Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Blog Outsourcing - 11/8

Welcome to the latest edition of Sparty and Friends.

Patphish posted a message on my Facebook informing me about some guy coming in 60 Minutes. It is nice to have the US President being the intro story before Manny Pacquiao. Managed to see that a few minutes before the end of the Chiefs-Raiders game, so I was able to see the segment in full afterwards.

I was not really surprised with what I saw there. Pretty much a rehash from what I have seen all around. Just another puff piece for the American audience, as if you did not know, he will be engaged in what could be the most action that can be seen in the new Cowboys stadium for the rest of the year, because I am sure Cowboys fans would agree.

Meanwhile, the concern still remains in his condition. I still believe that he has too many distractions at this point, with the relative Rocky analogy of the first Clubber Lang fight fitting. Still hoping for a win this weekend, though. Still think there is still bad karma for Margacheato.

Here are the links:

Nate Newton slimmed down. Yep. He took the fast way, though.

Ted Leonsis is in touch with the fanbase. No, I don't think Mark Cuban ever thought of it.

Even with this, it is still a pain to see them in a game.

Kobe earned his pay. But Rashard Lewis? It remains to be seen.

McDaniels is part of, but not entirely the reason why they have issues.

Probably did not learn from Pete Rose. Never bet on baseball.

You probably did not notice it. Anyway, she's still hot.

Sports averting another evil plot by the North Koreans.

Texas cashes in their chips. But their football team still stinks right now.

The Cam Newton situation being the illustration of the state of college football.

This Miracle cost more than 300k.

It must be the grass, Les... Because the Mad Hatter pulls it off again.

Oregon still remains on top, but is that really their new basketball court?

Haitian amputees can still play ball.

Yankees raring to prime up their offer to Cliff Lee.

HS Football ma-trick-culation.

Austin Collie got jacked up. Hope he's fine.

Time for some dynamite.

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