Monday, November 1, 2010

Blog Outsourcing 11/1

Welcome to today's edition of Sparty & Friends.

Today is a new month, November. Yes! Another month to enjoy. Another month to savor. And I cannot wait for next week, when the clock moves. That means an extra hour for me to ensure the best quality links and post to cover almost everything. Also means December is fast approaching. And thus, 2011 beckons.

Today also serves as a All Saints' Day. It is tradition here in the Motherland to spend the day with your departed ones. This year, though, with the day falling on a Monday and that All Souls' Day (November 2) not being declared as a special non-working holiday, most have decided to spend time on Sunday instead of usually staying late today.

That is why I am crafting the post this morning instead of the usual late afternoon, because I will be at the cemetery with the loved ones to commemorate the dead. Next week, with the clocks having moved by then, it will be something different.

Meanwhile, enjoy the weekend. I know I did and so should you.

Mizzou got whacked. Like we were all not surprised by that happening.

Some also felt this was inevitable: Sparty getting shelled by the Hawkeyes.

Fire Joe Morgan may just happen. Really.

Didn't this guy participate in the White Sox World Series, too? Then again, considering that there was pot in the area...

Time to reminisce about the Babe.

I am very sure he'll also provide you assistance with flaxseed oil and the works.

I am sure the writer of this article probably thought that he would have made a better partner for Maria Sharapova.

One-arm catches are the norm for him.

Another sign David Stern is against the hip-hoperation.

Just in case people are wondering why Jose Guillen is not DH'ng for the Giants.

Tales of fandom. I can surely understand his sentiment.

I am sure you make a joke out of this news bit.

You know Da Bears are really that bad right now.

I am sure Derek Dooley or Houston Nutt are making initial inquiries.

Toronto > Cleveland > Boston > Miami, right?

That's some special water.

From the looks of things, they might the reasons why the Rangers might lose the series.

Yup. It has gotten ugly in Austin. Baylor still has a chance at the Big 12 Title Game.

In this day and age, almost anything is possible.

Stern and Goodell want a stake in Europe.

More Craig James is a douche stuff here.

Good to know you regret, Lebron. Too bad you did not think of it BEFORE you screwed Cleveland.

Just as we all thought. Clemson disappoints yet again.

We already have one spot locked up in a bowl.

Derek Dooley need to recreate a new image for the Vols.

Nope, this is was not aided by Reggie Bush. He has nothing to do with this $70 million facility.

Iowa just got punk'd. By the NCAA.

Randy Moss is the least of Childress' concerns right now.

To end the show, here is Nelly telling it like it is.

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