Thursday, October 28, 2010

5 Things I Learned about Miami and Boston

Yes, I know it is one game, but it's nice noting observations about it, given the buzz it generated. Normally, it takes 20-30 games for teams to figure things out, so people can take me with a grain of salt.

1. Boston definitely has a bench. No Delonte? Marquis Daniels was adequate. So was Nate Robinson. Jermaine O'Neal was just fine. The Drunken Seal that is Big Baby was just awesome.

2. Motivated Shaq. Just 18 minutes, but the way he played at the start of the game set the tone for the C's. 9-7-1 = Perk numbers. The O'Neal's have a pretty defined role, that is to hold the fort until Kendrick returns.

3. The absence of Mike Miller hurts. James Jones and Eddie House played 26 minutes each. Mike Miller would have been better out there. I would think he would be getting 30 minutes at the most, like Udonis Haslem.

4. Dwayne Wade is cold. I believe this is the first game the player formerly known as Flash played after his hamstring injury. And it showed. 4/16 shooting. 6 turnovers. Speaking of cold, Chris Bosh was abysmal.

5. Lebron looked like Lebron we knew in Cleveland. 42 minutes. 31 points (10/21 shooting). 4 rebounds. 3 assts. Had to deal with Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and even Marquis Daniels all night long. The 3rd quarter was the Lebron we expected. He had a hand on the last 14pts the Heat scored in the 3rd canto.

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