Monday, September 21, 2009

Blog Outsourcing 9/21

Happy Mondays from the islands.

I actually got myself a great workout last Saturday. We all need to go out, work out and have fun. I haven't had the time to actually do it, since my friends are all unavailable. But last Saturday was a treat as I managed to get in a little badminton session. No, I did not do a Serena blow-up. I did do a lot of grunting as I smashed cocks all over the court. No pics as my camera is still in a rehab stint. But nevertheless, it was a fun and an enjoyable experience.

What completed my weekend is that my alma mater is two wins away from sealing a back-to-back championship. It is always fun when your school wins a title and you were there to savor it live. It is always a great thing.

Now onto The Linksplosion:

Milton Bradley may be the worst FA signing this year. I doubt he might help Mikey's club for next year.

Could the Rays actually leave Tampa? It might just happen.

Futbol update: Nice game by Glazer's boys against their rivals.

Coming soon to a Laker game near you: You might need to keep up with the Kardashians.

Are you interested to sing a football fight song? Upload it on Youtube. The English might like it.

Remember what happened to Ugueth Urbina? Deja vu, but this time in the Dominican Republic.

A lot of people were at the game at Jerryworld. Yup. And I mean a lot of people.

There is one thing that can stop the Gators. But it is not what you think.

Big Winners and Losers in College football. Expect the usual dose of Sark and Chip here.

Here is the link for CBH regarding a Golden Domer.

Looks like LeGarret Blount has Matt Grothe to work on their NFL prospects.

Tigers earn a little reprieve, but the Twins sure have a knack coming down the wire late. Can they steal it? J-Rod may want it to happen.

Polls are out this week: Wait for the TWTWCFB for more discussion points.

Four-wide? That is cool to do.

Did not know Rodney Rogers was quadriplegic. But kudos to Wake Forest.

The West Side Giants falling apart. And it is allegedly the GM's fault.

Preliminary list of HoF 2010. Is it the best ever?

Someone really wants to Fire Joe Morgan.

He is not the pound-for-pound's best, but Floyd did win against JMM. But with that fight over, the man ruling the roost is starting his preparations for his fight.

Finally: Week 2 scores and Beisbol scores.

College Pick 'Em Standings:

Week 3 winners: 55 (john), 53 (sparty), 52 (keith's picks), 51 (4 people tied), 50 (natsfan) - I scored just 42

152 (henry8minus1), 146 (jimmy szy), 144 (john) - I am at 125 (tied 21st with Cycledan)

Pigskin Pick 'Em (pending MNF Game)

Week 2 Winners: 11 (GatorTrey), 10 (futbolpickwheresmanu, cycledan, rek) - I am at 9 (along with 4 people)

Futbol Pick Where's Man U (24), Cycledan (23), 4 people tied with 22. - I am tied for 7th with 21.

S&F League: (pending MNF Game)

Serena's Ball Gag vs Show Me Those TD's: 45-87
Bacon Wrapped Donuts vs Erin's People Peepholes: 79-114
Gisele's Goat Mask vs Miami Mullets: 73-94
Ateneo LA Clippers vs Jersey Dirty Sanchezes: 53-158
Red Hawks vs Favre and Long: 60-76

M&F League (pending MNF Game)

Lights Out Tequila vs Mike Vick PETA Sandwich: 61-65
Team Oh no Stinko vs Ta-Kill-Ya Merrimans: 80-103
Ateneo LA Clippers vs Superbowl Homeboy: 103-55
Huge Tebowners vs Jason Campbell Soup: 91-67
Patphish Baconators vs Jones Tackles Dyson: 122 vs 98

Parting video:

Kanye West's antics have influenced a lot of things lately.

Parting photo:

(insert your caption here)

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