Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Blog Outsourcing 9/8

How was your Labor Day? I hope you had as much fun as what Sparty did with Lil' Sparty. Me, just spent it at home resting the whole day. It has been rainy and absolutely boring, save for the sports scene out there.

But I want to point out something that I need to know for myself. What are the good sports podcasts out there? After all, Sparty and the gang had just released the first (of hopefully a gazillion) podcast just this week.

Just for the heck of it, I will listen to our podcast once the TWTWCFB has been posted to see how things really went and how things are going to be.

Ever since I was able to get my hands on a media player, the commute has been much more enjoyable with the podcasts. In general, ESPN's Podcenter has been the source of podcasts to listen to. I love listening to their banter (maybe because I am cheap thrill), but if you have great sports podcasts that you can point me to, that would be great.

Now onto the link madness we all love.

This is how your can be good for fantasy owners and this is how to make them irate. (even though they will not be a factor. Nevertheless...)

How can you be a sports journalist? Maybe this could be of help. (Note: you might like gallivanting around it. It's a sight for sore eyes.)

Looking back: 20 years ago

The Joker is back at it again.
And this is what happened in the US Open.

And by the way, the Sports Guy tweeted this. Last time I checked, it is now 7th.

Sid Crosby delivers.

This game captivated tweeters all around.

Interesting that Jacory managed to finish the game with that sore shoulder, because of what happened to this guy.

I still think this is a bad idea.

Remember Trey's good eye regarding South Cack-a-lacky? Here's another one.

Never knew bad blood existed in the NHRA.

Choke jobs involving football players usually come late in the year.

Interesting no shows in college and the pros.

This means their chase is probably over.

Best team in the Queen City? I am sure Rek-gers can vouch for it.

Your weekly futbol update. All about World Cup Qualifying this week.

Best pool players ever? Philippines is the home of the Kings of Pool.

Proper send-offs:

The joker at work now:

Here is a punch similar to what happened in Boise. Set with added music:

And to end in a positive note:


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