Monday, October 25, 2010

Blog Outsourcing 10/25

Welcome to today's edition of Sparty and Friends.

I finally figured out the concept of the NFL Red Zone Channel. Nope, our cable provider does not have the service. Fortunately, as someone who has somewhat mastered finding the craft online, I managed to get access to one for free and as such, managed to watch it early this morning. No wonder people have been bedazzled by it. You get to watch snippets of every game and its highlights all around. Really neat, especially for fantasy owners. Also for the fastfood generation, who always wanted things in a snap like that *snaps fingers*.

That's the best way of keeping in step with everything, how you go about securing information and knowledge. It's such a godsend. I hope that my bandwidth will continue to allow me such liberties.

Anyway, the NBA is opening this week. With talks of the upcoming lockout looming, the House of Stern stated the possibility of contraction as an option if not payroll reduction. But be'fore they think of that, they should think of get the owners to get a hold of themselves when they just hand out contracts like that of Darko's and Joe Johnson's and David Lee's.

Hereforth are the links:

Typical Favre game in the Favre Bowl. Then Brad threw him under the bus. No end to the drama anytime soon.

The Champs got schooled by the black punter for 68 yards. Madden Curse?

Steelers get another lucky officiating break. It does not matter that the ref was a Pittsburgh native.

Who knew the Bills could score 34 and STILL lose? On the other hand, the Ravens ALLOWED 34 points. What gives, Ray Lewis?

The Raiders placed the Broncos out to pasture, even Mr. Prejean got to play.

We have seen this before in San Diego, but if Norv pulls off another great end to the season.... He seems to push his good luck altogether.

Da Bears need line help, stat.

Oh, John Fox has never had a 10-loss season ever. This win might be a good start.

You have two weeks, Michael Vick, because Titans took care of Kevin Kolb. It has now turned in the modern equivalent of Van Brocklin and Waterfield.

We all know Craig James is a douche.

Need 14 pts from Ahmad Bradshaw.

Is this a Heisman moment? Still have the Iron Bowl...

Giants now back home, where they may see Vlad the Impaler on the field.

John Farrell in T.Dot.

Where should Cliff Lee go?

Jamie Dixon, all-around good guy.

Party pooper, I tell you. Karma bites back.

Be prepared to shell out huge ka-chings...

You know, Hines is correct with this one.

Heat fix hole with Jerry Stackhouse.

Will Jerryd Bayless be the Collison fix?

Here's the new Linkin Park song to close it out.

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