Monday, November 22, 2010

Blog Outsourcing 11/24

Welcome to the first Monday edition of the Victory Formation.

This week was the first time I had to reformat my laptop. It finally conked out and I sort of panicked. Had it repaired to the nearest technician and prayed that all of the important stuff gets retained. Honest to goodness, it was secured with everything intact. Yes, my precious pictures, music, videos and documents are still here.

The best thing about having my laptop reformatted is that I decided to dump Windows Vista and go with Windows 7 as my OS. Had to reinstall applications that I use, like Destroy Twitter and Skype.

I presume that we will need a new set of picture logos. I hope they can produce more classics on the way.

Onto the links:

Yes, the story on the classic GIF earlier.

He definitely pulled it off. He can now do the Booker T routine.

Looks like this will take a while.

Someone posted the video yesterday. Here are some pictures with captioning. The best thing about the clip was that how Rudy gave the Heat bench a death stare.

This one is for Danny Ferry. And Danny Green.

So what if we are 1-13. Blake Griffin owns Timofey Mozgov.

Is the best way to waylay a woman is to say that she's a man?

You can never take away baseball from Lou Pinella.

This was definitely the after-effects of his brief foray into cannibalism.

RIP Pat Burns.

He got Knocked Out. (here's the clip).

He also got knocked out. (here's the clip)

Blake Hoffarber. Feels like he's been in college since forever.

Still the same issues for Tar Heel Nation.

Good news for Kwsn & Cycledan.

I know Lefty will dismiss this news as irrelevant, but this is important, for me in particular, here in the Motherland.

This happens when you have a really bad loss.

Welcome to the BCS Top 10, Michigan State.

Nawlins is sizzling, get even better, and we face them next... *smh*

Who knew the Raptors can beat the Celtics...

Perfection? Only if he will get punched in the throat.

More bad juju in South Beach.

Who wants the Astros?

The Pirates continue the purge. Who wants Zach Duke, Andy Laroche and Delwyn Young?

Terry Collins as the cure for what ails the Mets.

Congrats to the Colorado Rapids. and Hello to Sporting Kansas City.

Gus Johnson covered this game. That's all that needs to know.

And because it was Survivor Series.

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