch in Boise? The guy who threw it might be able to get a final chance. I think he deserves another chance as long as all parties are amenable.

5. Kiefer Ravena is good. Really good.