Monday, September 7, 2009

The Final UAAP Stretch

Here are the standings after the games last Sunday:

Ateneo: 12-1
FEU: 11-2
UE: 9-4
UST: 6-7
DLSU: 5-8
AdU: 4-9
UP: 3-10
NU: 2-11

Remaining Schedule:

Ateneo: FEU (9/12)
FEU: Ateneo (9/12)
UE: UST (9/10)
UST: UE (9/10)
DLSU: NU (9/10)
AdU: UP (9/12)
UP: AdU (9/12)
NU: DLSU (9/10)

Ateneo has sealed twice to beat and will seal a top seed if FEU loses.
FEU has sealed second and will need to beat Ateneo to have a chance at the top spot.
UE has locked in on third.
UST needs to either win or have La Salle lose to lock in on the final spot.
La Salle needs to win and UST to lose to force a playoff.

Don't forget. Cheerdancing Competition on Sunday. UP trying to win third straight title.

Thoughts on the past few games.

Nonoy Baclao was a DNP-CD. Not that he was needed anyway with Oping, Nico and even Ryan doing their best impression of him.

Speaking of UP, our prayers go out to the family of Arvin Braganza. His dad fainted during the game and was brought to the hospital.

UST botched themselves big time, especially with that lethargic performance against the Falcons. That provided a glimmer of hope to the Archers, who resorted to shaving their heads for luck.

FEU had two less big men to play with against La Salle. It remains unknown if those 2 will be available.

As such, one spot. two teams. will be settled by thursday. Nice TV, don't ya think?

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