Saturday, June 26, 2010

TWTWTNBA: Draft Prediction (Atlantic)

New York Knicks
Draft Position: 38th, 39th

Unrestricted Free Agents: Jonathan Bender, Earl Barron, Brian Cardinal, Chris Duhon, JR Giddens, Al Harrington, Eddie House, David Lee, Tracy McGrady

Restricted Free Agents: Sergio Rodriguez

They gutted their roster. They prepared for this since it was time immemorial. Someone even created a site for them. We all know what matters right now. All or nothing, really. A big gamble. For the world's sake, it better pay off, else this will be ugly. Who they draft will be someone who preferably can contribute immediately. Preferably someone with size.

If I were the GM, 5 interesting not-so-obvious players I would go after: Allen Iverson, Josh Childress, Jermaine O'Neal, Luis Scola, Richard Jefferson
New Jersey Nets
Draft Position: 3rd, 31st

Unrestricted Free Agents: Tony Battie, Trenton Hassell, Jarvis Hayes, Chris Quinn, Bobby Simmons, Kris Humphries (Player)

Restricted Free Agents: Josh Boone

Nets also did their due diligence with the #3 selection with all the possible top picks. They have a lot of holes, other than the ones currently being plugged by Brook Lopez and Devin Harris. Whoever the Sixers select, they can get the next best one available. Avery Johnson gets a second chance in coaching and has had experience handling similar owners. Let's see if he can handle the Russian billionaire. They have cap space that they will use in rearming themselves.

If I were the GM, 5 interesting not-so-obvious players I would go after: Travis Outlaw, John Salmons, Anthony Morrow, Al Harrington, Richard Jefferson
Philadelphia 76rs
Draft Position: 2nd

Unrestricted Free Agents: Rodney Carney, Francisco Elson, Allen Iverson

They already jettisoned Samuel Dalembert, getting Andres Nocioni and Spencer Hawes in return. They had Turner, Cousins, Favors, Johnson in to work out, a.k.a. doing their due diligence. Sixers need a return on investment on Elton Brand, who has not been the same since the Achilles injury (Clippers lucky to escape that one.) This move will dictate what the next ones will be for the other teams. On the other hand, they are still hamstrung with the Brand and Iguodala contracts. Team needs overhaul in a lot of areas, so any help is welcomed.

If I were the GM, 5 interesting not-so-obvious players I would go after: Kyle Lowry, Randy Foye, Drew Gooden, Jared Jeffries, Jerry Stackhouse
Toronto Raptors
Draft Position: 13th

Unrestricted Free Agents: Chris Bosh, Amir Johnson, Rasho Nesterovic

Just like the Heat, all eyes are on what with Chris Bosh do. Unlike Miami, there is a higher likelihood of their key free agent leaving than staying. Their draft might dictate what they will be doing. Given the depth at the bigs, it would be prudent to go get a big man so that Bargnani can move to the 4. They have cosmopolitan lifestyle, very conducive "supposedly," but then again, what did that do to Hidayet Turkoglu? Just like in Cleveland, they are in a holding pattern.

If I were the GM, 5 interesting not-so-obvious players I would go after: Linas Kleiza, Sergio Rodriguez, Jamaal Magloire, Fabricio Oberto, Luis Scola.
Boston Celtics
Draft Position: 19th, 52nd

Unrestricted Free Agents: Ray Allen, Tony Allen, Marquis Daniels, Michael Finley, Nate Robinson, Brian Scalabrine, Shelden Williams, Paul Pierce (ET option)

The Eastern Conference champs have a slight uncertain future ahead. They first lose their D-Coordinator to the Bulls. Perk has a knee injury that might take a while to heal. Ray Allen is a free agent, while Doc ponders if he wants to be a full-time dad. Danny Ainge though, may have some tricks up his sleeve. Their woeful lack of size might force them to draft big first before looking at possible successors to Jesus Shuttlesworth.

If I were the GM, 5 interesting not-so-obvious players I would go after: Eddie House, Mike Miller, Kyle Korver, Tony Battie, Rasho Nesterovic

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