Monday, September 14, 2009

Blog Outsourcing 9/14

Happy Manic Monday to everyone!

I know everyone is pumped up over the football season kicking off and all. However, I am really pumped up because the collegiate season is almost over. My school is 3 wins away from sealing back-to-back titles. Last Saturday, they dispatched the second-ranked team to close a 13-1 regular season. The next day, we finished 2nd in the Cheerdance Competition, the best in school history. I am now looking forward to next week as the playoffs begin.

Now. Time to check out the links:

A girl fight.

Victory for working moms everywhere.

NASCAR is not the motorsport with scandals.

An Italian Job.

If you think TD celebrations are lame...

Your futbol update in numbers.

Just as we counted him out... he strikes again.

Things are not alright in UVa.

Jordan fired a shot, he answered.

Winners and Losers in Week 1.

The actual week 1 scores

Here is one half of the MNF preview. Here is the other half.

Gus Johnson strikes again.

Pedro being Pedro circa early 00's.

The Rays being the Rays.

Possible point of discussion in the Spartacast.

How comparing Tate with this guy?

Fantasy Recaps:

College Pick 'em:

Henry8minus1 with 105. Jimmy Szy 5 pts back. I'm tied at 17th with Patphish.
Winner for this week: Big D and SymanskiAndrew with 52.

Pigskin Pick 'em: (with MNF games left)

Patphish, Futbol Pick Where's ManU? and Midwest Sports Fans lead the way with 12. I'm tied at 11th along with Mikey, Rek, Big D, Sae and Tila Tequila Ate My Balls with 10.

S&F Football League: (with MNF games left)

Favre and Long vs Ateneo LA Clippers: 39 - 74
Jersey Dirty Sanchezes vs Show Me Those TD's: 63 - 102
Erin's Peephole vs Serena's Ball Gag: 49 - 81
Miami Mullets vs Bacon Wrapped Donuts: 94 - 97
Red Hawks vs Gisele's Goat Mask: 40 - 86

M&F Football League: (with MNF games left)

Lights Out Tequila vs Ateneo LA Clippers: 87 - 113
Team Oh No Stinko vs Huge Tebowners: 60 - 39
Mike Vick PETA Sandwich vs Patphish Baconators: 68 - 81
Jason Campbell Soup vs Jones Tackles Dyson: 61 - 109
Ta-Kill-Ya Merrimans vs Superbowl Homeboy: 55 - 73

Finally, here are my parting shots:

Here is our performance in the UAAP Cheerdance Competition.

We lost to this squad, though.

But we definitely have the best drumline in the islands, bar none:

And simply because it is all the rage in the world...

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