Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Blog Outsourcing 6/14

Welcome to today's edition of the TMA.

Recently, it was the 112th anniversary of the Philippine Declaration of Independence. Yes, we freed ourselves from Spanish occupation. Then again, under the treaty of Paris, the Americans took over control until 1946.

Imagine if we became Americans, too. Oh, that would be an interesting what-could-have-been. Then again, I love my country.

Oh, here is a picture of an interesting situation during the World Cup. Our football team is crap, but this was awesome. Thanks to that guy.

Here are the links:

The German machine at work.

Slovenia take advantage of a Robert Green. America, meet your opponent on Friday. Speak of Robert Green...

Africa has something to celebrate. So far, a 1-1-2 record.

Meanwhile the Dutch are getting ready. So are the Azzurri. Will Samuel Eto'o secure Africa's 2nd win?

English television has some similarities with American ones, too.

He says it is not the ball's fault. Actually, he is right. The Algerian goalkeeper should have handled that. So should Robert Green.

Meanwhile, the African version of the cowbell to get the kibosh?

Another great pitching gem. Credit the Stanley Cup for that one.

Guess who's back on top...

For a last-place team, they get lots of buzz. Guess 19Ks get you something. Oh, this might interest someone...

Last ditch effort... Speaking of Longhorns, nothing ever goes right when it is 330am.

Boston withstands a Kobe going nova moment and an off-kilter Rondo.

This is for the Celtics.