Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Blog Outsourcing 9/29 (Tuesday after Ketsana)

Hi. It's me again subbing for Sparty as he is on his way to address his own matters. I am still feeling the wrath of Ketsana and we still welcome any means of assistance. I missed out on the Monday Night Football game between the Cowboys and the Panthers to help out in the relief effort in my own little way. As I chipped in, I saw the eagerness and willingness of others to be with one of their brethren, and I can only smile with that. Check out Philippine Aid and Google's efforts to get the word out. Hope y'all can chip in and pay it forward.

Before the Linksplosion: The Fantasy Time Analysis

Streak for the Cash: The time zone difference is really a factor why I am not leading. Rek has 4 ahead of me. I am ahead of Sae by 1. And both of them do not have a blue star yet.

College Pick ' Em: Talk about brutal. Only got 2 right (Virginia Tech and TCU) for 7 pts. GatorNicole is the big winner this week with 36. Keith's Picks and Patphish 3 back. On the overall front, Keith's Picks has taken the overall lead, taking along Waiting for Next Year with 174. Erstwhile leader Henry8minus1 has 170. Sparty has 166. With 132, I am mired in solo 24th.

Interesting trends with the picks: I was the only one who liked Purdue. 3 liked the Hawkeyes. Spartans_no1 was the only one who picked the Ducks. 4 liked the ACC Wolfpack. Group was in general split between GT vs UNC, The U vs VT and TT vs H-Town.

Pigskin Pick 'Em: FutbolPick... Where'sManU is this week's winner with 13. Seven managed to pick 12. I only got 10. JB now has a 3 pt lead overall against Sparty, Rek and Cycledan. I am tied for 9th, 6pts back with 32.

Interesting trends with the picks: Universal picks on the Packers, Ravens, Giants and Eagles. 3 went with the Niners. 2 with the Jags. 4 chose the Bills. John got the Bengals right. However, F.Trio got the Panthers wrong.

Fantasy Football:

S&F League:

Ateneo LA Clippers vs Serena's Ball Gag - 69 vs 122
Miami Mullets vs Jersey Dirty Sanchezes - 66 vs 71
Show Me Those TDs vs Erin's Peephole - 65 vs 82
Favre and Long vs Gisele's Goat Mask - 90 vs 77
Bacon Wrapped Donuts vs Red Hawks - 93 vs 57

M&F League:

Ateneo LA Clippers vs Team Oh No Stinko - 73 vs 89
Ta-Kill-Ya Merrimans vs Jason Campbell Soup - 89 vs 75
Jones Tackles Dyson vs Mike Vick PETA Sandwich - 75 vs 73
Superbowl Homeboy vs Lights Out Tequila - 105 vs 117
Patphish Baconators vs Huge Tebowners - 79 vs 103

Onto the Link Madness, shall we?

Yesterday, there was a link that sealed a spot for Sparty. Today, another one was sealed. And it was sealed with class. A third one, had to be delayed.

The last spot on the AL Squad remains undecided between J-Rod's boys and the Detroit Tigers. They have a four-game duel this week, starting off with this.

On the AAAA side, can the Rockies get out-Rockied?

Bullfighting as an offseason regimen? Omar's cool with that.

Arena Football? Not exactly, but it is Arena Football.

Here is more proof that the Head Pirate is staving off any more talk of mutiny.

Chad Pennington could be a 3-time Comeback Player of the Year winner?

I am addicted to Twitter. But be prepared to be accountable to what you say. Because it might result in a benching.

A tale of two quarterbacks. One was demoted immediately, another got a stay.

Get well soon, Stafon. Their tailback rotation will now only be 5-deep, instead of 6.

What will make John happy? Seeing Paul Pierce happy. What would make the Truth happy? This would make him happy.

Is the Herban Jesus ready for the Bayou? Point of Discussion at the TWTWCFB? Perhaps.

Mr. Adriana Lima needs a new place to stay. Any takers? However, the LA Clippers are eternally grateful for you. Now, I just need the T'wolves to suck just enough for the #1 pick to be the ideal one.

Parting Videos:

Here's a sample of the carnage Ketsana brought:

And this one:

Monday, September 28, 2009

Blog Outsourcing 9/28 (Monday after Ketsana)

Hello everybody. I wish I could bring good tidings, but not under the prevailing circumstances. Although I am safe, my fellow countrymen are not. I, myself, saw the damage as it passed. No electricity when I got home. Still currently without landline access. (At least I still have wireless connectivity.) All this due to a storm passing by. Will be writing a little narrative about my observations later on. (Can't focus and think).

Assistance is highly encouraged: you can check here for more details. Those with paypal can check this tweet.

Now onto to the sports lines (not much, I apologize):

The Gainesville icon was down and out, but he is back home raring to go.

No majors, but a FedEx Cup. Is that ok with Tiger?

They are back where they belong. Sparty's glad at the Nation's expense.

There more to racing than just turning one way only. Congrats, Lewis.

Futbol update: Shocking upset involving current EPL Leaders.

The coach with the hottest seat right now is still safe, for now.

Is the head pirate heading off a mutiny with a pre-emptive strike?

Brees had no TD's, yet they still won. Bills cannot get a break.

Washington gifted Detroit. Again.

Vitali beats the great American hope. Anybody next?

And yes, Favre being Favre. In a good way.

Final thoughts:

Scenes of carnage:

A song to reflect mood:

Just a reminder: Just when you whine when you complain about going 1-8 or 2-9 in a pick'em, that's better compared to losing your life and / or your property. I know the Americans had Katrina. Framed in perspective.

Hope y'all had a nice day.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

College Football Week 4 Predictions

Here are this week’s picks. And I am off to a bad start by picking Ole Miss against South Carolina.

1 Florida at Kentucky: Gators looking to bounce back from a disappointing (from the MSM’s point of view) game against Lane Kiffin’s crew.

UTEP at 2 Texas: A simple tune-up for Colt McCoy and his crew. Hopefully, a running game would emerge from their crew.

Arkansas at 3 Alabama: True test of skill for Bobby Petrino as he unveils Ryan Mallet against the Crimson Tide D. I will take Nick Saban, but remember, this is the SEC and this will be brutal.

Iowa at 5 Penn State: Penn State does not forget last year. Whiteout is being requested and the Hawkeyes oblige by wearing white as well. Penn State wins, but Iowa’s pretty good.

6 California at Oregon: Best runs all over Autzen. Counting down the hours until it is USC-Cal.

7 LSU at Mississippi State: Looks like a trap game with Georgia and Gators looming in the horizon. But Mullen does not have a full deck with these Dawgs, so expect a game effort, but not a win for MSU.

8 Boise State at Bowling Green: The quest for the BCS berth continues. With the loss of Ole Miss, they get to go up another rung.

9 Miami (FL) at 11 Virginia Tech: I always like Virginia Tech’s toughness. Plus, it is really hard for me to see the U go undefeated before facing a Sooner team that has the current Heisman winner ready to go. However, the ‘Canes are legit.

Washington State at 12 USC: After laying an egg against the Huskies, the Trojans will not repeat it. Statement game as they will face Cal next week in what could be a decisive Pac-10 showdown.

Illinois at 13 Ohio State: As much the Zooker can pull anything and everything out of his hat, Pryor will take care of the Illini.

Fresno State at 14 Cincinnati: You want a sleeping BCS team no one knows about yet? The Bearcats are really good. They will beat a feisty Fresno State that people admire for the “we’ll take you on anytime anywhere” mantra.

15 TCU at Clemson: I like the MWC. They have done it before and they can do it again. Clemson is an upgrade from the team in Charlottesville, though.

Grambling State at 16 Oklahoma State: Stat-padding time for Hunter, Robinson and Bryant and the Cowboy offense.

Texas Tech at 17 Houston: Over/under for this game is 100. The Red Raiders stayed close to the Longhorns until late. Kevin Sumlin is a good up-and-coming coach.

South Florida at 18 Florida State: I would have taken the Bulls if Grothe was the QB. But he’s not.

Colorado State at 19 Brigham Young: BYU got bitchslapped by the Seminoles. Good luck to the Rams.

Southern Miss at 20 Kansas: Not discounting what Larry Fedora has done to Brett Favre’s alma mater, but the Fighting Manginos are the better team.

Arizona State at 21 Georgia: Cox is in the groove. Nothing more I can say about that.

22 North Carolina at Georgia Tech: The Tar Heels are in play for an ACC Title Run, something their basketball team does a lot. The Yellowjackets though are a very tough test with their old-school option.

Indiana at 23 Michigan: Mo’ Forcier, Mo’ Problems for the Hoosiers.

24 Washington at Stanford: I would think that the Cardinals may be able to steal this one as the Huskies are on a high from sneaking up on the Trojans. However, I like Jake Locker and he will ensure they win on the road.

Louisiana-Lafayette at 25 Nebraska: A lightweight bounce-back game for the Huskers after that heartbreak and heart-attack inducing loss at Lane Stadium.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Blog Outsourcing 9/22

Wassup people! Me again subbing for Sparty as he needed to chill for a bit. Hopefully, it is not the same one bugging the Gators as of the moment. But it is definitely no laughing matter with the swine flu and dengue fever. Actually, watching two teams with contrasting results can drain a lot out of a person. After the agonizing defeat of the Spartans and the exhilarating win by the G-Men. I am still from a high with the win of my crew.

I still want to seek your input regarding sports podcasts that might be interesting. If you still have suggestions (other than the Spartacast), post it in.

Here are the links we need to go to.

You know what this guy feels at one point in our lives.

Astros need to start over. Step one of the process has begun.

Would you think that this would be seen in Jerryworld? Methinks the Cowboys wouldn't mind after what they went through.

This guy might be able to make the dream of Brooklyn alive.

It feels like a game of can you top this between Belgian women tennis players.

Maybe this is a start of trying to circumvent Goodell's powers of suspension.

Coming soon to a MMA Card near you: either this guy or this guy.

This is Spencer's list of top stadiums. You can start arguing in 3, 2, 1....

Game is over and done with, so stop yapping. But stay tuned to Trey vs Miz in TWTWCFB.

He looks primed to make his return against the U.

Futbol update: The week that was in the realm of futbol. Plus, more winners and losers.

A new arms race looms for a former Cuban stud.

Formula 1's most glamorous race outside Monaco is this weekend. But it is all about Crashgate that happened a year ago.

And yes, Manning surpasses Unitas.

And Twins, Rangers and Angels survive. Red Sox lose.

Parting videos:

This is football song.

Just to balance the gheyness of yesterday:

Monday, September 21, 2009

Blog Outsourcing 9/21

Happy Mondays from the islands.

I actually got myself a great workout last Saturday. We all need to go out, work out and have fun. I haven't had the time to actually do it, since my friends are all unavailable. But last Saturday was a treat as I managed to get in a little badminton session. No, I did not do a Serena blow-up. I did do a lot of grunting as I smashed cocks all over the court. No pics as my camera is still in a rehab stint. But nevertheless, it was a fun and an enjoyable experience.

What completed my weekend is that my alma mater is two wins away from sealing a back-to-back championship. It is always fun when your school wins a title and you were there to savor it live. It is always a great thing.

Now onto The Linksplosion:

Milton Bradley may be the worst FA signing this year. I doubt he might help Mikey's club for next year.

Could the Rays actually leave Tampa? It might just happen.

Futbol update: Nice game by Glazer's boys against their rivals.

Coming soon to a Laker game near you: You might need to keep up with the Kardashians.

Are you interested to sing a football fight song? Upload it on Youtube. The English might like it.

Remember what happened to Ugueth Urbina? Deja vu, but this time in the Dominican Republic.

A lot of people were at the game at Jerryworld. Yup. And I mean a lot of people.

There is one thing that can stop the Gators. But it is not what you think.

Big Winners and Losers in College football. Expect the usual dose of Sark and Chip here.

Here is the link for CBH regarding a Golden Domer.

Looks like LeGarret Blount has Matt Grothe to work on their NFL prospects.

Tigers earn a little reprieve, but the Twins sure have a knack coming down the wire late. Can they steal it? J-Rod may want it to happen.

Polls are out this week: Wait for the TWTWCFB for more discussion points.

Four-wide? That is cool to do.

Did not know Rodney Rogers was quadriplegic. But kudos to Wake Forest.

The West Side Giants falling apart. And it is allegedly the GM's fault.

Preliminary list of HoF 2010. Is it the best ever?

Someone really wants to Fire Joe Morgan.

He is not the pound-for-pound's best, but Floyd did win against JMM. But with that fight over, the man ruling the roost is starting his preparations for his fight.

Finally: Week 2 scores and Beisbol scores.

College Pick 'Em Standings:

Week 3 winners: 55 (john), 53 (sparty), 52 (keith's picks), 51 (4 people tied), 50 (natsfan) - I scored just 42

152 (henry8minus1), 146 (jimmy szy), 144 (john) - I am at 125 (tied 21st with Cycledan)

Pigskin Pick 'Em (pending MNF Game)

Week 2 Winners: 11 (GatorTrey), 10 (futbolpickwheresmanu, cycledan, rek) - I am at 9 (along with 4 people)

Futbol Pick Where's Man U (24), Cycledan (23), 4 people tied with 22. - I am tied for 7th with 21.

S&F League: (pending MNF Game)

Serena's Ball Gag vs Show Me Those TD's: 45-87
Bacon Wrapped Donuts vs Erin's People Peepholes: 79-114
Gisele's Goat Mask vs Miami Mullets: 73-94
Ateneo LA Clippers vs Jersey Dirty Sanchezes: 53-158
Red Hawks vs Favre and Long: 60-76

M&F League (pending MNF Game)

Lights Out Tequila vs Mike Vick PETA Sandwich: 61-65
Team Oh no Stinko vs Ta-Kill-Ya Merrimans: 80-103
Ateneo LA Clippers vs Superbowl Homeboy: 103-55
Huge Tebowners vs Jason Campbell Soup: 91-67
Patphish Baconators vs Jones Tackles Dyson: 122 vs 98

Parting video:

Kanye West's antics have influenced a lot of things lately.

Parting photo:

(insert your caption here)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

2009 College Football Week 3 Predictions

1. Florida vs. Tennessee- the question is not whether the Gators win, but how big will the margin be.
2. Texas vs. Texas Tech – Red Raiders have no shot, but Taylor Potts will chuck it.
3. USC @ Washington – Corp or Barkley? Nothing changes. However, Huskies will make a game out of it
4. Alabama vs. North Texas – Nothing to see here, just another cupcake for the SEC.
5. Penn State vs. Temple – Nittany Lions going through their non-Big Televen schedule
6. Ole Miss vs. SE Louisiana – See #4 above.
7. BYU vs. Florida State – Give credit to Free Shoes for actually scheduling this game in Provo. However, if they struggled against Jacksonville St., the Cougars are a high upgrade.
8. Cal @ Minnesota – Cal got speed.
9. LSeaUx vs. LA-Lafayette – See #6 above.
10. Boise State @ Fresno State – The Drive for the BCS continues.
11. Ohio State vs. Toledo – Buckeyes need a bounce-back, but the Rockets are a difficult play.
12. Oklahoma vs. Tulsa – Upgrade from Idaho St., but same result.
13. Virginia Tech vs. Nebraska – They can run. They can defend. Love Beamerball.
14. TCU vs. Texas St – I cannot wait for the MWC round robin gauntlet between Utah, TCU and BYU.
15. Oklahoma St vs. Rice – Cowboys were embarrassed by H-Town. Not good for Rice
16. Cincinnati vs. Oregon State – Beavers are underrated, but the Bearcats could be the best team in the Queen City.
17. Utah @ Oregon – Streak continues.
18. Kansas vs. Duke – Might change my mind if this was played in Allen Fieldhouse or Cameron Indoor.
19. Georgia @ Arkansas – This is SEC at work. Beating each other up to a pulp.
20. UNC vs. East Carolina – They are in the chase for the ACC now.
21. Michigan vs. E. Michigan – More Forcier, More problems.
Footnote: I picked Ga Tech to win against the U, but score proved to be contrary to what I thought of it. The U is scary good. And I also will pick Michigan State over the Fighting Irish.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Week 1 Fantasy Football Post-Script:

I own two fantasy teams this year in playing fantasy football, both teams won, which is great.

Here is how they performed:

S&F Team: won 84-62

Matt Hasselbeck: 19 pts
Steven Jackson: 6 pts
Brandon Jacobs: 5 pts
Thomas Jones: 22 pts (Team MVP for Week 1)
DeSean Jackson: 9 pts
Eddie Royal: 1 pt
Antonio Gates: 8 pts
Bears D/ST: 6 pts
David Akers: 8 pts

M&F Team: won 113-85

Matt Ryan: 17 pts
Maurice Jones-Drew: 17 pts
Frank Gore: 16 pts
Julius Jones: 18 pts (Team MVP for Week 1)
Steve Smith: 2 pts
T.J. Houshmandzadeh: 4 pts
Tony Gonzalez: 13 pts
Titans D/ST: 14 pts
Nick Folk: 12 pts

Pick 'em:

Spread option: 8 pts
Non-Spread option: 12 pts


Correctly chose Minnesota against Cleveland

Monday, September 14, 2009

Blog Outsourcing 9/14

Happy Manic Monday to everyone!

I know everyone is pumped up over the football season kicking off and all. However, I am really pumped up because the collegiate season is almost over. My school is 3 wins away from sealing back-to-back titles. Last Saturday, they dispatched the second-ranked team to close a 13-1 regular season. The next day, we finished 2nd in the Cheerdance Competition, the best in school history. I am now looking forward to next week as the playoffs begin.

Now. Time to check out the links:

A girl fight.

Victory for working moms everywhere.

NASCAR is not the motorsport with scandals.

An Italian Job.

If you think TD celebrations are lame...

Your futbol update in numbers.

Just as we counted him out... he strikes again.

Things are not alright in UVa.

Jordan fired a shot, he answered.

Winners and Losers in Week 1.

The actual week 1 scores

Here is one half of the MNF preview. Here is the other half.

Gus Johnson strikes again.

Pedro being Pedro circa early 00's.

The Rays being the Rays.

Possible point of discussion in the Spartacast.

How comparing Tate with this guy?

Fantasy Recaps:

College Pick 'em:

Henry8minus1 with 105. Jimmy Szy 5 pts back. I'm tied at 17th with Patphish.
Winner for this week: Big D and SymanskiAndrew with 52.

Pigskin Pick 'em: (with MNF games left)

Patphish, Futbol Pick Where's ManU? and Midwest Sports Fans lead the way with 12. I'm tied at 11th along with Mikey, Rek, Big D, Sae and Tila Tequila Ate My Balls with 10.

S&F Football League: (with MNF games left)

Favre and Long vs Ateneo LA Clippers: 39 - 74
Jersey Dirty Sanchezes vs Show Me Those TD's: 63 - 102
Erin's Peephole vs Serena's Ball Gag: 49 - 81
Miami Mullets vs Bacon Wrapped Donuts: 94 - 97
Red Hawks vs Gisele's Goat Mask: 40 - 86

M&F Football League: (with MNF games left)

Lights Out Tequila vs Ateneo LA Clippers: 87 - 113
Team Oh No Stinko vs Huge Tebowners: 60 - 39
Mike Vick PETA Sandwich vs Patphish Baconators: 68 - 81
Jason Campbell Soup vs Jones Tackles Dyson: 61 - 109
Ta-Kill-Ya Merrimans vs Superbowl Homeboy: 55 - 73

Finally, here are my parting shots:

Here is our performance in the UAAP Cheerdance Competition.

We lost to this squad, though.

But we definitely have the best drumline in the islands, bar none:

And simply because it is all the rage in the world...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

NFL Sleepers

NFL Sleepers:

A sleeper is defined as something or someone that becomes unexpectedly successful or important after a period of being unnoticed, ignored, or considered unpromising or a failure.

Given the nature of that, I give you two sleepers for 2009, one for each conference:

NFC – this is a easy choice because my sleeper team is the Seattle Seahawks. 2008 was forgettable because of injury concerns to pretty much every single player this season. Their division is as weak as hell and when you have a 9-7 team winning a division like the Cardinals did last year, anything can happen. The O-Line may be an injury risk (Jones and Spencer), but expect Julius Jones and Edge (and Justin Forsett) to run like hell. After all, the Knapp-Mora combination had the Vick thousand-yard season. The improved health of Matt Hasselbeck and the addition of Housh into the WR corps and the development of John Carlson will bring life back into the passing game.

Runner-up: San Francisco

AFC - The AFC looks a little bit sketchy because of the dominance of the Big Time Teams: Patriots, Steelers, Colts and Chargers. However, I think Houston, after numerous close calls, will be the AFC sleeper. Matt Schaub will find a way to be fully healthy (because Rex is his back-up). Steve Slaton is really good and their pass rush is ridiculous. And don't forget, Andre Johnson is a fantasy stud. Kevin Walter is a quiet quality receiver. Owen Daniels is a good TE as well.

Runners-up: Cincinnati, New York Jets,

Saturday, September 12, 2009

UAAP Season 72 End of the Regular Season

Here are the final regular season standings:

Ateneo: 13-1
FEU: 11-3
UE: 10-4
UST: 6-8
AdU: 5-9
DLSU: 5-9
UP: 3-11
NU: 3-11

Ateneo, FEU, UE and UST qualify for the post-season.
Apparently, Adamson and DLSU also will be participating in the PCCL. (a.k.a our local version of the NCAA Tournament). Due to quotient rules, Falcons finish ahead of the Archers and will be going to Cebu for the PCCL. DLSU will be going to Naga for their bracket.

*By the way, that information came from Boom Gonzalez

Cheerdance Competition this Sunday. 2pm. expect a crammed venue.

FEU faces off against UE on Saturday, 330pm.
Ateneo faces UST next Sunday, 330pm.

Tamaraws and Eagles both have a twice-to-beat advantage.

2009 College Football Week 2 Predictions

1. Florida vs Troy – Gators easy.

2. Texas vs Wyoming – Kudos for Texas actually going to Laramie.

3. Southern Cal @ 8. Ohio State – Nothing changes. if Navy ran around these guys, that 6-deep Tailback U will do the same thing.

4. Alabama vs Florida International – 498 yards against Beamerball. 'Nuff said.

5. Oklahoma St vs Houston – The three-headed monster (Robinson, Hunter, Bryant) rolls on.

6. Penn State vs Syracuse – If Greg Paulus had it easy and still lost...

9. BYU @ Tulane – Possible trap game, but the Mormons will take it.

10. California vs Eastern Washington – Biggest threat to the Trojans

11. LSU vs Vanderbilt – Bayou Bengals going to roll.

12. Boise State vs Miami, OH – See BYU, above.

13. Oklahoma vs Idaho St – Landry Jones, easy test for you.

14. Va Tech vs Marshall – Perfect bounce back after meeting the Crimson Tide

16. TCU @ Virginia – Al Groh will be in much more trouble.

17. Utah @ San Jose St – 17 straight?

18. Notre Dame @ Michigan – Big test for both teams. I feel the Wolverines are ready.

19. UNC @ UConn – the sleeper team in the much-maligned ACC

21. Georgia vs South Carolina – Dawgs need to bounce back in this SEC matchup.

22. Nebraska vs Arkansas St – Big Red rolling. Blackshirts dominating.

23. Cincinnati vs SE Missouri St – May have a leg up in the Big East Chase

24. Kansas @ UTEP – Todd Reesing is a really good QB.

25. Missouri vs Bowling Green – So is Blaine Gabbert.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Homeless World Cup update

Reprinting this from here:

Team Philippines bested first opponent Luxembourg 6-1 at the 7th Homeless World Cup, an annual tournament which this year was held at the historic Arena Civica in Milan, Italy.

The Homeless World Cup seeks to promote awareness of homelessness and poverty around the world through football (street soccer). This year, around 500 players from 48 countries participated in the games.

“I’m excited, I’m very excited,” Team Philippines Coach Marlon Maro said before the opening game, as the contingent was parading through the historic Castello Sforezco in Parco Sempione.

“We’re much more prepared now than we were last year,” Maro explained in a separate interview. “We’re familiar with the rules now. We were able to simulate the actual playing environment, we had a lot of practice games from different groups back home, and we have a better composition of the team this year.”

Team Philippines was formed in May 2009 following an elimination tournament involving teams from eight homeless shelters around the country. Training began in earnest and intensified by July.

The game with Luxembourg, held around 4:15 pm, September 6 (Milan time) proved to be an exciting match. The opposing team’s players were much larger and bulkier than the boys from the Philippines, but that didn’t stop the country’s proud players from putting on a heart-pumping game and eventually winning the match.

One country, one goal

“Our goal here is to make more people aware of homelessness, which is a big problem in our country,” Maro said. “The Homeless World Cup has changed these players’ lives, but we will be encountering the same problems when we go back home. We hope that things will change.”

Witnessing the game were members of the Filipino community, many from the sorority Alpha Phi Omega, who decided to spend their Sunday afternoon cheering kababayans on. Also present to lend his percussive prowess to the game was percussionist and performance artist Paul Zialcita, whose powerful drumming became the soundtrack of the Philippine team through the game and the festivities before that.

“Homeless doesn’t mean hopeless,” Zialcita said after performing for the players on opening night. “We’re here to prove that people can do wonders once you give them access. We’re here to give poverty a penalty kick.”

Maro speaks of the improvement in his players’ behaviors and attitude after being selected for the Homeless World Cup. “They become more confident, more motivated. They are able to express themselves better and even start to mentor other players. The players’ participation in Homeless World Cup is really a life-changing event.”

After winning their first game, Team Philippines will move on to compete with Italy (12:40 PM, September 7 Milan time; 6:40 PM Manila time) and Mexico (3:20 PM, September 7 Milan time; 9:20 PM Manila time).

Team Manager Bill Shaw, editor of Jeepney Magazine, expressed hopes of placing among the Top 24 this year. Last year, Team Philippines placed 37 out of 48 teams.

This year’s participating nations are: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Ireland, Italy, Ivory Coast, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgystan, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malawi, Mexico, Namibia, Netherlands, Nigeria, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Scotland, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, USA, and Wales.

For more information on the Homeless World Cup, visit For more information on Jeepney Magazine, visit

Writer's Update:

Congratulations Paul and Nina on getting married. Keep us updated.

Blog Outsourcing 9/10

Morning to everyone. Very short notice as I was just notified and had to pull this one out of the fire in 15 minutes. Blame it on Mikey for the apparent mailed-in nature of today's TMA.

Draft last night was ridiculous. I mean it was crazy. Watch out for the draft recap for it by Mikey. Someone ought to do the draft last Sunday, too.

Here is a quick blast of links for your perusal and approval. Good thing I woke up after seeing my rival school receive a denial entry.

First things first, hell hath no fury than a woman scorned.

The Answer has spoken.

He was perfect last year. He's making up for it now.

Your usual futbol update.

She got kicked out of the hotel, then she got kicked out of game.

Quickie NFL preview.

This gotta hurt, right?

Another sign this is going to be an ugly season in Orchard Park.

After all, it is 9-9-9 yesterday. And Remember my Homeless World Cup in Milan post? I personally know this couple.

Parting shots:

Because it can never hurt to have Jay-Z.

I love this remix by Jay-Z and Chris Martin

To close things...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Blog Outsourcing 9/8

How was your Labor Day? I hope you had as much fun as what Sparty did with Lil' Sparty. Me, just spent it at home resting the whole day. It has been rainy and absolutely boring, save for the sports scene out there.

But I want to point out something that I need to know for myself. What are the good sports podcasts out there? After all, Sparty and the gang had just released the first (of hopefully a gazillion) podcast just this week.

Just for the heck of it, I will listen to our podcast once the TWTWCFB has been posted to see how things really went and how things are going to be.

Ever since I was able to get my hands on a media player, the commute has been much more enjoyable with the podcasts. In general, ESPN's Podcenter has been the source of podcasts to listen to. I love listening to their banter (maybe because I am cheap thrill), but if you have great sports podcasts that you can point me to, that would be great.

Now onto the link madness we all love.

This is how your can be good for fantasy owners and this is how to make them irate. (even though they will not be a factor. Nevertheless...)

How can you be a sports journalist? Maybe this could be of help. (Note: you might like gallivanting around it. It's a sight for sore eyes.)

Looking back: 20 years ago

The Joker is back at it again.
And this is what happened in the US Open.

And by the way, the Sports Guy tweeted this. Last time I checked, it is now 7th.

Sid Crosby delivers.

This game captivated tweeters all around.

Interesting that Jacory managed to finish the game with that sore shoulder, because of what happened to this guy.

I still think this is a bad idea.

Remember Trey's good eye regarding South Cack-a-lacky? Here's another one.

Never knew bad blood existed in the NHRA.

Choke jobs involving football players usually come late in the year.

Interesting no shows in college and the pros.

This means their chase is probably over.

Best team in the Queen City? I am sure Rek-gers can vouch for it.

Your weekly futbol update. All about World Cup Qualifying this week.

Best pool players ever? Philippines is the home of the Kings of Pool.

Proper send-offs:

The joker at work now:

Here is a punch similar to what happened in Boise. Set with added music:

And to end in a positive note:


Midnight Special: Club vs. Country

The biggest headline in these parts has been the controversy over Japeth Aguilar and his non-signing. To summarize it, the first pure Filipino baller in years to play in a NCAA team (Western Kentucky), was the first overall draft pick in this year's Philippine Basketball Association Draft. Days later, he decided not to play for the team who drafted him (Burger King), choosing to go with a commitment to the national team. The huge fuss over this is that Burger King was somehow able to secure a verbal agreement that resulted in him being drafted. All of a sudden, a change of mind occurred during the FIBA-Asia Championships in Tianjin recently. The lead-up had been whether Japeth chooses to play either with the National Team or the pros. This is what he said regarding the matter.

I find it interesting because Burger King, thinking that they have it in the bag, decided to overhaul their team and centering it on Japeth. With his decision, they were screwed holding an empty bag. Feeling vindictive, a proposal was made to ban him to the league. Hopefully, that has not prospered as of yet (no update it).

What complicates matters was that Burger King was willing to lend him to the Philippine National Team, but Japeth preferred a full commitment to the team. Contrast it to the move Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban made barring his stud Dirk Nowitzki for playing with the German National team. Contrast it to the San Antonio Spurs being apprehensive with Manu Ginobili for Argentina (did not play in the Tournament of the Americas) and Tony Parker for France (who injured his ankle in the Euro qualifiers) over the past few years. Contrast that with the Ricky Rubio situation in Minnesota (who decided to play for FC Barcelona for 2 years). Contrast it to the game of soccer, where national and club aspirations are way way bigger that what we expect it to be.

It is really hard when you are considered as a "savior" for a sport. (case in point: Yao Ming) The pressure is incredible and could be unreasonably high. I hope things do work out on our end as well as Japeth's end.

For as long there is conflict, I don't think this will end.

Monday, September 7, 2009

My UAAP All-Stars

the people possibly deserving of spots on the team:

1. Paul Lee (UE)
2. Pari Llagas (UE)
3. Elmer Espiritu (UE)
4. Dylan Ababou (UST)
5. Rabeh Al-Hussaini (Ateneo)
6. Nonoy Baclao (Ateneo)
7. Aldrech Ramos (FEU)
8. Andy Barroca (FEU)
9. Eric Salamat (Ateneo)
10. Khasim Mirza (UST)
11. Kokoy Hermosisima (NU)
12. JR Cawaling (FEU)
13. Woody Co (UP)
14. Joshua Webb (DLSU)
15. Lester Alvarez (Adamson)
16. Jerick Canada (Adamson)

G: Lee, Barroca, Salamat, Hermosisima, Alvarez. Canada
F: Llagas, Ababou, Baclao, Mirza, Cawaling, Co, Webb
C: Espiritu, Al-Hussaini, Ramos

People on the consideration:

Ateneo: Reyes, Long, Buenafe, Salva
Adamson: Colina
FEU: Garcia, Cervantes
DLSU: Mangahas, Villanueva, Andrada
NU: Ponferrada, Baloran
UP: Mi.Reyes, Ma. Reyes, Sison
UST: Teng

The Final UAAP Stretch

Here are the standings after the games last Sunday:

Ateneo: 12-1
FEU: 11-2
UE: 9-4
UST: 6-7
DLSU: 5-8
AdU: 4-9
UP: 3-10
NU: 2-11

Remaining Schedule:

Ateneo: FEU (9/12)
FEU: Ateneo (9/12)
UE: UST (9/10)
UST: UE (9/10)
DLSU: NU (9/10)
AdU: UP (9/12)
UP: AdU (9/12)
NU: DLSU (9/10)

Ateneo has sealed twice to beat and will seal a top seed if FEU loses.
FEU has sealed second and will need to beat Ateneo to have a chance at the top spot.
UE has locked in on third.
UST needs to either win or have La Salle lose to lock in on the final spot.
La Salle needs to win and UST to lose to force a playoff.

Don't forget. Cheerdancing Competition on Sunday. UP trying to win third straight title.

Thoughts on the past few games.

Nonoy Baclao was a DNP-CD. Not that he was needed anyway with Oping, Nico and even Ryan doing their best impression of him.

Speaking of UP, our prayers go out to the family of Arvin Braganza. His dad fainted during the game and was brought to the hospital.

UST botched themselves big time, especially with that lethargic performance against the Falcons. That provided a glimmer of hope to the Archers, who resorted to shaving their heads for luck.

FEU had two less big men to play with against La Salle. It remains unknown if those 2 will be available.

As such, one spot. two teams. will be settled by thursday. Nice TV, don't ya think?

Saturday, September 5, 2009

2009 College Football Week 1 Predictions

Week 1 is underway, and I will make my decisions known as to who I will be siding with this weekend...

These are the games involving the Top 25 Teams based on the AP / Coaches Poll.

1. Flo-rida over Charleston Southern
2. Texas over Louisiana-Monroe
3. Oklahoma over BYU
4. USC over San Jose State
5. VA Tech over Bama
6. Ohio State over Navy
7. Ole Miss over Memphis
8. Georgia over Oklahoma State – I am sure Richt learned his lesson
9. Penn State over Akron
10. LSU over Washington
11. Cal over Maryland
12. Boise State over Oregon - choice was made before game was played
13. Ga Tech over Jacksonville State
14. FSU over Miami
15. Utah over Utah State - choice was made before game was played
16. North Carolina over the Citadel
17. Iowa over Northern Iowa
18. Nevada over Notre Dame – why not?
19. Nebraska over FAU
20. Kansas over Northern Colorado

2009 College Football Predictions

With the 2009 College Football Season already underway, I was supposed to add in my choices and prediction for this season, so here are my choices.

ACC: VA Tech
Big East: Rutgers
Big Ten: Penn State
Big 12: Oklahoma
Pac-10: USC
SEC: Florida

BCS Bustin:
TCU (11-1) and Boise State (12-0 if they win against the Ducks)*

- choice of Boise State was made before the game against the Ducks was played. I have proof.


Heisman: Tebow
Best Offensive Player: Whoever the Texas Tech QB is (currently Taylor Potts)
Best Defensive Player: Eric Berry
Coach of the Year: Gary Patterson (TCU)
Surprising Team: Miami(FL)
Biggest Upset: OK State over Texas

BCS Final: Flo-rida vs Penn State

Champ: Flo-rida