Thursday, September 10, 2009

Blog Outsourcing 9/10

Morning to everyone. Very short notice as I was just notified and had to pull this one out of the fire in 15 minutes. Blame it on Mikey for the apparent mailed-in nature of today's TMA.

Draft last night was ridiculous. I mean it was crazy. Watch out for the draft recap for it by Mikey. Someone ought to do the draft last Sunday, too.

Here is a quick blast of links for your perusal and approval. Good thing I woke up after seeing my rival school receive a denial entry.

First things first, hell hath no fury than a woman scorned.

The Answer has spoken.

He was perfect last year. He's making up for it now.

Your usual futbol update.

She got kicked out of the hotel, then she got kicked out of game.

Quickie NFL preview.

This gotta hurt, right?

Another sign this is going to be an ugly season in Orchard Park.

After all, it is 9-9-9 yesterday. And Remember my Homeless World Cup in Milan post? I personally know this couple.

Parting shots:

Because it can never hurt to have Jay-Z.

I love this remix by Jay-Z and Chris Martin

To close things...

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