Monday, November 29, 2010

Blog Outsourcing - 11/29 edition

Welcome to the latest edition of The Victory Formation.

Well, I was pretty much silent on the site the past few days (but not necessarily on Twitter). I spent the long weekend (yes, I did not have work during Thanksgiving weekend) out in a province called Iloilo. I attended a blogging summit there and at the same time, finally met some of my distant relatives. It was a wonderful experience simply because they welcomed me with open arms. The atmosphere is so homely that it felt absolutely bittersweet leaving yesterday. The food was great. It was as though I was rejuvenated. Only drawback was that I really need to learn the dialect, but it's ok. That will come in due time.

I did try to catch up on whatever I could, so I knew about what went down on Black Friday at Tuscaloosa and Reno.

Yes, I did trade away Dwayne Bowe and Marcedes Lewis for Michael Turner and Knowshown Moreno. Am I a fool, maybe. Then again, I thought, the Burner would be a good oomph to couple with Chris Johnson. Sucks to bench the Charger D/ST simply because of the Peyton-Manning-on-a-primetime-night rule.

Hereforth are the links.

Two straight slugfests that happened on Sundays (the other one being the Seymour ringing the Clock Tower). Victims apparently both deserve it. Most satisfying thing about that one unlike the previous one, the old Houston natives get bitch-slapped by the new Houston natives.

Law of Gus Johnson gets buzzsaw'd in Oakland? Must have used it up during the Andre Ward fight the night before. Then again, check this out for classic Gusorgasms.

Go Chargers... Go... And all of a sudden, the AFC South tightened up.

This search will take a while. Besides, Gruden in college might be Bobby Knight / Frank Martin x 1000. Heard this before, too. South Beach is a front running sports town. It's unfair that they have 4 franchises and a place like Seattle only has 2.

Love the Black Eyed Peas, but as a Super Bowl Halftime performer? Really? In Arlington? Jerryworld? Really. Imagine if it was Carrie Underwood-Fisher or Jessica Simpson-Johnson?

Montreal is a championship team. Again.

The sooner they break up, the better. Can't wait until the Huskers paste the Sooners and win the Big XII.

Now this is how you acknowledge a mistake. Besides, having Wisky ahead of Ohio State is karmic justice for the Little Sisters of the Poor. Speaking of karmic justice, he got his, too.

No one gets heartbreaking losses more than the Buffalo Bills. No wonder it elicits reactions like this. I hope it will not elicit this kind of reaction:

This is the least of their worries for the Miami Heat.

Never knew that Singapore gets attention for this...

Yes, he will definitely brag about this one. As if it will make him more lovable.

Great weekend for South Bend. They finally beat USC (admittedly, this was the best time to do it, while they are in a state of flux), then they win the Old Spice on Trey's turf.

Quo Vadis, Bill Lynch... Ricky Bustle... Robbie Caldwell... Hello Dan McCarney. And obviously, he took his cue from Chris Ault & Bill Snyder.

5-star Dimitar Berbatov.

Btw, the El Clasico will be on later today. Watch it. It is one of the best soccer rivalries.

Kudos to the guy who edited this mashup masterpiece. Because, Lebron seems to not get it, yet.

The piss-drinker wants a third shot, but it'll probably be unlikely.

The NHL in flowcharts. Cool. They also have anti-Dez stuff like this. Speaking of Dez, his alma mater gets beat inspite of this awesome defensive play.

Definite tearjerker material. Legit, too.

Simple preview of Sparty and his homies vs Lefty and his homies. Meanwhile, let the fighting Miz's celebrate something. (Weird note, look at the picture on the link, there is a guy eerily reminding me of the British version of the Office.)

This is in homage to Leslie Nielsen.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Blog Outsourcing 11/24

Welcome to the first Monday edition of the Victory Formation.

This week was the first time I had to reformat my laptop. It finally conked out and I sort of panicked. Had it repaired to the nearest technician and prayed that all of the important stuff gets retained. Honest to goodness, it was secured with everything intact. Yes, my precious pictures, music, videos and documents are still here.

The best thing about having my laptop reformatted is that I decided to dump Windows Vista and go with Windows 7 as my OS. Had to reinstall applications that I use, like Destroy Twitter and Skype.

I presume that we will need a new set of picture logos. I hope they can produce more classics on the way.

Onto the links:

Yes, the story on the classic GIF earlier.

He definitely pulled it off. He can now do the Booker T routine.

Looks like this will take a while.

Someone posted the video yesterday. Here are some pictures with captioning. The best thing about the clip was that how Rudy gave the Heat bench a death stare.

This one is for Danny Ferry. And Danny Green.

So what if we are 1-13. Blake Griffin owns Timofey Mozgov.

Is the best way to waylay a woman is to say that she's a man?

You can never take away baseball from Lou Pinella.

This was definitely the after-effects of his brief foray into cannibalism.

RIP Pat Burns.

He got Knocked Out. (here's the clip).

He also got knocked out. (here's the clip)

Blake Hoffarber. Feels like he's been in college since forever.

Still the same issues for Tar Heel Nation.

Good news for Kwsn & Cycledan.

I know Lefty will dismiss this news as irrelevant, but this is important, for me in particular, here in the Motherland.

This happens when you have a really bad loss.

Welcome to the BCS Top 10, Michigan State.

Nawlins is sizzling, get even better, and we face them next... *smh*

Who knew the Raptors can beat the Celtics...

Perfection? Only if he will get punched in the throat.

More bad juju in South Beach.

Who wants the Astros?

The Pirates continue the purge. Who wants Zach Duke, Andy Laroche and Delwyn Young?

Terry Collins as the cure for what ails the Mets.

Congrats to the Colorado Rapids. and Hello to Sporting Kansas City.

Gus Johnson covered this game. That's all that needs to know.

And because it was Survivor Series.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Blog Outsourcing - 11/8

Welcome to the latest edition of Sparty and Friends.

Patphish posted a message on my Facebook informing me about some guy coming in 60 Minutes. It is nice to have the US President being the intro story before Manny Pacquiao. Managed to see that a few minutes before the end of the Chiefs-Raiders game, so I was able to see the segment in full afterwards.

I was not really surprised with what I saw there. Pretty much a rehash from what I have seen all around. Just another puff piece for the American audience, as if you did not know, he will be engaged in what could be the most action that can be seen in the new Cowboys stadium for the rest of the year, because I am sure Cowboys fans would agree.

Meanwhile, the concern still remains in his condition. I still believe that he has too many distractions at this point, with the relative Rocky analogy of the first Clubber Lang fight fitting. Still hoping for a win this weekend, though. Still think there is still bad karma for Margacheato.

Here are the links:

Nate Newton slimmed down. Yep. He took the fast way, though.

Ted Leonsis is in touch with the fanbase. No, I don't think Mark Cuban ever thought of it.

Even with this, it is still a pain to see them in a game.

Kobe earned his pay. But Rashard Lewis? It remains to be seen.

McDaniels is part of, but not entirely the reason why they have issues.

Probably did not learn from Pete Rose. Never bet on baseball.

You probably did not notice it. Anyway, she's still hot.

Sports averting another evil plot by the North Koreans.

Texas cashes in their chips. But their football team still stinks right now.

The Cam Newton situation being the illustration of the state of college football.

This Miracle cost more than 300k.

It must be the grass, Les... Because the Mad Hatter pulls it off again.

Oregon still remains on top, but is that really their new basketball court?

Haitian amputees can still play ball.

Yankees raring to prime up their offer to Cliff Lee.

HS Football ma-trick-culation.

Austin Collie got jacked up. Hope he's fine.

Time for some dynamite.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Blog Outsourcing 11/1

Welcome to today's edition of Sparty & Friends.

Today is a new month, November. Yes! Another month to enjoy. Another month to savor. And I cannot wait for next week, when the clock moves. That means an extra hour for me to ensure the best quality links and post to cover almost everything. Also means December is fast approaching. And thus, 2011 beckons.

Today also serves as a All Saints' Day. It is tradition here in the Motherland to spend the day with your departed ones. This year, though, with the day falling on a Monday and that All Souls' Day (November 2) not being declared as a special non-working holiday, most have decided to spend time on Sunday instead of usually staying late today.

That is why I am crafting the post this morning instead of the usual late afternoon, because I will be at the cemetery with the loved ones to commemorate the dead. Next week, with the clocks having moved by then, it will be something different.

Meanwhile, enjoy the weekend. I know I did and so should you.

Mizzou got whacked. Like we were all not surprised by that happening.

Some also felt this was inevitable: Sparty getting shelled by the Hawkeyes.

Fire Joe Morgan may just happen. Really.

Didn't this guy participate in the White Sox World Series, too? Then again, considering that there was pot in the area...

Time to reminisce about the Babe.

I am very sure he'll also provide you assistance with flaxseed oil and the works.

I am sure the writer of this article probably thought that he would have made a better partner for Maria Sharapova.

One-arm catches are the norm for him.

Another sign David Stern is against the hip-hoperation.

Just in case people are wondering why Jose Guillen is not DH'ng for the Giants.

Tales of fandom. I can surely understand his sentiment.

I am sure you make a joke out of this news bit.

You know Da Bears are really that bad right now.

I am sure Derek Dooley or Houston Nutt are making initial inquiries.

Toronto > Cleveland > Boston > Miami, right?

That's some special water.

From the looks of things, they might the reasons why the Rangers might lose the series.

Yup. It has gotten ugly in Austin. Baylor still has a chance at the Big 12 Title Game.

In this day and age, almost anything is possible.

Stern and Goodell want a stake in Europe.

More Craig James is a douche stuff here.

Good to know you regret, Lebron. Too bad you did not think of it BEFORE you screwed Cleveland.

Just as we all thought. Clemson disappoints yet again.

We already have one spot locked up in a bowl.

Derek Dooley need to recreate a new image for the Vols.

Nope, this is was not aided by Reggie Bush. He has nothing to do with this $70 million facility.

Iowa just got punk'd. By the NCAA.

Randy Moss is the least of Childress' concerns right now.

To end the show, here is Nelly telling it like it is.