Sunday, July 26, 2009

UAAP gameday 8 assessment

written in the wi-fi zone.

Adamson: The team really lacks a closer to seal the deal. to play focused and smart basketball. Lester Alvarez played awesome. Camson really botched it with that foolish foul.

La Salle: I still stand by the 3-4 record at the end of the 1st round. a 4-3 record is attainable would be good for Franz. Their remaining opponents are NU, UST and Ateneo. Arvie's performance is still a disappointment compared to what i expected from him.

UP: Kudos to them. They played all-heart and never gave up. As what most proponents said, they consider this as championship-level atmosphere. The crowd who were there sure felt like it.

Ateneo: Remember how FEU almost lost it to Adamson last Thursday, it was at that kind of lethargic and lackadaisical. Unfortunately, when we tried to make the run, UP made their shots and we missed ours, compared to FEU pulling it out against the Falcons. We will bounce back.

UAAP gameday 6 & 7 assessment

Teams that played last Thursday and Sat:

La Salle: They finally got their first win. However, there are still a lot kinks that are needed to be worked out. Adamson would be a little bit better gauge.

UP: This is going to be one very long season. Season 73 with Mike Silungan cannot come soon enough.

Adamson: this was echoed last Saturday. Team needs someone to be the closer. Get well soon, Nuyles. Gotta give credit to the Soaring Falcons for really stepping up against a talented (but listless for a bit) FEU team.

FEU: followed up a kind of disappointing performance on thursday with a smashing one on saturday. RR Garcia is some kind of incredible.

NU: Played FEU at the wrong time. And the Manito guy ought to be suspended for that ridiculous smile after that nasty hit he made to the Bonzi Wells look-alike. Good job Manny Dandan berating the hell out of him on TV.

UE: Paul Lee cannot go 0/12 again.

UST: Like what I tweeted, if you love high scoring mad offensive genius like scoring, UST is the perfect choice. All they need is an Andris Biedrins-type.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Kobe articles

I need to find articles / blog posts / etc... regarding Kobe's visit here. If you have, let me see it. I am planning something kasi. Thanks.

We play softball, too.

All eyes are apparently with Team Pilipinas in the Jones Cup, seeing a general disappointment that is reined in. Some are pissed, even.

However, in a world far far away, there is another Team Pilipinas playing and fighting their way to advancement.

In Saskatoon, there is a tournament going on. It is the World Men's Softball Championships. Updates can be seen here, with the Philippines being the one of three Asian countries participating.

We are currently toting a 2-2 record with games against Botswana and Denmark remaining.

I wish them luck. Go Team Pilipinas

Sunday, July 19, 2009

UAAP gameday 5 assessment

UE vs NU:

Two things:

1. UE's freewheeling style of play will be advantageous only to those who have a subpar defense.
2. NU's helter-skelter play will kill this team if it will not kill the opponent.

Ateneo vs UST:

1. four words: The.Eman.Monfort.Experience.
2. no Rabeh, yet we controlled the pace of the game.
3. no one can stop us if we are shooting like crazy.
4. we can play slow. we can play fast. but one thing that's constant: we will defend.
5. coach pido had to resort to "shuffling the deck" so to speak.
6. funny scene: ryan gets rebound. ryan gets fouled by mirza, who falls down and gets cramped. ryan then proceeds to do initial first aid on mirza (you know, what the PT people would do when someone gets cramps and i would assume mirza asked for ryan's assistance). very funny. also shows that we are good sports and men for others.
7. chris de chavez got game. watch out in season 73.
8. eman-nico-ryan. is this the core for season 73?
9. ust literally has no size down low. if they had an andris biedrins-type player, they would be a vicious contender for a final 4 spot. they are fringe level as of the moment.
10. composure. composure. composure.

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Snazzy Sport "Pasin-tabis" 2

1. Tom Watson leading the Open @ Turnberry. He's 59 turning 60. One thing that keeps me busy when I am at the office is reading Jason Sobel and his ESPN golf live-blog. It is really captivating what this 5-time Open winner is doing. Wow. Newsworthy. Also Tiger missing his 2nd major cut. Considering how good he has been over the course of his career, this is really a shock.

2. The 2010 Winter Classic will be held @ Fenway, with the Boston Bruins hosting the Philadelphia Flyers. Considering how good the past 2 games were, expectations are high.

3. Congrats to the San Miguel Beermen. Ginebra lost their first Game 7. Jonas Villanueva (FEU alum) wins the Finals MVP. Olsen, your successor is ready. Thanks for the service rendered.

4. Day after Beermen win, Team Pilipinas loses in their Jones Cup opener 90-59 to Jordan. Still need a lot of stuff to work on.

5. The NBA free Agent moves will have its own post before the season starts, so don't be surprised.

6. Since Kobe is coming here, no, I did not go to the Fort to try to fish for a ticket. I do have a day (graveyard, though) job and the schedule and location make it a little impractical. However, if you do, send a link to watch and observe. And, speaking of Nike, the Jordan Brand is going to secure current Converse icon D-Wade. (Which is a lateral move as Nike owns Converse)

7. DLSU lost again. No one scored in double digits, again. This will be a long season for the Archers. However, I just want to let you know, that this team is a 2nd round team, meaning they really play much better from August onwards. It is hard to imagine a Franz Pumaren-coached team like this. Kudos to FEU.

8. Adamson wins it first game against UP. Did I see a Mike Gamboa DNP?

Saturday, July 18, 2009

UAAP gameday 3 assessment

Thoughts on the UST - NU game:

1. UST is premeditated on running the opposition to the ground. NU tried to run along, but wilted.
2. 30 pts from Dylan Ababou. Amazing what this guy can do.

Thoughts on the Ateneo - UE game:

1. Cold start again.
2. Val Acuna. who the hell are you? You started out like a man possessed. Unfortunately for you, the law of averages caught up with you.
3. Give credit to the veterans in maintaining composure amidst the slow start and ue's ridiculous shooting.
4. 3rd quarter can be summed into one thing: someone feeding Rabeh down low then eating alive the UE big men.
5. 2nd unit again playing well.
6. Coach presumed Espiritu and Lee not n, so Nonoy and Kirk did not start.
7. No adjustments whatsoever from UE. Good job with Coach Norman.
8. Good test against their next opponent, UST.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Management Engineering Fun Run

Halikinu Radio

The past two Thursdays in NU 107 every 9pm have been the center of Ateneo Radio. Halikinu Radio is back on air. And these are the people who compose it:

Rick Olivares
Martin David
Portia Silva
Chuck Araneta
Mhel Garrido

Episode 2 feat. Treena Limgenco of the Ateneo Lady Eagles (who incidentally also won against UE) as well as Nino Avenido (who coincidentally is my batchmate).

You can check them out here

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Nike Elite Basketball Camp people

I was wondering who were the Nike Elite Campers that were being referred to in the Kobe post. I decided to check google and led me here

Footnote: The school on the parenthesis is based on what was on the site as of the time. You may be wondering since Mark Juruena is now with UP.


Albert Tanquintic (San Beda)
Alfonso Gotladera (San Beda)
Aljon Mariano (La Salle)
Art de la Cruz (San Beda)
Baser Amer (San Beda)
Benjie Teodoro (Informatics)
Bon Jovi Cipriano (Ateneo)
Christopher Javier (San Beda)
Dave Moralde (San Beda)
Eduardo Daquiag (BIS)
Elmer Labis (Cagayan de Oro)
Erickson Galacgac (Davao)
Excel Nocu (Gensan)
Francis Donahue (Iloilo)
Gabe Branzuela (Cebu)
GJ Ylagan (Lucena)
Glenn Khobuntin (Letran)
Gryann Mendoza (Davao)
Gwynne Capacio (DLSZ)
Hans Cabrera (Cebu)
Hans Sabal (Olongapo)
Hero Tomilloso (Iloilo)
Ivan Enriquez (Ateneo)
Jarelan Tampus (Letran)
Jeffrey Ongteco (Letran)
Jessmar Sabangan (RTU)
Jethro Rosario (TIP)
Jhul Ian Elle (Davao)
Jomar Adornado (La Salle)
Joseph Eriobu (Perpetual)
Joven Sepe (Cebu)
Keith Agovida (JRU)
Kinsman Frando (Davao)
Kristoffer Porter (Cebu)
Kyle Neypes (UST)
Larry John Malanday (Davao)
Lomell Loyola (Olongapo)
Loui Philippe Vigil (JRU)
Luigi de la Paz (DLSZ)
Luigi Pumaren (La Salle)
Luis Pujante (?)
Mark Cruz (Letran)
Mark Juruena (Adamson)
Martin Pascual (Ateneo)
Masshu Okubo (Perpetual)
Nico Elorde (DLSZ)
Orly Pelopero (Cagayan de Oro)
Paolo Pe (Ateneo)
Rafael Melocoton (Cagayan de Oro)
Raffy Octobre (Cebu)
Raphael Banal (Ateneo)
Reden Celda (Davao)
Ricci Gonzales (Brent)
Russel Escoto (FEU FERN)
Ryan Monteclaro (UE)
Sean Benedict Lucero (Cagayan de Oro)
Terrence Romeo (FEU FERN)
Von Chavez (San Beda)
Zack Tabriani (International School)

Updated Kobe in Manila news

Information here taken from Rick Olivares' blog

Like what I posted earlier: NBA Finals MVP Kobe Bryant will be in the country on July 21, 2009 (which is a Tuesday) to kick off his Nike sponsored 2009 Asia Tour. The said tour will cover six cities in Asia, starting in Manila (for only one day), then Singapore, Taipei, Hong Kong, Shanghai and the final stop being Chengdu. The tour also seeks to inspire young ballers to continue aspiring for their big hoop dreams.

The visit will kick off with a 2PM visit at Nike Park, The Fort. Kobe would be meeting young ballers from select Gawad Kalinga communities as a way of supporting deserving institutions by setting aside quality time to be with children who are interested in basketball, encouraging them to keep dreaming big. W.N.I.K.E Radio on Magic 89.9 will broadcast this event live (This is during the Big Meal / Top 5 @ 5).

Afterwards, he would proceed to a basketball camp at the Philsports Arena (a.k.a. the Ultra). Kobe would then strut his stuff and share tips and tricks with a group of young and up-and-coming basketball players named the Nike Elite Campers (hmm.... I wonder who are the ones in this camp?) Gates will be open at 3pm and the show begins at 4pm.

If you want to watch this, you need to go to the Nike Park at the Fort on Saturday, July 18. Tickets are absolutely free, but only 3000 are available and only two (yes, just two) tickets per person on a first-come first serve basis. Distribution will begin at noon of said day. You can also tune in to W.N.I.K.E Radio (Mondays 10-1030am on Magic 89.9) as lucky listeners might be able to watch this as well.

The tour also serves as the launch of the new Nike Dream Season shoe, which is the first basketball shoe designed for outdoor games. Designed with Kobe's input and based from his style of play, the Nike Dream Season is both lightweight and durable, as well as sleek and aggressive. Winning the recently concluded NBA title obviously completing his own dream season, Kobe aims to inspire young ballers by sharing his passion for basketball (in this case, with players throughout Asia Pacific), giving them the opportunity to live out their dreams on the outdoor court.

Monday, July 13, 2009

UAAP gameday 2 assessment

UP vs NU.

1. Maroons need to work fundamental passing. too many mistakes.
2. Bulldogs still sticking to their staple "bomb away from long distance if able" offense.
3. UP needs Mike Silungan.
4. Unlike the previous day, the team showed effort in an attempt to combat the deficit.
5. NU's backcourt is underrated. they might spring a surprise.
6. Ponferrada is their only low post presence. if we can get him out, they are screwed.
7. We still "love" Migs de Asis. The 6th Man will have a field day when the battle of Katipunan commences. Oh, and he was a DNP-CD in the game.

Ateneo vs FEU

1. another slow start. i wish we could kick the habit already.
2. defense remains solid and hardcore. rendered cawaling pretty much ineffective.
3. needs to work on decision-making a lil bit. (ryan, i am talking to you)
4. aldrech ramos has a head start on the DPOY, but nonoy would like a word with him.
5. feu is for real. they have some kinks to adjust, but they are what they are on paper.
6. i shudder at the thought of andy-4 in HD.
7. our perimeter game was spot on when it was needed early.
8. we are ready to defend the crown. the question is, are you READY to take it away from us?
9. i am giving my full seal of approval to the courtside reporter of ateneo.


There is a new sports magazine out in the local market to cater to the collegiate basketball fan. The first issue is already out, with the next one to come soon (based from what i heard, it will be by the UAAP Final Four)

The articles are interesting. Let's see what lies ahead.

Updates on the All-Star rosters

Brandon Inge and Shane Victorino win the Final vote.

Jason Werth replaces Carlos Beltran.
Nelson Cruz replaces Torii Hunter.
Trevor Hoffman replaces Jonathan Broxton.
Carlos Pena replaces Dustin Pedroia.
Zach Duke replaces Matt Cain.

Home Run Derby participants:

NL: Albert Pujols, Ryan Howard, Adrian Gonzalez, Prince Fielder
AL: Brandon Inge, Carlos Pena, Joe Mauer, Nelson Cruz

I still think the AL will win this and an NL will win the derby. However, the derby seems to produce an unlikely winner all the time.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Another shocking death and UAAP 1st day thoughts

A lot of well-known people have died the past few weeks. But the way they have died has been pretty shocking. The latest one is Arturo Gatti. A boxing legend, especially since he pretty much fought in Atlantic City.

RIP Thunder Gatti.


I missed out on pretty much the whole UST-Adamson match, but Khasim Mirza played very well. No shame on the Falcons who were just whiskers away from winning. Both teams could play in a race for a Final Four ticket.

Now, the UE-DLSU match was a bit shocking and disturbing. They were outplayed, outhustled and outclassed. I know they are young, but I expected more, especially with the Pumarens around. Nevertheless, good job by the dudes from Recto. Now rest of the UAAP can see what they can do.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

UAAP preview

I know it is a little late, but here are my thoughts this season.

Preseason 1st team:

Rabeh Al-Hussaini
Nonoy Baclao
Dylan Ababou
Paul Lee
Mark Barocca

Bringas will be my Freshman of the Year Winner.
Nonoy defends his DPOY and I think Nonoy will be the MVP.

Final Four:


Those who missed out:


I believe I will be seeing year 2 of the Buenafe Championship Series being sealed against Andy-4.

Monday, July 6, 2009

2009 MLB All-Star Roster named.

Here are the recently announced players for the 2009 MLB All-Star Game in St. Louis

National League

STARTERS (as voted by the fans)

C Yadier Molina St. Louis 1
1B Albert Pujols St. Louis 8
2B Chase Utley Philadelphia 4
3B David Wright NY Mets 4
SS Hanley Ramirez Florida 2
OF Ryan Braun Milwaukee 2
OF Raul Ibanez Philadelphia 1
OF Carlos Beltran NY Mets 5

C Brian McCann Atlanta 4
1B Prince Fielder Milwaukee 2
1B Adrian Gonzalez San Diego 2
1B Ryan Howard Philadelphia 2
2B Orlando Hudson LA Dodgers 2
2B Freddy Sanchez Pittsburgh 3
SS Miguel Tejada Houston 6
3B Ryan Zimmerman Washington 1
OF Brad Hawpe Colorado 1
OF Hunter Pence Houston 1
OF Justin Upton Arizona 1

RHP Heath Bell San Diego 1
RHP Chad Billingsley LA Dodgers 1
RHP Jonathan Broxton LA Dodgers 1
RHP Matt Cain San Francisco 1
RHP Francisco Cordero Cincinnati 3
RHP Ryan Franklin St. Louis 1
RHP Dan Haren Arizona 1
RHP Josh Johnson Florida 1
LHP Ted Lilly Chicago 2
RHP Tim Lincecum San Francisco 2
RHP Jason Marquis Colorado 2
RHP Francisco Rodriguez NY Mets 4
LHP Johan Santana NY Mets 4

American League

STARTERS (as voted by the fans)
C Joe Mauer Minnesota 3
1B Mark Teixeira NY Yankees 2
2B Dustin Pedroia Boston 2
3B Evan Longoria Tampa Bay 2
SS Derek Jeter NY Yankees 10
OF Jason Bay Boston 3
OF Ichiro Suzuki Seattle 9
OF Josh Hamilton Texas 2

C Victor Martinez Cleveland 3
1B Justin Morneau Minnesota 3
1B Kevin Youkilis Boston 2
2B Aaron Hill Toronto 1
SS Jason Bartlett Tampa Bay 1
3B Michael Young Texas 6
OF Carl Crawford Tampa Bay 3
OF Curtis Granderson Detroit 1
OF Torii Hunter LA Angels 3
OF Adam Jones Baltimore 1
OF/IF Ben Zobrist Tampa Bay 1

RHP Andrew Bailey Oakland 1
RHP Josh Beckett Boston 2
LHP Mark Buehrle Chicago 4
RHP Zack Greinke Kansas City 1
LHP Brian Fuentes LA Angels 4
RHP Roy Halladay Toronto 6
RHP Felix Hernandez Seattle 1
RHP Edwin Jackson Detroit 1
RHP Joe Nathan Minnesota 4
RHP Jonathan Papelbon Boston 4
RHP Mariano Rivera NY Yankees 10
RHP Justin Verlander Detroit 2
RHP Tim Wakefield Boston 1 is allowing the fans to vote here to see who gets the final spot.

Cristian Guzman (Washington)
Matt Kemp (Los Angeles)
Mark Reynolds (Arizona)
Pablo Sandoval (San Francisco)
Shane Victorino (Philadelphia)

Chone Figgins (Los Angeles)
Brandon Inge (Detroit)
Ian Kinsler (Texas)
Adam Lind (Toronto)
Carlos Pena (Tampa Bay)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

RIP Steve McNair

It's sad when one of the nicest guys who played the game and is one of the best players of his era passes away under circumstances that are kind of creepy.

RIP Air McNair.

This is from

Former Tennessee Titans quarterback Steve McNair has been killed, a source has confirmed to

McNair, police said, suffered a fatal gunshot wound to the head in downtown Nashville. A female victim was also found dead, police spokesperson Don Aaron said. Aaron said the women has not been identified, pending notification of next of kin.

The incident happened near 2nd South & Lea Ave in Nashville.

McNair played 13 seasons in the NFL, 11 were with the Tennessee Titans. He played his final two years with the Baltimore Ravens, retiring after the 2007 season.

McNair was picked third overall in the 1995 draft out of Alcorn State by the then Houston Oilers.

Here is the statement for Titans owner Bud Adams: (Gotta love twitter for this)

"We are saddened and shocked to hear the news of Steve McNair's passing today. He was one of the finest players to play for our organization and one of the most beloved players by our fans. He played with unquestioned heart and leadership and led us to places that we had never reached, including our only Super Bowl. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family as they deal with his untimely passing."

Friday, July 3, 2009

Some Snazzy Sports "Pasin-tabis"

Here are some quick tidbits that have come to my attention. NBA stuff will have their own post probably during the weekend.

1. NCAA Season 85: Just started. UAAP in the horizon.
2. Due to the 2009 Influential Bloggers event, the Let's go Sago surfing event has been moved to August 15-16.
3. Game 1 of the PBA Finals between San Miguel and Ginebra already passed, with the Gin Kings winning.
4. Japeth is in the country, played for the Yeng Guiao NT. I wish he plays for the Toroman NT as well.
5. Manny Ramirez is coming back from his 50-game sabbatical.
6. US Soccer revival with their great showing in the Confederations Cup.
7. Wimbledon with THE siblings squabbling over another grand slam and Federer just 2 wins from 15 slams.

My passion for the NBA really gets you, don't you think?

Kobe coming to Manila

Thanks to Nike Philippines for the information.

Here it is as quoted from Nike:

Nike announced today that it would host 2009 NBA Champion and Finals MVP Kobe Bryant on a six-city tour of Asia. Developed as an opportunity for Kobe to meet with kids throughout Asia to inspire, energize and improve their basketball skills, Kobe’s tour will make stops in Manila, Singapore, Taipei, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Chengdu, China, starting July 21, 2009.

Starting as a young basketball player, Kobe developed a set of skills that has made him into one of the best athletes in the world. Growing up, he sharpened his skills playing both indoor and outdoor basketball and today follows a core set of values that can be seen through his focused training and mental toughness on court.

The results of his training are visible through his many accomplishments including scoring 81 points in a single NBA game and in winning the 2008 NBA MVP Award, the 2008 Olympics Gold Medal as part of the USA Basketball team, and most recently winning the 2009 NBA Championship and being awarded the Finals MVP.

Bryant has met with players and fans alike throughout Asia over the past three summers; touring with Nike during the summer of 2006 and 2007, and as part of the USA Basketball team leading up to the games in Beijing where he lead the USAB team to gold in 2008. This summer’s tour offers Kobe a chance to check back in with the young players he met on previous tours and meet up and coming players who he hopes to inspire. “I'm looking forward to returning to Asia to see the progress the kids have made since my last visit,” said Kobe Bryant. “I liked what I saw then and I’m planning to work the kids even harder to give them a better sense of the dedication and hard work it takes to be a champion.”

Off the court, Kobe has long believed in giving back to the community. During his Asia tour with Nike, Kobe will continue his spirit of giving by participating in charity events with his fans at various stops along the tour.

From July 1st, Nike will launch the Nike Dream Season. Developed to meet the needs of outdoor basketball players in Asia, the Nike Dream Season was designed with insights from Kobe. The shoe will be a part of his signature collection and will be sold exclusively in Asia.

Kobe Bryant 2009 Asia Tour Schedule:
July 21: Manila

Watch out for updates on the Kobe Bryant 2009 Asia Tour: Philippines on or tune it to W.N.I.K.E. Radio on 89.9 DWTM Mondays from 10:00am to 10:30am.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Analyzing the NBA Free Agency.

With the Salary Cap going down to presumably around $58.7 million next season, there will be fiscal madness in our midst. Some managed to free up cap space while others need to reduce payroll to stay under the luxury tax level. It is important to know that even if all eyes are on next year’s class. This year will be an interesting one by itself.

So who is the best among the crop?

The All-Restricted FA team:

G: Raymond Felton (Charlotte), Jarrett Jack (Indiana), Ramon Sessions (Milwaukee), Nate Robinson (New York), Juan Carlos Navarro (Memphis via Spain)
F: Marvin Williams (Atlanta), Jamario Moon (Miami), Paul Millsap (Utah), Josh Childress (Atlanta via Greece), Glen Davis (Boston), Hakim Warrick (Memphis), Linas Kleiza (Denver)
C: David Lee (New York), Marcin Gortat (Orlando), Leon Powe (Boston)

The All-Unrestricted FA Team:


G: Mike Bibby (Atlanta), Ben Gordon (Chicago), Allen Iverson (Detroit), Andre Miller (Philadelphia), Marquis Daniels (Indiana), Anthony Parker (Toronto), Wally Szczerbiak (Cleveland)

F: Charlie Villanueva (Milwaukee), Hedo Turkoglu (Orlando), Shaun Marion (Toronto), Antonio McDyess (Detroit), Joe Smith (Cleveland)

C: Zaza Pachulia (Atlanta), Rasheed Wallace (Detroit), Anderson Varejao (Cleveland),


G: Jason Kidd (Dallas), Kobe Bryant (LA Lakers), Von Wafer (Houston) Anthony Carter (Denver) Michael Finley (San Antonio)

F: Ron Artest (Houston), Trevor Ariza (LA Lakers), Lamar Odom (LA Lakers), Grant Hill (Phoenix), Carlos Boozer (Utah), Matt Barnes (Phoenix), Drew Gooden (San Antonio), Brandon Bass (Dallas)

C: Memo Okur (Utah) Chris Andersen (Denver)

Footnote: This list was created before these people made their decision not to opt out: Boozer, Okur, Kobe. This was also created before the Celtics decided not to make a qualifying offer to Powe (turning him into a unrestricted FA).