Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thinking Aloud about the "Jacked Up" Sunday

Just saw the clip now and I thought about everything that happened last weekend, including the hit on Eric Legrand (here is the latest on him).

I, as a fan, truly enjoy the experience of watching football. It has been said to be gladitorial (Spartan, one might say) combat on cleats. Injuries come with the game and people have (in general) accepted it. Some may be too much, but if that is how you can ensure stoppage of play, you have to do it. (admittedly, the Meriweather hit was a bit too much and the Hoodie understood that very very well by benching the guy)

I understand the concern about head injuries and thus the reason why there was such a reaction from the House of Goodell, but how this has gotten out of hand is a little disconcerting. However, the discussions have piqued my interest on what really is the solution to the problem.

The NFL has reached a dilemma. Faced with its ethos, tradition and essence, against science and safety, and against the almighty ka-ching. It is up to them to do the next step.

And finally, just checked it now, the DVD is still available on NFL store.

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