Monday, September 28, 2009

Blog Outsourcing 9/28 (Monday after Ketsana)

Hello everybody. I wish I could bring good tidings, but not under the prevailing circumstances. Although I am safe, my fellow countrymen are not. I, myself, saw the damage as it passed. No electricity when I got home. Still currently without landline access. (At least I still have wireless connectivity.) All this due to a storm passing by. Will be writing a little narrative about my observations later on. (Can't focus and think).

Assistance is highly encouraged: you can check here for more details. Those with paypal can check this tweet.

Now onto to the sports lines (not much, I apologize):

The Gainesville icon was down and out, but he is back home raring to go.

No majors, but a FedEx Cup. Is that ok with Tiger?

They are back where they belong. Sparty's glad at the Nation's expense.

There more to racing than just turning one way only. Congrats, Lewis.

Futbol update: Shocking upset involving current EPL Leaders.

The coach with the hottest seat right now is still safe, for now.

Is the head pirate heading off a mutiny with a pre-emptive strike?

Brees had no TD's, yet they still won. Bills cannot get a break.

Washington gifted Detroit. Again.

Vitali beats the great American hope. Anybody next?

And yes, Favre being Favre. In a good way.

Final thoughts:

Scenes of carnage:

A song to reflect mood:

Just a reminder: Just when you whine when you complain about going 1-8 or 2-9 in a pick'em, that's better compared to losing your life and / or your property. I know the Americans had Katrina. Framed in perspective.

Hope y'all had a nice day.

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