Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Blog Outsourcing - 10/18

Welcome to today's edition of Sparty and Friends.

Whilst most of the S&F community met up down south (those who were not there expect pictures from those who attended), I was also in a family reunion as well.

A year ago today, my father moved on. I wrote about it two days after he passed. As custom, we commemorate it with prayers and food. It has been a year and we managed to cope and survive his absence. I miss him truly and I hope he still watches over us wholeheartedly.

What I always remember about my dad's final day was that CC Sabathia won. I watched it with him that morning. He loved the sport. Did not find it boring. He liked the aspect of pitching because he used to pitch. Monday mornings were great for him thanks to Sunday Night Baseball. The adage is definitely true: Sports is truly a father-son bonding experience.

And for those who need to know, I am perfectly fine (so far). Yes, there is a supertyphoon that (as of this writing) just made landfall in the Motherland, battering anything in sight in the Northern portion of the island. Here is an illustration of Megi.
Hereforth are the linkage madness taken over the past few days (to cover for the missing links):

The ALCS has had one script so far. The only difference is the 8th inning. Who knew, Colby Lewis? And now, Cliff Lee looms.

Great pitching duel got spoiled by a Cody Ross in the NLCS. Good thing Roy Oswalt was stellar in pitching AND hitting in Game 2, with a little J-Ro insurance. Unfortunately, if you were in a certain area, you might have missed it. The masses always lose out on business vs business scuffles.

From the not-that-Hot Stove: Lilly extends, Sandy Alderson (& Tony LaRussa?) primed to be a Met, Eric Wedge brushing up on his Wii skills.

How do Yankee fans remember Freddie Sez?

Brent Musberger trying to hip. Not quite, though.

Buckeyes fail the #1 test. Again. Now the pressure is either in Norman or in Eugene (take your pick). Looks like Corso's gonna be at a unbeaten clash.

Texas sends Nebraska a parting gift.

Meanwhile, Vanderbilt has a shot of leading the SEC East if they beat South Carolina. This is the same Vanderbilt that got shellacked between the hedges 43-0. That's because Kentucky football avenged the basketball team's loss against the Gamecocks. Btw, Randall Cobb, Kentucky will always be a basketball school first. Spurrier's crew still have the lead because Gators did what they never did under the Zooker, lose three straight.

If you were a Golden Gopher, is it basketball season already? Football season is already over for someone. And no, Tony Dungy is not coming through that door. He's enjoying the coach's clicker too much.

When you think 65-43 in the SEC, it would be college basketball. Thanks to Cameron Newton and the atrocious Auburn defense, it is now possible on the gridiron. Meanwhile, the previous trendy pick to the Heisman got jacked up by the Fighting Stanzis.

Meanwhile, the little-engines-that-could juggernauts in Boise, Fort Worth and Salt Lake City just keep chugging along.

The latest on Eric Legrand. I am sure you all remember Adam Taliaferro very very well. To Schiano's credit, he did seek input for JoePa on handling this situation.

Bad news for the preseason Big Televen favorite. Hope he can come back next season.

The NFC West being the worst division in football? Nope. Seattle, San Francisco and St. Louis won today (Arizona is on a bye). Compare that to the AFC West, which had Kansas City, Oakland, Denver and San Diego all losing. (San Fran faced Oakland and St. Louis faced San Diego)

Panic averted in Minnesota. Jerry Jones may be calm right now, but he's definitely stewing inside Jerryworld.

So far so good for Deion Branch.

Why the NFL blackout rule is nonsense.

Here's a Diddy story. It is said that one reason why Jamie Foxx was selected for Any Given Sunday is that P.Diddy threw like a girl.

All this needs is Brent Musberger and Beano Cook or Keith Jackson and Pat Summerall doing studio booth action.

How people take football really seriously.

Because we need more hockey.

This must be a continuation from his HOFer speech.

One solution for this: better scheduling.

To end, here is the something from The Killers.

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