Saturday, October 30, 2010

The West on a Tier - An Alternative Look at the Western Conference

You have seen the Pacific, Northwest & Southwest Divisions as previewed by someone. Time to put in my two cents on the picture.

Yes, I know the season has started. Been a little busy. And as per someone's wishes, the Miami admiration / bashing via the one-off posts will be kept at a bare minimum.

Here we go.
1st Tier: The Champs

Los Angeles Lakers

What I Like: Adding Steve Blake, Theo Ratliff and Matt Barnes is certainly a huge upgrade.

What I do not Like: Injury woes with Andrew Bynum still dogging them.

The one key factor: Pau Gasol. He's gonna carry this team (especially early on) with Kobe taking it nice and easy due to his knee issues. I think he will be in the 20-10 range this season.

2nd Tier: The Wily Veterans
Dallas Mavericks

What I Like: Having Tyson Chandler to lob to for Jason Kidd. Dirk being Dirk. Mark Cuban. The possibility of Mavs games at the Jerryworld.

What I do not Like: Kidd is 38. He's reduced to shooting threes at this point.

The one key factor: Do the veterans still have it in them? They always seem to come up short. Dirk has logged in a lot of minutes as well and can he withstand the long season (although he did not participate in Istanbul).

San Antonio Spurs

What I Like: They are the most fundamental team on earth. They'll bore you to death.

What I do not Like: Injury concerns with Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker.

The one key factor: DeJuan Blair as the starting center of the Spurs. Timmy D's is in the downward slope of his career. He needs to help him carry the weight, so to speak.

Utah Jazz

What I Like: How the Jazz stole Al Jefferson the way the Lakers stole Pau Gasol. A stud PG in Deron Williams. Jerry Sloan still coaching the pick & roll.

What I do not Like: The hole in their shooting guard position, because Portland millsap'd Wesley Matthews after his playoff performance. All up to CJ Miles and Raja Bell.

The one key factor: Whether AK-47 will return to his peak form. If not with the Jazz, he's a good expiring contract to use as an asset.

3rd Tier: The Wildcard

Oklahoma City Thunder

What I Like: Pretty much everything. I got a mancrush on this team, have to admit.

What I do not Like: They don't have a savvy veteran leadership who would say, "I've been here before." Does Mo Pete apply in this case? Law of averages? (They were pretty much injury-free last year.)

The one key factor: Can they handle the pressure of being one of the top teams in the conference? Lots of eyes are on them. Will they live up to the expectations? Remember, they were one-and-done last time.

4th Tier: Central Question Marks

Portland Trailblazers

What I Like: Brandon Roy. Their head coach Nate McMillan. The mix of good veteran leaders and youngsters.

What I do not Like: Greg Oden going the Sam Bowie route. And he did the Brett Favre (even though he predated it). The lingering row between Miller and Roy.

The one key factor: Injuries have kowtowed their chances to succeed the past few seasons, especially last year. I know Sam Presti has seen what the Blazers have gone through, because what Portland was before, Oklahoma City is now.

Houston Rockets

What I Like: Kevin Martin and Aaron Brooks shooting lots and lots of FT attempts. That and Luis Scola.

What I do not Like: None, really. But if pressed, probably the Chinese obsession in All-Star voting.

The one key factor: What Yao Ming can do in 24 minutes/game. Career wise, that would be translating into 14-7 with 1 blk.

Denver Nuggets

What I Like: The altitude factor. Chauncey Billups. The promise of Ty Lawson. The Fight against Cancer by George Karl.

What I do not Like: The atrocious neck tattoos on Kenyon Martin and Chris Andersen.

The one key factor: The Carmelo situation, also known as the white elephant in the room. Everything follows once that is settled. Could last as long as Lebron's.

5th Tier: Good, but not THAT Good

Phoenix Suns

What I Like: Alvin Gentry's version of the SSOL. Steve Nash. Jared Dudley. Josh Childress. Sideshow Mel a.k.a Robin Lopez. Alvin Gentry's daughter (she's an avid tweeter.)

What I do not Like: Too much wings, which may result in Hedo playing PF. God held him.

The one key factor: As always, the medicine men of the Suns. Grant Hill was finally healthy. Imagine that.

New Orleans Hornets

What I Like: Current GM Dell Demps used to play in the Philippines as a reinforcement. The Skip Prosser connection (CP3 / David West)

What I do not Like: Still bogged down by bad contracts (although not as much as before). Marco Bellinelli starting alongside CP3. I still remember Marco as the Summer League stud.

The one key factor: How Monty Williams fares in his head coaching debut. I think I still have his NBA trading card. My how old I am.

6th Tier: On the Cusp

Los Angeles Clippers

What I Like: Admittedly biased, I like almost everything with them. Starting with Blake Griffin.

What I do not Like: Knowing that the Clipper malaise is just around the corner, waiting and waiting. Losing Steve Blake to the other side of Staples.

The one key factor: Baron Davis. All I ask him is to Getcha Head in the Game. And stay healthy, too.

Memphis Grizzlies

What I Like: How these guys can go up and down the court and showcase their athleticism.

What I do not Like: They'll be making a lot of financial decisions this coming offseason, starting with Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol. Still think they overpaid Rudy Gay.

The one key factor: Will Mike Conley be the PG that can run this team? They need a capable PG to run an offense.

Sacramento Kings

What I Like: The young cast of characters. The uptempo nature of Paul Westphal.

What I do not Like: Logjam with Cousins, Dalembert, Landry, Thompson at the bigs and Garcia, Greene, Casspi at the wings.

The one key factor: #Reke4ROY is over. What's the next step for Tyreke? His development will determine if they would be able to go up to the tier above within the next two years.

7th Tier: Needs Reimaging

Golden State Warriors

What I Like: Steph Curry, who is one of the smartest young studs out there. The fans who stood by with this team even when they stink, and out here, there are a lot of people I know who trace their links to the Bay Area who love them as well.

What I do not Like: How this team is really that bad defensively. Dorell Wright starting at the 3. Monta Ellis, because he really is overrated.

The one key factor: How Keith Smart will do in his first head coaching job. Will he keep the Nellieball concept? Based from how things are, he just might.

Minnesota Timberwolves

What I Like: As a Clipper fan, having their first round pick in 2012 (Thank you, Marko). Kevin Love.

What I do not Like: David Kahn running this franchise, knowing Stephen Curry could have made wonders.

The one key factor: The potential of Michael Beasley could be realized. Or it could set them back so far...

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The East on a Tier - An Alternative Look at the Eastern Conference

You have seen the Atlantic, Southeast & Central Divisions as previewed by someone. Time to put in my two cents on the picture.
1st Tier: The Big Threes
Boston Celtics

What I like: Having a chip on their shoulders. Because quite simply, all the attention in South Beach just set off a rejuvenation of Beantown. In addition, the continued evolution of Rajon Rondo into the post-PGA Tour leader. Their bench depth, by the way, rivals Orlando's.

What I do not like: Perk being unavailable until post-All Star Break, because again, they never lost with the Pierce-KG-Ray-Rajon-Perk starting 5 in the postseason. Looks like the O'Neals will have to do until then.

The one key factor: the Celtics medical staff. I hope they can be a creditable facsimile of Phoenix, because the health of their veterans will dictate how far they can go.

Miami Heat

What I like: Having three superstars team up like this will be something worth paying attention to.

What I do not like: How they are really dependent on the glue guys. Already a bad sign with Mike Miller being out until next year.

The one key factor: Lebron. It's all up to him. He needs to prove himself and show it.
2nd Tier: Armed to the Teeth
Orlando Magic

What I like: Their depth comes in very handy, as they can go big or small.

What I do not like: Rashard Lewis not stepping up to the value of his contract. Having to rely on Vince Carter. PG drop-off after Jameer Nelson

The one key factor: Will Dwight mature enough? Better yet, will the Olajuwon apprenticeship pay off?

Chicago Bulls

What I like: The development of Derrick Rose and the fiery yet possibly annoying Joakim Noah.

What I do not like: Their chase of Carmelo Anthony, because there really is not a fit for him with the roster as currently constituted. Carlos Boozer's injury history.

The one key factor: Tom Thibodeaux. A definite upgrade over Vinny Del Negro in coaching acumen, but the players liked Vinny.
3rd Tier: Good, but not THAT Good
Atlanta Hawks

What I like: They're high-flying. They're exciting. The Philips Arena is said to be called the "Highlight Factory".

What I do not like: That ridiculous contract of Joe Johnson. Still lacking size on the bench save for Zaza Pachulia.

The one key factor: Jamal Crawford is in a contract year. And is still seeking an extension. He could make or break them.

Milwaukee Bucks

What I like: The #FearTheDeer concept. Squad 6. Brandon Jennings.

What I do not like: The trend of Scott Skiles burning people out the next season. Lack of a veteran PG to guide Jennings (like how Luke Ridnour played last year). Balancing minutes with the swing wings (Delfino, Maggette, Salmons, Mbah a Moute, Ilyasova).

The one key factor: Andrew Bogut being back in form after that horrific injury. Huge drop-off, although the Bucks made moves to shore it up. but still...

Charlotte Bobcats

What I like: C & C (Music) Factory in Gerald "Crash" Wallace & "Captain Jack" Stephen Jackson.

What I do not like: As pointed out, high probability of the "checking out" concept, from Larry Brown to Jackson. Boris Diaw out of shape again.

The one key factor: DJ Augustine being asked to play the right way. Raymond Felton bolted to the Knicks, and the promise of Shaun Livingston remains unfulfilled. Could be a bit too much.
4th Tier: Mediocrity Reign
Cleveland Cavaliers

What I like: JJ Hickson looks primed to emerge.

What I do not like: Small forward rotation is composed of Anthony Parker, Jamario Moon and Joey Graham. That happens when the person who they called "Quitness" leaves them on a lurch.

The one key factor: How Byron Scott can properly channel the energy that came after The Decision.

Philadelphia 76rs

What I like: Doug Collins being the taskmaster on this underachieving bunch.

What I do not like: Elton Brand being a shell of his former Clipper self.

The one key factor: Jrue Holliday. He's going to be given the keys to the offense.

New York Knicks

What I like: Exciting offense. The SSOL is always fan-friendly. Having a decent point guard like Felton running the team. Adding people who knew about it helps (Amar'e and the former Warriors who ran a similar offense dubbed as Nellieball)

What I do not like: Eddy Curry's still on the roster.

The one key factor: The Carmelo Sweepstakes. If the Knicks can find a way to get him without having to trade away Gallinari, it would be great.

Indiana Pacers

What I like: The acquisition of Darren Collison, making the team less scrappy.

What I do not like: Josh McRoberts starting at the PF position.

The one key factor: the PF position. Currently held by McRoberts, but Psycho T is creditable backup. Danny Granger can play it in a pinch.

Detroit Pistons

What I like: Hard to find one, honestly. Rip Hamilton running through screens the way he does it is something worth seeing as a basketball nut.

What I do not like: Charlie Villanueva and Ben Gordon, the overpaid guys not starting. Jonas Jerebko being out.

The one key factor: The ownership situation. Who takes over this franchise? That then dictates the next step, which is the idea of trading Rip Hamilton and or Tayshaun Prince.
5th Tier: Needs Reimaging
New Jersey Nets

What I like: The Russian Billionaire. Jay-Z. Brook Lopez and Devin Harris. The signings, because they acquired role players that can contribute immediately.

What I do not like: Not playing in the Barclays yet (Brooklyn), being stuck in the nowhereness of Newark.

The one key factor: Avery Johnson and Devin Harris. Avery was the coach during Devin's first few seasons in the league.

Washington Wizards

What I like: The development of John Wall, the acquisition of Kirk Hinrich.

What I do not like: Unproven mettle of their big men. Josh Howard being hurt.

The one key factor: What they will actually do with Gilbert Arenas. He's such a wildcard that could help or hurt them. The contract is definitely a huge millstone.

Toronto Raptors

What I like: The cosmopolitan surroundings of Canada. There has to be a reason why Hedo decided to party party last year.

What I do not like: The fact that they are a mess. Period.

The one key factor: Someone has to step up and lead this team. Whether it would be either of Calderon / Jack or Bargnani remains to be seen.

5 Things I Learned about Miami and Boston

Yes, I know it is one game, but it's nice noting observations about it, given the buzz it generated. Normally, it takes 20-30 games for teams to figure things out, so people can take me with a grain of salt.

1. Boston definitely has a bench. No Delonte? Marquis Daniels was adequate. So was Nate Robinson. Jermaine O'Neal was just fine. The Drunken Seal that is Big Baby was just awesome.

2. Motivated Shaq. Just 18 minutes, but the way he played at the start of the game set the tone for the C's. 9-7-1 = Perk numbers. The O'Neal's have a pretty defined role, that is to hold the fort until Kendrick returns.

3. The absence of Mike Miller hurts. James Jones and Eddie House played 26 minutes each. Mike Miller would have been better out there. I would think he would be getting 30 minutes at the most, like Udonis Haslem.

4. Dwayne Wade is cold. I believe this is the first game the player formerly known as Flash played after his hamstring injury. And it showed. 4/16 shooting. 6 turnovers. Speaking of cold, Chris Bosh was abysmal.

5. Lebron looked like Lebron we knew in Cleveland. 42 minutes. 31 points (10/21 shooting). 4 rebounds. 3 assts. Had to deal with Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and even Marquis Daniels all night long. The 3rd quarter was the Lebron we expected. He had a hand on the last 14pts the Heat scored in the 3rd canto.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Blog Outsourcing 10/25

Welcome to today's edition of Sparty and Friends.

I finally figured out the concept of the NFL Red Zone Channel. Nope, our cable provider does not have the service. Fortunately, as someone who has somewhat mastered finding the craft online, I managed to get access to one for free and as such, managed to watch it early this morning. No wonder people have been bedazzled by it. You get to watch snippets of every game and its highlights all around. Really neat, especially for fantasy owners. Also for the fastfood generation, who always wanted things in a snap like that *snaps fingers*.

That's the best way of keeping in step with everything, how you go about securing information and knowledge. It's such a godsend. I hope that my bandwidth will continue to allow me such liberties.

Anyway, the NBA is opening this week. With talks of the upcoming lockout looming, the House of Stern stated the possibility of contraction as an option if not payroll reduction. But be'fore they think of that, they should think of get the owners to get a hold of themselves when they just hand out contracts like that of Darko's and Joe Johnson's and David Lee's.

Hereforth are the links:

Typical Favre game in the Favre Bowl. Then Brad threw him under the bus. No end to the drama anytime soon.

The Champs got schooled by the black punter for 68 yards. Madden Curse?

Steelers get another lucky officiating break. It does not matter that the ref was a Pittsburgh native.

Who knew the Bills could score 34 and STILL lose? On the other hand, the Ravens ALLOWED 34 points. What gives, Ray Lewis?

The Raiders placed the Broncos out to pasture, even Mr. Prejean got to play.

We have seen this before in San Diego, but if Norv pulls off another great end to the season.... He seems to push his good luck altogether.

Da Bears need line help, stat.

Oh, John Fox has never had a 10-loss season ever. This win might be a good start.

You have two weeks, Michael Vick, because Titans took care of Kevin Kolb. It has now turned in the modern equivalent of Van Brocklin and Waterfield.

We all know Craig James is a douche.

Need 14 pts from Ahmad Bradshaw.

Is this a Heisman moment? Still have the Iron Bowl...

Giants now back home, where they may see Vlad the Impaler on the field.

John Farrell in T.Dot.

Where should Cliff Lee go?

Jamie Dixon, all-around good guy.

Party pooper, I tell you. Karma bites back.

Be prepared to shell out huge ka-chings...

You know, Hines is correct with this one.

Heat fix hole with Jerry Stackhouse.

Will Jerryd Bayless be the Collison fix?

Here's the new Linkin Park song to close it out.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thinking Aloud about the "Jacked Up" Sunday

Just saw the clip now and I thought about everything that happened last weekend, including the hit on Eric Legrand (here is the latest on him).

I, as a fan, truly enjoy the experience of watching football. It has been said to be gladitorial (Spartan, one might say) combat on cleats. Injuries come with the game and people have (in general) accepted it. Some may be too much, but if that is how you can ensure stoppage of play, you have to do it. (admittedly, the Meriweather hit was a bit too much and the Hoodie understood that very very well by benching the guy)

I understand the concern about head injuries and thus the reason why there was such a reaction from the House of Goodell, but how this has gotten out of hand is a little disconcerting. However, the discussions have piqued my interest on what really is the solution to the problem.

The NFL has reached a dilemma. Faced with its ethos, tradition and essence, against science and safety, and against the almighty ka-ching. It is up to them to do the next step.

And finally, just checked it now, the DVD is still available on NFL store.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Blog Outsourcing - 10/18

Welcome to today's edition of Sparty and Friends.

Whilst most of the S&F community met up down south (those who were not there expect pictures from those who attended), I was also in a family reunion as well.

A year ago today, my father moved on. I wrote about it two days after he passed. As custom, we commemorate it with prayers and food. It has been a year and we managed to cope and survive his absence. I miss him truly and I hope he still watches over us wholeheartedly.

What I always remember about my dad's final day was that CC Sabathia won. I watched it with him that morning. He loved the sport. Did not find it boring. He liked the aspect of pitching because he used to pitch. Monday mornings were great for him thanks to Sunday Night Baseball. The adage is definitely true: Sports is truly a father-son bonding experience.

And for those who need to know, I am perfectly fine (so far). Yes, there is a supertyphoon that (as of this writing) just made landfall in the Motherland, battering anything in sight in the Northern portion of the island. Here is an illustration of Megi.
Hereforth are the linkage madness taken over the past few days (to cover for the missing links):

The ALCS has had one script so far. The only difference is the 8th inning. Who knew, Colby Lewis? And now, Cliff Lee looms.

Great pitching duel got spoiled by a Cody Ross in the NLCS. Good thing Roy Oswalt was stellar in pitching AND hitting in Game 2, with a little J-Ro insurance. Unfortunately, if you were in a certain area, you might have missed it. The masses always lose out on business vs business scuffles.

From the not-that-Hot Stove: Lilly extends, Sandy Alderson (& Tony LaRussa?) primed to be a Met, Eric Wedge brushing up on his Wii skills.

How do Yankee fans remember Freddie Sez?

Brent Musberger trying to hip. Not quite, though.

Buckeyes fail the #1 test. Again. Now the pressure is either in Norman or in Eugene (take your pick). Looks like Corso's gonna be at a unbeaten clash.

Texas sends Nebraska a parting gift.

Meanwhile, Vanderbilt has a shot of leading the SEC East if they beat South Carolina. This is the same Vanderbilt that got shellacked between the hedges 43-0. That's because Kentucky football avenged the basketball team's loss against the Gamecocks. Btw, Randall Cobb, Kentucky will always be a basketball school first. Spurrier's crew still have the lead because Gators did what they never did under the Zooker, lose three straight.

If you were a Golden Gopher, is it basketball season already? Football season is already over for someone. And no, Tony Dungy is not coming through that door. He's enjoying the coach's clicker too much.

When you think 65-43 in the SEC, it would be college basketball. Thanks to Cameron Newton and the atrocious Auburn defense, it is now possible on the gridiron. Meanwhile, the previous trendy pick to the Heisman got jacked up by the Fighting Stanzis.

Meanwhile, the little-engines-that-could juggernauts in Boise, Fort Worth and Salt Lake City just keep chugging along.

The latest on Eric Legrand. I am sure you all remember Adam Taliaferro very very well. To Schiano's credit, he did seek input for JoePa on handling this situation.

Bad news for the preseason Big Televen favorite. Hope he can come back next season.

The NFC West being the worst division in football? Nope. Seattle, San Francisco and St. Louis won today (Arizona is on a bye). Compare that to the AFC West, which had Kansas City, Oakland, Denver and San Diego all losing. (San Fran faced Oakland and St. Louis faced San Diego)

Panic averted in Minnesota. Jerry Jones may be calm right now, but he's definitely stewing inside Jerryworld.

So far so good for Deion Branch.

Why the NFL blackout rule is nonsense.

Here's a Diddy story. It is said that one reason why Jamie Foxx was selected for Any Given Sunday is that P.Diddy threw like a girl.

All this needs is Brent Musberger and Beano Cook or Keith Jackson and Pat Summerall doing studio booth action.

How people take football really seriously.

Because we need more hockey.

This must be a continuation from his HOFer speech.

One solution for this: better scheduling.

To end, here is the something from The Killers.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Blog Outsourcing 10/11

Welcome to today's edition of Sparty and Friends.

Normally, I compose this post around two to three hours before it is posted to ensure I have the latest news. This week, I will be a preoccupied with certain matters, so the post was created a little earlier than planned.

Yesterday was 10-10-10. Lots of stuff involving the number 10. If you are a porn addict, yesterday was special because it was X.X.X. Here are some interesting things that involve the number.

13 NBA players wore the number last year. (Best known ones: Jonny Flynn, Eric Gordon, Mike Bibby, Leandrinho Barbosa)

17 NHL players wore the number at the start of this current season (Best known ones: Marian Gaborik, Brenden Morrow, Patrick Sharp)

5 MLB teams retired the number for someone (Sparky Anderson - Reds, Dick Howser - Royals, Phil Rizzuto - Yankees, Ron Santo - Cubs, Andre Dawson & Rusty Staub - Expos)

The St. Louis Cardinals won 10 World Series.

The number was retired in Minnesota for Fran Tarkenton and in Atlanta for Steve Bartkowski.

The 10th pick in NBA draft in 1998 was Paul Pierce. He might be the best player ever drafted at that spot, although Brandon Jennings (2009) and Brook Lopez (2008) each have a bright future ahead of them.

In the history of the NFL Draft, the 10th overall pick produced Marcus Allen (1982), Rod Woodson (1987) and Jerome Bettis (1993). It also produced Matt Leinart (2006) and Travis Taylor (2000). Remains to be seen where the likes of Jerod Mayo (2008) and Amobi Okoye (2007) will go.

Pele (for Brazil) and Maradona (Argentina) wore the number 10. 10 also means perfection in gymnastics, as demonstrated first in 1976 by Nadia Comaneci.

Hayden Fry has the 10th most wins in College Football. Bobby Bowden, Vince Dooley and George Welsh each had 10 bowl losses.

And of course, she is a ten, too.

Now to check out the links:

The Reds had no chance against the Phillies. No chance in Hell.

Brooks Conrad just committed another error.

The Rays are alive. Yankees pleased both aces (Lee for Texas, Price for Tampa B) will be both unavailable against CC for Game 1 of the ALCS.

This will be an interesting week in the Bay Area. Oakland outplays San Diego, ending a long losing streak against them. Then, there was the Niners meltdown by Alex Smith. Battle of the Bay next week. This after the way they lost and its aftermath last week.

More drama for Albert Haynesworth. But the Redskins pull out a win out of the hat. Peyton Manning looms next Sunday night, freshly disposed from finally removing the Chiefs from the ranks of the unbeaten. Mercury Morris can now celebrate and enjoy the moment.

Aaron Rodgers with a concussion. Am I ready to start Carson Palmer in the imminent future?

Admittedly, Tom Brady needs the haircut.

Hockey trying to reach back to their roots with their looks.

Speaking of which, only in Canada.

The Islanders have a feel of a college team. Imagine listening to someone call one.

Yep, it is hockey season alright.

And you think fans are already shortchanged with the putridness of a team...

Maybe this recruit can help reshape the downtrodden Colorado State Rams.

Chart action on baseball only Miz would love.

This link is because there is a horse movie out there.

You should play to win the game, not get intimidated and forfeit.

Things are getting really bad when someone bet against his own team AND earned a profit doing it.

With the Red Sox possibly having Liverpool as their bosom buddies, time for people to learn a little soccer lingo.

A sample equation of the Goodell formula.

So, why do people cheat in running events. On a Motherland note, there was a huge run yesterday.

Have you been here?

So, why did you really retire?

The NFL's alter ego as the No-Fun-League strikes again.

Charlie Davies was in a car that ran 125. He was fresh from that accident that cost him a World Cup spot. Good thing he was not driving.

We now know who is Cigar Man. Now we can finally move on.

The end is near for Tiger Woods. Lee Westwood is about to be The Man (at least for a week).

Excuses. Excuses. Urban just got outfoxed by the Mad Hatter. So be it.

Tobacco is bad for your health, I tell ya.

Here is a song from Ten to end the day.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Blog Outsourcing - 10/4

Welcome to today's edition of Sparty and Friends.

It feels good to be a champion. The satisfaction of winning is awesome. And that is a beautiful thing. The past week was great. My alma mater sealed their third straight Senior men's collegiate basketball title. Its high school sealed its third straight title as well. I was there for both games in the finals (you can find pictures on the photo section of my Facebook) and it was very gratifying to root for them as they sealed the deal in clutch style.

The bonfire to celebrate the championship was held last night in the campus grounds. I arrived late to the venue (coming from a special family dinner). Booze was flowing, commemorative championship gear was for sale, food was plentiful and the music was awesome. The school had earlier declared today as a special holiday to ensure the students have nothing to worry about if they get too drunk, in a way. Of course, those who have work elsewhere took the risk and enjoyed the evening nevertheless.

Happy days are here again. Now the long wait begins until the next season come July. We will be the hosts for that season, and we hope we get the fourth straight and let the good times roll.

Here are the links for your reference:

Before they sort of dispatched the Zookers, this is what the Sweatervest was doing.

Feel free to debunk the notion of whose team has the loudest stadium.

It has returned to wreak havoc again on humanity's ears.

Yup, it's hockey preseason. Hit the pucks time.

Are you ready for their football?

Bitterness because it was the Reds who sealed the NL Central Division?

Sometimes, people really should know what they are getting into, instead of using the legal system.

It is so hard to believe that with all the attention it has generated for tennis, Anna Kournikova never won an event.

Monster Mash is the anti-Antoine Walker.

Some people cannot accept the fact the Michael Vick deserves a second chance. I presume they were pleased that he got hurt, and that Donovan McNabb got the win he desperately wanted.

The Mets need to level the entire franchise and start from the ground up. This may be the first step.

Just shut up, get a deal done and avert a lockout. That's so simple, NFL and NFLPA.

LSU AD says that LSeaUx fans need to support the team. After seeing the end of their game against the Volunteers, he might need to take that back. The Mad Hatter thinks they'll do better.

He really did not see this coming. Literally.

Woj making sense on Lebron.

Some people have nothing else to do but find clever Gameday signs.

Congrats Sparty on knocking off the Badgers. Now can they can Shoelace tied up?

Have people outgrown Hockey Night in Canada?

I am sure Plax was pleased with how the Giants D disassembled the Bears. Nice touch on the Ring of Honor.

The Gatortreo and the iTrey still manifest in other means.

It took them a little extra to seal the AL East title, but the Red Sox made it easier for them. Good, because grim news lie in the horizon.

Speaking of Yankees-Red Sox, people really take this too seriously.

I am proud to be a left-hander.

Things are getting ug(a)ly in Athens. (I remember typing this exact line a week ago)

Congrats to Mr. Ashley Judd on his achievement, meanwhile, Jimmie Johnson is back in the habit again.

Kickers had a much much better day today than last week. Josh Scobee, Matt Bryant and a freshly defrosted John Carney did it.

Mike Singletary looks so defeated.

Titans love flipping the bird.

All the tiebreaker scenarios have been averted. Giants and Braves seal the deal. Now they face off in a duel.

Joe Torre gets a decent send-off in Los Angeles, ditto for Cito Gaston.

Good news: you keep Joakim Noah. Bad news: you don't have Carlos Boozer until probably Christmas time.

To part: here's a story of how we rolled this year. Thanks to a friend of mine.

And this one is for the three years: