Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Blog Outsourcing 9/29 (Tuesday after Ketsana)

Hi. It's me again subbing for Sparty as he is on his way to address his own matters. I am still feeling the wrath of Ketsana and we still welcome any means of assistance. I missed out on the Monday Night Football game between the Cowboys and the Panthers to help out in the relief effort in my own little way. As I chipped in, I saw the eagerness and willingness of others to be with one of their brethren, and I can only smile with that. Check out Philippine Aid and Google's efforts to get the word out. Hope y'all can chip in and pay it forward.

Before the Linksplosion: The Fantasy Time Analysis

Streak for the Cash: The time zone difference is really a factor why I am not leading. Rek has 4 ahead of me. I am ahead of Sae by 1. And both of them do not have a blue star yet.

College Pick ' Em: Talk about brutal. Only got 2 right (Virginia Tech and TCU) for 7 pts. GatorNicole is the big winner this week with 36. Keith's Picks and Patphish 3 back. On the overall front, Keith's Picks has taken the overall lead, taking along Waiting for Next Year with 174. Erstwhile leader Henry8minus1 has 170. Sparty has 166. With 132, I am mired in solo 24th.

Interesting trends with the picks: I was the only one who liked Purdue. 3 liked the Hawkeyes. Spartans_no1 was the only one who picked the Ducks. 4 liked the ACC Wolfpack. Group was in general split between GT vs UNC, The U vs VT and TT vs H-Town.

Pigskin Pick 'Em: FutbolPick... Where'sManU is this week's winner with 13. Seven managed to pick 12. I only got 10. JB now has a 3 pt lead overall against Sparty, Rek and Cycledan. I am tied for 9th, 6pts back with 32.

Interesting trends with the picks: Universal picks on the Packers, Ravens, Giants and Eagles. 3 went with the Niners. 2 with the Jags. 4 chose the Bills. John got the Bengals right. However, F.Trio got the Panthers wrong.

Fantasy Football:

S&F League:

Ateneo LA Clippers vs Serena's Ball Gag - 69 vs 122
Miami Mullets vs Jersey Dirty Sanchezes - 66 vs 71
Show Me Those TDs vs Erin's Peephole - 65 vs 82
Favre and Long vs Gisele's Goat Mask - 90 vs 77
Bacon Wrapped Donuts vs Red Hawks - 93 vs 57

M&F League:

Ateneo LA Clippers vs Team Oh No Stinko - 73 vs 89
Ta-Kill-Ya Merrimans vs Jason Campbell Soup - 89 vs 75
Jones Tackles Dyson vs Mike Vick PETA Sandwich - 75 vs 73
Superbowl Homeboy vs Lights Out Tequila - 105 vs 117
Patphish Baconators vs Huge Tebowners - 79 vs 103

Onto the Link Madness, shall we?

Yesterday, there was a link that sealed a spot for Sparty. Today, another one was sealed. And it was sealed with class. A third one, had to be delayed.

The last spot on the AL Squad remains undecided between J-Rod's boys and the Detroit Tigers. They have a four-game duel this week, starting off with this.

On the AAAA side, can the Rockies get out-Rockied?

Bullfighting as an offseason regimen? Omar's cool with that.

Arena Football? Not exactly, but it is Arena Football.

Here is more proof that the Head Pirate is staving off any more talk of mutiny.

Chad Pennington could be a 3-time Comeback Player of the Year winner?

I am addicted to Twitter. But be prepared to be accountable to what you say. Because it might result in a benching.

A tale of two quarterbacks. One was demoted immediately, another got a stay.

Get well soon, Stafon. Their tailback rotation will now only be 5-deep, instead of 6.

What will make John happy? Seeing Paul Pierce happy. What would make the Truth happy? This would make him happy.

Is the Herban Jesus ready for the Bayou? Point of Discussion at the TWTWCFB? Perhaps.

Mr. Adriana Lima needs a new place to stay. Any takers? However, the LA Clippers are eternally grateful for you. Now, I just need the T'wolves to suck just enough for the #1 pick to be the ideal one.

Parting Videos:

Here's a sample of the carnage Ketsana brought:

And this one:

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