Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Blog Outsourcing 9/22

Wassup people! Me again subbing for Sparty as he needed to chill for a bit. Hopefully, it is not the same one bugging the Gators as of the moment. But it is definitely no laughing matter with the swine flu and dengue fever. Actually, watching two teams with contrasting results can drain a lot out of a person. After the agonizing defeat of the Spartans and the exhilarating win by the G-Men. I am still from a high with the win of my crew.

I still want to seek your input regarding sports podcasts that might be interesting. If you still have suggestions (other than the Spartacast), post it in.

Here are the links we need to go to.

You know what this guy feels at one point in our lives.

Astros need to start over. Step one of the process has begun.

Would you think that this would be seen in Jerryworld? Methinks the Cowboys wouldn't mind after what they went through.

This guy might be able to make the dream of Brooklyn alive.

It feels like a game of can you top this between Belgian women tennis players.

Maybe this is a start of trying to circumvent Goodell's powers of suspension.

Coming soon to a MMA Card near you: either this guy or this guy.

This is Spencer's list of top stadiums. You can start arguing in 3, 2, 1....

Game is over and done with, so stop yapping. But stay tuned to Trey vs Miz in TWTWCFB.

He looks primed to make his return against the U.

Futbol update: The week that was in the realm of futbol. Plus, more winners and losers.

A new arms race looms for a former Cuban stud.

Formula 1's most glamorous race outside Monaco is this weekend. But it is all about Crashgate that happened a year ago.

And yes, Manning surpasses Unitas.

And Twins, Rangers and Angels survive. Red Sox lose.

Parting videos:

This is football song.

Just to balance the gheyness of yesterday:

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