Saturday, July 18, 2009

UAAP gameday 3 assessment

Thoughts on the UST - NU game:

1. UST is premeditated on running the opposition to the ground. NU tried to run along, but wilted.
2. 30 pts from Dylan Ababou. Amazing what this guy can do.

Thoughts on the Ateneo - UE game:

1. Cold start again.
2. Val Acuna. who the hell are you? You started out like a man possessed. Unfortunately for you, the law of averages caught up with you.
3. Give credit to the veterans in maintaining composure amidst the slow start and ue's ridiculous shooting.
4. 3rd quarter can be summed into one thing: someone feeding Rabeh down low then eating alive the UE big men.
5. 2nd unit again playing well.
6. Coach presumed Espiritu and Lee not n, so Nonoy and Kirk did not start.
7. No adjustments whatsoever from UE. Good job with Coach Norman.
8. Good test against their next opponent, UST.

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