Monday, November 29, 2010

Blog Outsourcing - 11/29 edition

Welcome to the latest edition of The Victory Formation.

Well, I was pretty much silent on the site the past few days (but not necessarily on Twitter). I spent the long weekend (yes, I did not have work during Thanksgiving weekend) out in a province called Iloilo. I attended a blogging summit there and at the same time, finally met some of my distant relatives. It was a wonderful experience simply because they welcomed me with open arms. The atmosphere is so homely that it felt absolutely bittersweet leaving yesterday. The food was great. It was as though I was rejuvenated. Only drawback was that I really need to learn the dialect, but it's ok. That will come in due time.

I did try to catch up on whatever I could, so I knew about what went down on Black Friday at Tuscaloosa and Reno.

Yes, I did trade away Dwayne Bowe and Marcedes Lewis for Michael Turner and Knowshown Moreno. Am I a fool, maybe. Then again, I thought, the Burner would be a good oomph to couple with Chris Johnson. Sucks to bench the Charger D/ST simply because of the Peyton-Manning-on-a-primetime-night rule.

Hereforth are the links.

Two straight slugfests that happened on Sundays (the other one being the Seymour ringing the Clock Tower). Victims apparently both deserve it. Most satisfying thing about that one unlike the previous one, the old Houston natives get bitch-slapped by the new Houston natives.

Law of Gus Johnson gets buzzsaw'd in Oakland? Must have used it up during the Andre Ward fight the night before. Then again, check this out for classic Gusorgasms.

Go Chargers... Go... And all of a sudden, the AFC South tightened up.

This search will take a while. Besides, Gruden in college might be Bobby Knight / Frank Martin x 1000. Heard this before, too. South Beach is a front running sports town. It's unfair that they have 4 franchises and a place like Seattle only has 2.

Love the Black Eyed Peas, but as a Super Bowl Halftime performer? Really? In Arlington? Jerryworld? Really. Imagine if it was Carrie Underwood-Fisher or Jessica Simpson-Johnson?

Montreal is a championship team. Again.

The sooner they break up, the better. Can't wait until the Huskers paste the Sooners and win the Big XII.

Now this is how you acknowledge a mistake. Besides, having Wisky ahead of Ohio State is karmic justice for the Little Sisters of the Poor. Speaking of karmic justice, he got his, too.

No one gets heartbreaking losses more than the Buffalo Bills. No wonder it elicits reactions like this. I hope it will not elicit this kind of reaction:

This is the least of their worries for the Miami Heat.

Never knew that Singapore gets attention for this...

Yes, he will definitely brag about this one. As if it will make him more lovable.

Great weekend for South Bend. They finally beat USC (admittedly, this was the best time to do it, while they are in a state of flux), then they win the Old Spice on Trey's turf.

Quo Vadis, Bill Lynch... Ricky Bustle... Robbie Caldwell... Hello Dan McCarney. And obviously, he took his cue from Chris Ault & Bill Snyder.

5-star Dimitar Berbatov.

Btw, the El Clasico will be on later today. Watch it. It is one of the best soccer rivalries.

Kudos to the guy who edited this mashup masterpiece. Because, Lebron seems to not get it, yet.

The piss-drinker wants a third shot, but it'll probably be unlikely.

The NHL in flowcharts. Cool. They also have anti-Dez stuff like this. Speaking of Dez, his alma mater gets beat inspite of this awesome defensive play.

Definite tearjerker material. Legit, too.

Simple preview of Sparty and his homies vs Lefty and his homies. Meanwhile, let the fighting Miz's celebrate something. (Weird note, look at the picture on the link, there is a guy eerily reminding me of the British version of the Office.)

This is in homage to Leslie Nielsen.

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