Tuesday, June 29, 2010

UAAP Season 73 1st round Schedule

Because I trust Gameface when it comes to the UAAP scheduling.

UPDATE: Latest schedule information came from As DLSU is the host school, this might be legit. This was also cross-posted onto Gameface.

as of June 28

Senior's Division

July 10 Saturday
Araneta Coliseum


July 11 Sunday
Araneta Coliseum

2PM AdU vs NU

July 15 Thursday
Philsports Arena


July 17 Saturday
Philsports Arena

4PM UP vs AdU

July 18 Sunday
Philsports Arena


July 22 Thursday
Araneta Coliseum


July 24 Saturday
Araneta Coliseum

12PM UE vs NU

July 25 Sunday
Philsports Arena

4PM UST vs AdU

July 29 Thursday
Araneta Coliseum


July 31 Saturday
Araneta Coliseum

2PM UE vs UP
4PM FEU vs AdU

August 1 Sunday
Philsports Arena


August 5 Thursday
Araneta Coliseum

2PM AdU vs UE

August 7 Saturday
Fil-Oil Arena

2PM UP vs NU

August 8 Saturday
Philsports Arena


Women's Division

July 11 Sunday
Araneta Coliseum

9:45AM UST vs FEU

Fil-Oil Arena

8AM UP vs NU
9:45AM DLSU vs AdU

July 18 Sunday
Philsports Arena

9:45AM FEU vs ADMU

Fil-Oil Arena

9:45AM AdU vs UP

July 22 Thursday
Araneta Coliseum

8AM AdU vs UST
9:45AM UE vs UP
July 25 Sunday
Philsports Arena

9:45AM DLSU vs FEU

July 29 Thursday
Philsports Arena

9:45AM FEU vs NU

Fil-Oil Arena

9:45AM UST vs UP

August 1 Sunday
Philsports Arena

9:45AM UST vs ADMU

Fil-Oil Arena

9:45AM NU vs AdU

August 7 Saturday
Fil-Oil Arena


August 8 Sunday
Fil-Oil Arena

9:45AM AdU vs UE

August 10 Tuesday
Fil-Oil Arena

9:45AM UST vs DLSU

August 12 Thursday
Fil-Oil Arena

8AM AdU vs FEU
9:45AM UE vs NU

Junior's Division

July 13 Tuesday
Fil-Oil Arena

10:45AM UST vs ADMU
2:45PM UE vs NU

July 17 Saturday
Fil-Oil Arena

10:45AM ADMU vs UE
2:45PM DLSZ vs AdU

July 20 Tuesday
Fil-Oil Arena

9AM NU vs AdU
10:45AM UST vs DLSZ
2:45PM ADMU vs FEU

July 24 Saturday
Fil-Oil Arena

10:45AM DLSZ vs NU
2:45PM UPIS vs UST

July 27 Tuesday
Fil-Oil Arena

10:45AM FEU vs AdU

July 31 Saturday
Fil-Oil Arena

10:45AM AdU vs UST

August 3 Tuesday
Fil-Oil Arena

10:45AM UPIS vs NU
2:45PM UE vs AdU

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bill Clinton Attends USA vs Algeria World Cup Game

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton attended the USA vs Algeria World Cup Game in South Africa on Wednesday June 23rd, 2010. Clinton is known world-wide for his political and philanthropic endeavors and it was very likely that he would attend something as culturally diverse as a World Cup game. However, there might be another reason that he attended the game. Clinton could be putting in face time and doing his homework since he recently became one of the latest additions to the World Cup Bid Committee Board of Directors along with his top advisor, Doug Band.

Clinton has joined the World Cup Committee Board of Directors in hopes of bringing the World Cup to the United States in 2018 or 2022. The last time the World Cup was hosted in USA it became the largest attended single sporting event in US history – 3.6 million. Interesting enough, back in 1994 soccer wasn’t really even that popular in the US and they still managed to capture a record audience. With the way soccer has gained popularity and continues to pick up momentum throughout the country, one can only imagine how big a US hosted World Cup would be 8 or 12 years from now. There would be no doubt about the economic benefits that would ensue, bringing tons of revenue into the country. More importantly, the relationship that the US has with foreign countries could strengthen significantly.

Bill Clinton has worked on the forefront of the US mission to increase foreign relations through the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI). CGI brings world leaders together to help solve world problems. CGI was actually co-founded by Doug Band, who attended Georgetown Law and worked as an aide for Clinton throughout his Presidency; now serving as his top counselor post-presidency. The CGI to date has brought benefits to thousands of people across hundreds of countries. Undoubtedly, the US will hope that their chances of winning the World Cup Bid will increase with the face of Bill Clinton and Doug Band on the committee. Band actually happens to be a big soccer fan. Perhaps the next time we see him he’ll be attending a World Cup game, regardless of whether or not USA is playing. He might even be there now.

Written by Annette Lyndon

TWTWTNBA: Draft Prediction (Pacific)

Sacramento Kings
Draft Position: 5th, 33rd

Unrestricted Free Agents: Sean May, Ime Udoka

Restricted Free Agents: Jon Brockman, Dominic McGuire

Sacramento has frontcourt holes, which they can fill up with either a big man (Cousins or Favors) or Wesley Johnson. They already made an initial move with Samuel Dalembert. I think they would go after complimentary pieces for Reke and the hustler named Carl Landry.

If I were the GM, 5 interesting not-so-obvious players I would go after: Chris Duhon, Jannero Pargo, Nate Robinson, Shaun Livingston, Hakim Warrick
Los Angeles Clippers
Draft Position: 8th, 54th

Unrestricted Free Agents: Steve Blake, Rasual Butler, Drew Gooden, Steve Novak, Travis Outlaw, Brian Skinner, Craig Smith

Restricted Free Agents: Bobby Brown, Mardy Collins

They have one obvious hole. That is of course, the SF. They would preferably want a guy named Lebron, but if the word is legit, luol Deng (if healthy), might be good enough. Also will not mind an upgrade in bench depth.

If I were the GM, 5 interesting not-so-obvious players I would go after: Anthony Morrow, Linas Kleiza, Josh Childress, Shuan Livingston, Allen Iverson
Golden State Warriors
Draft Position: 6th

Unrestricted Free Agents: Devean George, Vladimir Radmanovic (ET option)

Restricted Free Agents: Chris Hunter, Anthony Morrow, Anthony Tolliver, CJ Watson

Last I heard bout these W's, everyone is for sale except for Curry. Even the franchise is for sale. Best player available. Monroe would be good considering the fickleness of Nellieball. I just hope he has high confidence and self-esteem, because this is Nellieball, after all. Oh, and they love D-Leaguers.

If I were the GM, 5 interesting not-so-obvious players I would go after: Nate Robinson, Eddie House, David Lee, Channing Frye, Amir Johnson
Phoenix Suns
Draft Position: 46th, 60th

Unrestricted Free Agents: Louis Amundson, Jarron Collins, Channing Frye, Amar'e Stoudemire (ET option)

A team without a GM, facing uncertainty with the cheapskate tendencies of their owner, but have the best training staff around. In addition, they have Steve Nash, who just had his just successful soccer event. Lots of fun veterans. But all eyes on Amar'e and what he will do. They'll look at getting key contributors this late.

If I were the GM, 5 interesting not-so-obvious players I would go after: Jermaine O'Neal, Eddi House, Nate Robinson, Hakim Warrick, Luis Scola
Los Angeles Lakers
Draft Position: 43rd, 58th

Unrestricted Free Agents: Derek Fisher, D.J. Mbenga, Josh Powell, Shannon Brown (Player)

Restricted Free Agents: Adam Morrison, Jordan Farmar

No rest for the weary. At least they have a timetable to determine whether Phil Jackson will come back. If he does not, I think it will be Brian Shaw who will be the next head coach. In addition, the champs need to figure out considering how much they are paying Kobe, Pau, Bynum et al. Rumors of a Lamar swap have been heard. Team needs to really think about upgrading the remainder of their backcourt.

If I were the GM, 5 interesting not-so-obvious players I would go after: Randy Foye, Mike Miller, Shaun Livingston, Chris Duhon, Steve Blake

TWTWTNBA: Draft Prediction (Southwest)

Houston Rockets
Draft Position: 14th

Unrestricted Free Agents: Chuck Hayes (Team), Yao Ming (ET option), Jared Jeffries (ET option)

Restricted Free Agents: Kyle Lowry, Luis Scola

Considering they missed Yao the whole year, this team were relatively decent. They need this pick simply to draft the best player available, may it be a Yao caddy or another player who can do the Princeton. They are also open to trading the pick, because a healthy Yao will translate into being contenders with the growth of Aaron Brooks and the all-out effort of the roster.

If I were the GM, 5 interesting not-so-obvious players I would go after: Randy Foye, Mike Miller, Jermaine O'Neal, Craig Smith, Theo Ratliff
Memphis Grizzlies
Draft Position: 12th, 25th, 28th

Unrestricted Free Agents: Steven Hunter, Jamaal Tinsley, Marcus Williams

Restricted Free Agents: Rudy Gay, Ronnie Brewer

Word is out that Mike Conley has not impressed the Grizzlies brass, so they will go with the OJ Mayo-at-point experience and draft a trusty wingman. There is also word that they are open to trading their picks. Much-maligned GM Chris Wallace has actually been a little decent with the draft. Of course, the Pau deal killed him permanently. Memphis has a relatively OK core lineup. They just need some varnishing and compliments.

If I were the GM, 5 interesting not-so-obvious players I would go after: Jannero Pargo, Eddie House, Shaun Livingston, Travis Outlaw, Craig Smith
San Antonio Spurs
Draft Position: 20th, 49th

Unrestricted Free Agents: Keith Bogans, Matt Bonner, Ian Mahinmi, Roger Mason, Richard Jefferson (ET option)

Watershed moment for the Spurs. They have gotten good breaks in drafting the likes of Tony Parker to stall their impending decline. Their stopgap measures last season did not really work (talking to Richard Jefferson, in particular). They need a talent infusion to freshen up this roster. Hungry players who want a chance to snag a ring. That's their M.O. This might also be the year that finally, yes, finally, Tiago Splitter makes his NBA debut.

If I were the GM, 5 interesting not-so-obvious players I would go after: Rasual Butler, Anthony Morrow, Travis Outlaw, Jermaine O'Neal, Jerry Stackhouse.
New Orleans Hornets
Draft Position: 11th,

Unrestricted Free Agents: Ike Diogu, Sean Marks, Darius Songaila (ET option), Peja Stojakovic (ET option)

Restricted Free Agents: Aaron Gray

They have been front and center of the rumor circle, involving CP3. As much they would be of help, they'd rather jettison the burdens of Peterson, Posey and the remainder of Songaila and Stojakovic. They don't really have much wiggle room, but they do have some good pieces knowing that adding either a talented wingman would be a better upgrade than the sorry state of Julian Wright. New Monty Williams will have to find a way to get the max out of the David West-Emeka Okafor tandem as well.

If I were the GM, 5 interesting not-so-obvious players I would go after: Ime Udoka, Craig Smith, Marquis Daniels, Kurt Thomas, Channing Frye
Dallas Mavericks
Draft Position: 50th

Unrestricted Free Agents: Brendan Haywood, Tim Thomas, Dirk Nowitzki (ET option)

Mark Cuban always, ALWAYS makes a splash every season. They also ALWAYS seem to be a missing piece away from the title. They only have one pick, and they have the means to maneuver a deal. They always do, especially with Erick Dampier contract. They are also known as the wildcard in the Lebron sweepstakes.

If I were the GM, 5 interesting not-so-obvious players I would go after: Shaquille O'Neal, Jermaine O'Neal, Udonis Haslem, David Lee, Mike Miller

TWTWTNBA: Draft Prediction (Northwest)

Minnesota Timberwolves
Draft Position: 4th, 16th, 23rd, 45th, 56th

Unrestricted Free Agents: Darko Milicic, Sasha Pavlovic, Oleksiy Pecherov, Damien Wilkins

Restricted Free Agents: Nathan Jawai

5 draft picks right now (Could change as there is a possibility with another dance with trade partner and comrade-in-ridicule Chris Wallace) for David Kahn to possibly draft more PG's or any other position he so desires. Remains to be seen if Al Jefferson and or Kevin Love will be sent packing. The 4th pick will be a good read as to what these Wolves will be doing. If they go big, that is a sure sign one will be traded. If they go wing, then there might not be one. There will be a renewed effort to coax Ricky Rubio to exit Barca, but they better figure out what to do with Jonny Flynn. They did decline an effort by the Pacers to dangle the 10th pick for him.

If I were the GM, 5 interesting not-so-obvious players I would go after: Tracy McGrady, John Salmons, Ronnie Brewer, Kwame Brown, Javaris Crittenton
Portland Trailblazers
Draft Position: 22nd, 34th

Unrestricted Free Agents: Travis Diener, Juwan Howard

Restricted Free Agents: Patrick Mills

After all the maneuverings we have been accustomed to from the Blazers, we might see the end of the Kevin Pritchard era. But of course, there will be parting shots, like the Rudy Fernandez and the 22nd pick to Toronto for the 13th pick. Team needs size insurance with the injury history of all of their 3 Centers (Oden, Pryzbilla, Camby). They don't really have much room (and they still have those players stashed overseas like Freeland and Kopponen). This team needs complementary pieces to go along with what they have: a solid back court in Andre Miller and Brandon Roy and their big man LaMarcus Aldridge.

If I were the GM, 5 interesting not-so-obvious players I would go after: Mike Miller, Udonis Haslem, Travis Outlaw, Matt Barnes, Jared Jeffries
Utah Jazz
Draft Position: 9th, 55th

Unrestricted Free Agents: Carlos Boozer, Kyle Korver

Restricted Free Agents: Kyrylo Fesenko, Wes Matthews

The Jazz face an interesting dilemma with Carlos Boozer. Are they willing to let him go? Because they have a capable Paul Millsap waiting in the wings. At the same time, they can use their pick to get a big man. At the same time, their talent will also allow them to draft the best player available, like a Luke Babbitt or a Gordon Hayward. They also need a big that can spell Mehmet Okur. Their reserve bigs are relatively raw. Another wing would be of help.

If I were the GM, 5 interesting not-so-obvious players I would go after: Mike Miller, Drew Gooden, Brendan Haywood, Linas Kleiza, Josh Childress
Denver Nuggets
Draft Position: no draft picks

Unrestricted Free Agents: Malik Allen, Anthony Carter, Joey Graham, Johan Petro, Kenyon martin (ET 0ption)

Restricted Free Agents: Linas Kleiza

The Nuggets have one objective at this point, and that is not this year but the the next, where a guy named Melo will be a free agent. That's their priority. That's why they have no draft picks, but they are looking for a trade to net themselves one. They already have good pieces around. They just need to scrimmage around the free agent bin. One thing for sure, this team needs depth at the 4/5. Because you never know with Nene and K-Mart's injury history. You may also look at possible JR Smith alternatives that do not have his kind of baggage.

If I were the GM, 5 interesting not-so-obvious players I would go after: Udonis Haslem, Anthony Morrow, Nazr Mohammed, Roger Mason, Mike Miller
Oklahoma City Thunder
Draft Position: 18th, 21st, 26th, 51st

Unrestricted Free Agents: Kevin Ollie, Etan Thomas

Restricted Free Agents: Mustafa Shakur

Gotta love Same Presti. He just supplanted Kevin Pritchard as the most interesting man in the draft. And KP was still around. He hoodwinked the Heat (currently focused on resigning Wade) to give up their first rounder and Daequan Cook. New cover boy Kevin Durant became a scoring god last season, now he needs more sidekicks other than his Core 4 teammates and Ibaka. With the multiple picks they can be strategic partners, like the rumored 10th pick Indiana has. Now this offseason, this would determine how good a draw playing with KD really is.

If I were the GM, 5 interesting not-so-obvious players I would go after: Josh Childress, Mike Miller, Steve Blake, Brendan Haywood, Udonis Haslem.

TWTWTNBA: Draft Prediction (Atlantic)

New York Knicks
Draft Position: 38th, 39th

Unrestricted Free Agents: Jonathan Bender, Earl Barron, Brian Cardinal, Chris Duhon, JR Giddens, Al Harrington, Eddie House, David Lee, Tracy McGrady

Restricted Free Agents: Sergio Rodriguez

They gutted their roster. They prepared for this since it was time immemorial. Someone even created a site for them. We all know what matters right now. All or nothing, really. A big gamble. For the world's sake, it better pay off, else this will be ugly. Who they draft will be someone who preferably can contribute immediately. Preferably someone with size.

If I were the GM, 5 interesting not-so-obvious players I would go after: Allen Iverson, Josh Childress, Jermaine O'Neal, Luis Scola, Richard Jefferson
New Jersey Nets
Draft Position: 3rd, 31st

Unrestricted Free Agents: Tony Battie, Trenton Hassell, Jarvis Hayes, Chris Quinn, Bobby Simmons, Kris Humphries (Player)

Restricted Free Agents: Josh Boone

Nets also did their due diligence with the #3 selection with all the possible top picks. They have a lot of holes, other than the ones currently being plugged by Brook Lopez and Devin Harris. Whoever the Sixers select, they can get the next best one available. Avery Johnson gets a second chance in coaching and has had experience handling similar owners. Let's see if he can handle the Russian billionaire. They have cap space that they will use in rearming themselves.

If I were the GM, 5 interesting not-so-obvious players I would go after: Travis Outlaw, John Salmons, Anthony Morrow, Al Harrington, Richard Jefferson
Philadelphia 76rs
Draft Position: 2nd

Unrestricted Free Agents: Rodney Carney, Francisco Elson, Allen Iverson

They already jettisoned Samuel Dalembert, getting Andres Nocioni and Spencer Hawes in return. They had Turner, Cousins, Favors, Johnson in to work out, a.k.a. doing their due diligence. Sixers need a return on investment on Elton Brand, who has not been the same since the Achilles injury (Clippers lucky to escape that one.) This move will dictate what the next ones will be for the other teams. On the other hand, they are still hamstrung with the Brand and Iguodala contracts. Team needs overhaul in a lot of areas, so any help is welcomed.

If I were the GM, 5 interesting not-so-obvious players I would go after: Kyle Lowry, Randy Foye, Drew Gooden, Jared Jeffries, Jerry Stackhouse
Toronto Raptors
Draft Position: 13th

Unrestricted Free Agents: Chris Bosh, Amir Johnson, Rasho Nesterovic

Just like the Heat, all eyes are on what with Chris Bosh do. Unlike Miami, there is a higher likelihood of their key free agent leaving than staying. Their draft might dictate what they will be doing. Given the depth at the bigs, it would be prudent to go get a big man so that Bargnani can move to the 4. They have cosmopolitan lifestyle, very conducive "supposedly," but then again, what did that do to Hidayet Turkoglu? Just like in Cleveland, they are in a holding pattern.

If I were the GM, 5 interesting not-so-obvious players I would go after: Linas Kleiza, Sergio Rodriguez, Jamaal Magloire, Fabricio Oberto, Luis Scola.
Boston Celtics
Draft Position: 19th, 52nd

Unrestricted Free Agents: Ray Allen, Tony Allen, Marquis Daniels, Michael Finley, Nate Robinson, Brian Scalabrine, Shelden Williams, Paul Pierce (ET option)

The Eastern Conference champs have a slight uncertain future ahead. They first lose their D-Coordinator to the Bulls. Perk has a knee injury that might take a while to heal. Ray Allen is a free agent, while Doc ponders if he wants to be a full-time dad. Danny Ainge though, may have some tricks up his sleeve. Their woeful lack of size might force them to draft big first before looking at possible successors to Jesus Shuttlesworth.

If I were the GM, 5 interesting not-so-obvious players I would go after: Eddie House, Mike Miller, Kyle Korver, Tony Battie, Rasho Nesterovic

TWTWTNBA: Draft Prediction (Central)

Indiana Pacers
Draft Position: 10th, 40th, 57th

Unrestricted Free Agents: Luther Head, Earl Watson

The Pacers have said that they would trade their pick for a PG. Considering how much depth there was in this position last year. I would also think they would stay healthy. They never really were. Granger, Dunleavy, Murphy, etc. all missed time last year. I wish I could say much more, but they were so nondescript last year, other than their relative whiteness.

If I were the GM, 5 interesting not-so-obvious players I would go after: JJ Redick, Mike Miller, Luke Ridnour, Steve Blake, Brad Miller (and Brian Scalabrine)
Detroit Pistons
Draft Position: 7th, 36th

Unrestricted Free Agents: Kwame Brown, Ben Wallace

Restricted Free Agents: Will Bynum

Detroit went through the Kwame Brown-Ben Wallace experience at Center. They absolutely need big men who can score (of course, who can defend, too). The best thing about their draft position is that they can pick from whatever is left amongst the cracks of DeMarcus Cousins, Ekpe Udoh, Ed Davis, Greg Monroe, Cole Aldrich, Solomon Alabi, Hassan Whiteside, etc... I still think the Ben Gordon-Rip Hamilton experience needs to be broken up. So far, Charlie Villanueva and Ben have been inconsistent in their 1st year as Pistons.

If I were the GM, 5 interesting not-so-obvious players I would go after: Brad Miller, Louis Amundson, David Lee, Jermaine O'Neal, Luis Scola
Milwaukee Bucks
Draft Position: 15th, 37th, 44th, 47th,

Unrestricted Free Agents: Primoz Brezec, Royal Ivey, Luke Ridnour, Jerry Stackhouse, Kurt Thomas, Michael Redd (ET option), John Salmons (ET option)

The Bucks just got themselves a deal with the Warriors for Corey Maggette, jettisoning Charlie Bell and Dan Gadzuric in the process. This might possibly mean John Salmons might no longer be a Buck. (Looks more and more likely with the CD-R acquisition). Lack of size will be an issue and will be addressed in the draft given the depth.

If I were the GM, 5 interesting not-so-obvious players I would go after: JJ Redick, Udonis Haslem, Drew Gooden, Joe Smith, Kenyon Martin
Chicago Bulls
Draft Position: 17th,

Unrestricted Free Agents: Joe Alexander, Devin Brown, Acie Law, Brad Miller, Ronald Murray, Jannero Pargo, Hakim Warrick

The Bulls are awash with cash. Wait, haven't I heard that line before? I distinctly remember that offseason when their biggest signing then was Ron Mercer. How times have changed. Now they got a top-quality PG (Rose) and a fiery big (Noah). They need another offensive piece. A major piece. One who can take care of things. a go-to-guy in addition to Rose. With Thibodeaux on lock, we know they will be good offensively. They will still look for Kirk Hinrich takers if this ensures maximum impact. As for the draft, they need someone who can contribute now (ala James Anderson or Avery Bradley)

If I were the GM, 5 interesting not-so-obvious players I would go after: Allen Iverson, Nate Robinson, Tony Allen, Tracy McGrady, Travis Outlaw
Cleveland Cavaliers
Draft Position: no draft picks

Unrestricted Free Agents: Zydrunas Ilgauskas, Lebron James, Shaquille O'Neal

Restricted Free Agents: Jawad Williams

No draft picks to worry about. All eyes are focused on the Lebron James recruitment / retention process. Once that is settled, everything else follows, including their coach. I would think no free agent (and coach) in their right mind would go to Cleveland without any guarantee that Lebron stays. If he stays, look for Cleveland to get an upgrade in their backcourt with whatever cap space they have left.

If I were the GM, 5 interesting not-so-obvious players I would go after: (If James stays) Mike Miller, Ray Allen, Allen Iverson, Raymond Felton, Steve Blake

TWTWTNBA: Draft Prediction (Southeast)

Washington Wizards:
Draft position: 1st, 30th, 35th overall.

Unrestricted Free Agents: Earl Boykins, Javaris Crittenton, Shaun Livingston, Mike Miller, Fabricio Oberto, James Singleton, Quinton Ross (Player option), Josh Howard (Team option)

Restricted Free Agents: Randy Foye, Cedric Jackson, Cartier Martin

The Wizards are at a critical point in their franchise juncture. They pretty much need players and contributors, period. They need someone to handle ball distribution duties, a.k.a John Wall, to free up the baller formerly known as Agent 0 to do what he does best, other than handle weaponry. In addition, Wall becomes the newest face of Washington, joining McNabb, Strausburg and Ovechkin. (I am telling you, one of these days, there will be a cover, probably SI, that will have a profile on a new look Washington sports scene featuring these 4 individuals).

Shaun Livingston played well at the latter portion of the season. He could be a good combo guard off the bench to spell both Wall and Arenas. It is already inevitable that Josh's option will be picked up. They need a veteran presence to help with the development their two young bigs (Andray Blatche & Javale McGee). A veteran PG would be welcomed as well. This franchise is a mess with the lack of veteran leaders, so they need those kind of players (preferably those with championship rings) to help with the maturity process.

If I were the GM, 5 interesting not-so-obvious players I would go after: Udonis Haslem, Joe Smith, Juwan Howard, Luis Scola, Earl Watson
Charlotte Bobcats
Draft Position: none

Unrestricted Free Agents: Raymond Felton, Stephen Graham, Larry Hughes, Theo Ratliff, Tyson Chandler (ET option), Nazr Mohammed

Restricted Free Agents: Tyrus Thomas

Larry Brown is a must-keep for the Jordan-owned franchise, as his well-known dalliances are reputed. With him in the helm, they need players who "play the right way." Somehow, Raja Bell will end up here. He's a fit with how they play D. Felton, of course, is a priority with this franchise. Ditto with retaining Tyrus. Given how their bigs kept Dwight Howard in check, teams might take a sneak peek. They obviously need veterans who do not mind sharing the ball. This team was lit under the competitive fire of Captain Jack and Crash. They also need size in the backcourt, something they tried to remedy with the late-season signing of Larry Hughes for the stretch run. And if Felton goes, there will be an increasing effort to coax Allen Iverson to join in, even with the issues around AI, I still think he would make an impact.

If I were the GM, 5 interesting not-so-obvious players I would go after: the aforementioned Raja Bell, Brendan Haywood, Steve Blake, Mike Miller, Matt Barnes
Miami Heat
Draft Position: 18th, 41st, 42nd, 48th

Unrestricted Free Agents: Rafer Alston, Carlos Arroyo, Yakhouba Diawara, Udonis Haslem, Jamaal Magloire, Jermaine O'Neal, Shavlik Randolph, Quentin Richardson, Dwayne Wade

Restricted Free Agents: Joel Anthony (Player)

It's all about Wade. They cleared their room to ensure Wade is staying (Which could include Erik Spoelstra being SVG'd). It's up to him whether he wants to or not. (We all think he stays.) With that, it remains to be seen if he can recruit. The allure of South Beach may prove to be irresistible for the likes of Carlos Boozer, Amar'e Stoudemire or even Chris Bosh. Given who they have, the 18th pick might be someone who can complement Wade at the guard spot (like an Eric Bledsoe or a James Anderson). With how they will allocate their cap room, won't be surprised if all of their picks make the roster.

If I were the GM, 5 interesting not-so-obvious players I would go after: (If Wade stays) David Lee, John Salmons, Jared Jeffries, Josh Childress, Brad Miller
Atlanta Hawks
Draft Position: 24th, 53rd.

Unrestricted Free Agents: Jason Collins, Joe Johnson, Randolph Morris, Joe Smith

Restricted Free Agents: Josh Childress, Mario West

With the new coach in town in Larry Drew, it is hoped that a fresh face might breathe fresh air with the cast of athletic players. With a late draft selection, it would be smart to see which big man falls in the cracks. Depth in the position is good for this batch, so it would be smart to take advantage. Especially when you have a 6'9" Al Horford as your center and a 6'10" Zaza Pachulia handling the backup 4/5. On the other hand, this pick (for example, if they draft Jordan Crawford) might determine how they will handle the Joe Johnson situation. We know Mike Bibby's getting there, so expect more minutes for Jeff Teague. If they lose Joe Johnson, expect them to plug 6th Man of the Year Jamal Crawford into the starting lineup and then look at good FA options or bring back Josh Childress.

If I were the GM, 5 interesting not-so-obvious players I would go after: (if they lose Joe Johnson) John Salmons, Mike Miller, Kyle Korver, Nazr Mohammed, Anthony Morrow
Orlando Magic
Draft Position: 29th, 59th.

Unrestricted Free Agents: Matt Barnes, Adonal Foyle, Anthony Johnson, Jason Williams

Restricted Free Agents: JJ Redick

The Magic were almost able to make a return trip to the Finals, they just ran into a Boston Celtic team that unfortunately for them, had their switch on. With the team being really deep, what do they need? First, they need to work on the size of their guards. Too often, opponents take advantage of their smallish guards, so a Grevis Vasquez would be a good fit. He is also a fiery player, someone with cojones. Considering the lack of cojones most of the Magic studs (yes, I am talking to Rashard, Vince and Dwight), it can help. The team would look into getting someone who can contribute or, given the depth, a project who can help in the future (a future where the ridiculous contract of Lewis will be their albatross). Oh, JJ is a must-keep. He was their second-best guard in the playoffs.

If I were the GM, 5 interesting not-so-obvious players I would go after: Shaun Livingston, Channing Frye, Mike Miller, Roger Mason

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Blog Outsourcing 6/14

Welcome to today's edition of the TMA.

Recently, it was the 112th anniversary of the Philippine Declaration of Independence. Yes, we freed ourselves from Spanish occupation. Then again, under the treaty of Paris, the Americans took over control until 1946.

Imagine if we became Americans, too. Oh, that would be an interesting what-could-have-been. Then again, I love my country.

Oh, here is a picture of an interesting situation during the World Cup. Our football team is crap, but this was awesome. Thanks to that guy.

Here are the links:

The German machine at work.

Slovenia take advantage of a Robert Green. America, meet your opponent on Friday. Speak of Robert Green...

Africa has something to celebrate. So far, a 1-1-2 record.

Meanwhile the Dutch are getting ready. So are the Azzurri. Will Samuel Eto'o secure Africa's 2nd win?

English television has some similarities with American ones, too.

He says it is not the ball's fault. Actually, he is right. The Algerian goalkeeper should have handled that. So should Robert Green.

Meanwhile, the African version of the cowbell to get the kibosh?

Another great pitching gem. Credit the Stanley Cup for that one.

Guess who's back on top...

For a last-place team, they get lots of buzz. Guess 19Ks get you something. Oh, this might interest someone...

Last ditch effort... Speaking of Longhorns, nothing ever goes right when it is 330am.

Boston withstands a Kobe going nova moment and an off-kilter Rondo.

This is for the Celtics.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Blog Outsourcing 6/7

Welcome to the newest edition of Sparty and Friends.

Today is June 7. At this time of the year, it would be the first day of school. A new school year. Where people are giddy for allowances, scared of teachers and nervous about the uncertain. The true fun for me came a bit late, in college, where it was always fun. Yes, that university Sparty highlighted in one of the comments. College made it fun. High school for me was focused on academics and not much on the trivial stuff. Makes me wonder what could have been. Then again, if I hadn't had the academic chops, I would not be able to withstand the academic rigors of my alma mater.

Today is the day Daniel Boone discovered what is currently Kentucky. The day before, it was D-Day. All I know is that June is one special month. It should be for everyone.

Here are the links:

The Blackhawks are one game away from Lord Stanley. But like what has been the norm, still overshadowed.

Who overshadowed Lord Stanley? The glam of the NBA Finals, where Boston secured the split. Rondo took over when Jesus Shuttlesworth was done shooting the **** out of Staples.

Oh and here is Kareem and Bill on Coach.

Can Dan Gilbert really snatch Tom Izzo over Sparty's dead body?

I am sure Trey has more details on Pac-10 becoming the new Southwest Conference. Meanwhile, Boise State mulls over a move. You know, all of this can be avoided really if South Bend joins the Big Televen.

Rafael Nadal is back where he belongs, as the master of Roland Garros.

The Lombardi Trophy has a new job, to uplift people's lives.

Ubaldomania goes on and on....

Yankees relied on Javy Vasquez to avert a sweep. Who knew? Meanwhile Rays keep in step while the Sawx gift one to Juan Samuel.

This Mike Stanton might make us forget the old Mike Stanton. Meanwhile, everybody is waiting for this version of Super Tuesday.

Oddly enough, I still remember him as a player.

Greece not getting good press lately. This does not help matters. Talk about partisan fans.

A soccer stampede? Not a good sign. At least it is insured. Here's a good sign for the Elephants.

What's up with England? A warm-up. Another World Cup injury, this time for the Dutch. And sometimes, one has to quit his job to see a dream.

Floyd Mayweather is a sissy. Meanwhile, Yankee Stadium was home to boxing again.

Parting shot: Here's a classic. Dedicated to Walter Ray Allen.

Friday, June 4, 2010

TWTWTNBA: The Finals Preview

From 30 to 2. With one trophy that two will fight over. Who will win? We will know the first step tonight.

How they survived the Conference Finals: Both teams advanced 4-2 in their respective series. The losers (Suns and Magic) both won two straight games in those series. Lakers won with offense, as all of their games with the Suns went over the century mark (Of course, it bears noticing that they are facing SSOL 2.0). In addition, the last time they were held below 100 in this stretch was Game 6 of their 1st round series with Oklahoma City. On the other hand, the Celtics scored between 92-96 points the entire series, winning with physical defense. Other than the Game 5 outlier, Beantown smothered Orlando.

X-Factors: For LA: it remains to be seen how effective Andrew Bynum is at this point. He was "the missing link" in 2008. If he can give them Kendrick Perkins-like numbers (9-8-1 blk), it would be of great help. Ron Artest, by being Mr. Queensbridge, is an X-factor by himself. For Boston: Perkins cannot get any more technicals. I hope he had Anger Management lessons. Boston does not really have a go-to-guy on their bench like Mr. Kardashian has been for LA, but anything additional from either Big Baby, Sheed, Tony Allen or even Nate Robinson will be highly welcomed and encouraged.

Keys: Making Kobe excessively work on the defensive end. That would be up to the Boston perimeter guys and Rajon. It is expected that Kobe will play heavy minutes, so any way you can get him to expend more energy that he would like would be welcomed. KG's play. We all know this is not the KG that was dominant in 2008. But any approximation of his play (not his mouth) from that time will be appreciated. Rondo. If you want to know how us here in the islands play ball, watch Rajon. In 2008, he was the caddy to the Big 3. Two years later, he's the floor generalissimo. And yes, that four straight tough PG matchups for Fisher, Farmar and Brown (@russwest44, @D_Will_8_4real, @the_real_nash).

Prediction: Yes, I was wrong in picking the Suns. I hope I can make it up with the Lakers in 6. I expect a split in LA, then 2 wins for the Lake Show in Boston. It will be close, though.