Thursday, January 28, 2010

Who are my All-Star Reseves

Well, like I promised last time, here are my All-Star reserves...

Picking the reserves will be this simple: 7 players will be selected, with 5 position players (2 guards, 2 forwards and a center) and 2 wildcards. You can be creative with the position designates (but it has to be feasible).

So who are they:

East: Starters (Iverson, Wade, James, Garnett, Howard)

Guards: Rajon Rondo and Joe Johnson. I really believe Rajon will be one who could pull off a quad-double. Joe Johnson has been Mr. Consistent for the Hawks.

Forwards: Gerald Wallace and Paul Pierce. Crash has earned his spot, with Charlotte in the inside track of the playoff chase. John approves of Paul Pierce getting in.

Center: Chris Bosh. If KG decides to rest instead of playing in Dallas, the Texan native is the odds-on favorite to replace him in the starting 5.

Wildcards: Josh Smith and Mo Williams. J-Smooth really improved and deserves a selection. Yes, Mo Will is going to be out, but he deserves selection as Lebron's #2. Then you can replace him with a big man (considering the team only has 2 center-eligibles).

Missin' the cut: Derrick Rose, Antawn Jamison, David Lee, Andrew Bogut, Ray Allen, Joakim Noah, Al Horford, Jamal Crawford, Stephen Jackson, Danny Granger

West: Starters (Nash, Bryant, Anthony, Duncan, Stoudemire)

Guards: Chris Paul and Deron Williams. Finally, both guards Atlanta eschewed to get Marvin Williams are in the weekend spectacle simultaneously.

Forwards: Kevin Durant and Dirk Nowitzki. Easiest position to select, because these two are slam dunk selections. Dirk as a hometown choice, and because we cannot ignore the Durantula anymore.

Center: Zach Randolph. Who knew? A trade afterthought actually panning out for the Grizzlies. One game out of 4th place in the West. Yes, Memphis.

Wildcards: Brandon Roy and Pau Gasol. Two really great players with injury issues. Their team's record speaks for themselves (especially Portland, whose MVP is their training and medical staff)

Missin' the Cut: Chris Kaman, Chauncey Billups, Jason Kidd, Carlos Boozer, Monta Ellis, Tyreke Evans, LaMarcus Aldridge, Aaron Brooks, Carl Landry

Interesting to note that 15 of 16 playoff teams (if it started today, have at least one representative) Bulls have no representative in the ASG, based on my choices.

Now what are your choices, then? Have a hack at it.


Meanwhile, the league has given the length of the suspension to both Javaris and Gilbert. What's the next move? Thinking about the scenario now, Will the new ownership eat the worst contract in the NBA? Because who in their right mind will trade for Gilbert? If the buyout happens, this would be another piece of an interesting offseason to come. Your move, Ernie. For Javaris, he really needs a change of scenery.  Would have liked his hometown team (Atlanta) to take a chance, but they are loaded in the backcourt (unless Joe Johnson leaves).

The Hopes of Britannia lies with him

He aims to be the first British winner of the Aussie Open since 1934. Congratulations, Andy.

(h/t David Gray of Reuters via The Guardian)

Kudos, though to Marin Cilic. He almost became the second man to make it to the Aussie Open final while surviving 3 matches that went the whole way. He played 21 hours of tennis time. Incredible.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Blog Outsourcing - 1/25/10

Welcome to the last Monday of January. Has it been that fast already that it is almost February? Yes, time flies fast when you want it to be.

I am happy with how things are going with regards to Haiti relief. Apparently, people have learned from the Katrina experience and decided to ensure help is on the way. I presume you all watched the telethon a few days ago. Efforts are still ongoing. The islands lost a few lives there, but help is on the way. It's not much, but we know the feeling, so we know what is needed.

Hope you enjoy the tunes in this playlist.

As such, here are the links:

And the Saints go marching in.

Redemption for a kicker. In a year where kicker's gaffes are the norm.

Drew Brees is awesome.

Hoping we do NOT have another Rachel Nichols stalking moment with Favre.

Another new chapter to the Purple Fail. And that does not include the Prince ode to the Purple and Gold.

Meanwhile, Kwsn prevails over Patphish. Come to think of it, Kwsn will win in the Super Bowl whether Colts or Saints win. Will probably relish a Brees vs Painter match-up, no matter how unlikely that happens.

And so, we will miss his loquaciousness.

Ok, better honorary captain: Edge or Deuce?

Here is a way-too-early preview of the Super Bowl.

This is for Jen and all feminists everywhere.

There was an obliteration in MSG and revenge 4 years too late?

Not much news, but all eyes after all were in Indy and Nawlins.

Before I go, get well soon to the Hawaiian Punch.

Video fest: The Saints are coming!

Time to stand up and get crunk!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Blog Outsourcing 1/18

Happy Martin Luther King Day to you! Today is an important day on American soil. I am sure you have you moments, to which you can freely share here. Maybe Cycledan or Cabbage or Patphish can share first-person anecdotes, eh?

But seriously, I am sure the best way to honor him is to serve the human person. Serve those who need it more than you. I appreciate all the help you guys pitched in when my fellow countrymen were in need late last year. I am sure those affected value your assistance in any way possible.

Now, a country needs your help. Go out and make a difference. It will be hard to expect you going to Port-au-Prince, but there are other ways.

Network for Good. Google. You know what to do.

Now link-love time...

Favre Favre Favre Favre. Favre Favre Favre.....

Whining about running up the score was a college thing? Keith Brooking can't handle the truth.

Good news for Wade Phillips fans. I wonder how many are there...

Obligatory J-E-T-S! JETS! JETS! JETS! link coming up. Patphish entering comments in 3... 2.... 1...

Mark Sanchez's dad does make a difference.

Quo Vadis, LT?

Take your time, Kurt.

It has been an ugly year for kickers. At least good news for someone Sparty likes.

Early NFC Super Bowl play-in preview. Here is the AFC Super Bowl play-in.

RIP Gaines Adams. Unfortunately, you cannot escape the bust clause. Bears can't get a break as well.

Status quo with ChiSox? Dodgers, too.

Could it be Roid Rage for Jose Offerman? Umpires scared off....

Jerry Stackhouse is back. However, John might want to give up his knee for Paul Pierce to use.

Futbol update: Bad news for Sam's Army.


Just fit for today.

Pardon because it is done in the native tongue of my motherland, but it is a message that we, as a nation want to express and send to the Haitian nation.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Blog Outsourcing 1/11

Hello to TMA Nation!

I am pissed with Floyd Mayweather. I am really pissed that the fight will not go on. I am definitely not pleased with his antics (who has not?), but sometimes, you need common sense. Simmons has always been a proponent of the VP of Common Sense. Apparently, Floyd needs one. He needs Manny more than Manny needs him. Yes, the greatest Asian fighter in history would be better against him, but he has alternative options.

Oh, and here are some ways of improving the Clippers via the Fabled Trade Machine. I also know the chances a trade like this would happen is slim to none.

1. Getting Jared Jeffries for Al Thornton, Ricky Davis and Kareem Rush
2. Getting a healthy Francisco Garcia and the carcass of Sean May for the same three players.
3. Getting DeShawn Stevenson and Nick Young or Javaris Crittenton for the same 3 players.
4. Getting Luol Deng for Ricky Davis, Al Thornton, Mardy Collins, Sebastian Telfair, Steve Novak, Brian Skinner, Kareem Rush
5. Getting Kevin Martin for Mardy Collins, Ricky Davis, Al Thornton, Kareem Rush, Steve Novak
6. Getting Terence Williams and CD-R or Courtney Lee for Al Thornton and Kareem Rush
7. Getting Thaddeus Young and Lou Williams for Thornton, Steve Novak, Sebastian Telfair and Kareem Rush
8. Getting Marc Gasol, Rudy Gay, Lester Hudson and Sam Young for Marcus Camby and Al Thornton
9. Getting Raja Bell for Ricky Davis and Mardy Collins
10. Getting Charlie Bell and Luc Richard Mbah a Moute for Mardy Collins and Al Thornton.

And so, we commence the links,  which you like more than what I write about.

There will be a PacMan vs Mayweather match on March 13. Just not what you had initially thought.

And so the LA demigod has decided to leave the comfy heavens of the Coliseum for the dreary Qwest. And sorry USC, Mike Riley is pretty happy in Corvallis.

Is Miz ok? we haven't heard from him. After all, the Vols did shock the world with the classic "chemistry" cliche. Maybe the Jayhawks should be shooting more instead.

I hope you were able to watch SNL. I wonder when will that reach the shores of the islands.

Really, the Cincinnati Reds get this guy? There may be hope at the Great American Launching Pad. On the other hand, things are not well in Red Sox Nation.

Is it really that important for you to have your team's cap on a bust?

Career numbers for Vlad at the Ballpark in Arlington: .394, 14 HR, 33 RBIs, 24 walks, 193 at-bats. Looks like a Bobby Abreu-like deal.

Wizards erase all traces of the Agent Zero era. Well, not all of it, though.

Good news, Sparty. One of your peeps scored the 10-M point of the NBA.

The delay with his return is probably because he wants to ensure he can handle the punch to the throat.

There were brawls, and then there was this Youtube of course, has it covered. Pardon the language barrier.

UGA is trying to pirate back one of their own at Saban's expense? Your thoughts, HuskerDawg and Cabbage?

I'll believe it when I'll see it, Mr. Tuberville. The Air Raid is a fascinating thing. Still think Ruffin McNeill is the best fit for the program.

Golf: Freddie Couples in the Champions Tour? Repeat winner in Kapalua. But since Tiger's not around, we will not really care.

Futbol alert: If you think violence in your side of the woods is serious. It's nothing compared to what went on in the African Cup of Nations.

Welcome to the shootout at Glendale. Their prize: another shootout, this time in the Bayou. Care to set an over/under for this game?

Kurt Warner, take your time. But if it is the end, nice parting gift. 5 TDs > 4 incompletions. Makes you wonder what happened in New York back then.

On the other hand, The Ravens-Patriots game can be compared to what Ricky Hatton felt when he faced the PacMan. Now they get another shot at Indy.

Here is a quickie preview for next week.

Videos: This week is a tribute to Lebron James.

Allow me one final poke at Floyd (pick one from here):

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Creating an All-2000s NBA roster (West)

One of the reasons it took me a while before the TWTWTNBA got posted was trying to figure out what to post. As such, since it was the end of a decade, I decided to construct a team from this past decade (00-09).

Here are the rules.

Encompasses all players who started their rookie year in the 2000-01 season onwards. This means, as much as John wants to put Paul Pierce in all 15 slots (yes, I included the inactives), I cannot do that (FYI, The Truth was Batch 98.).

I also selected a particular season for each player.

Coaches were qualified based on their first gig being from 2000 onwards (No Phil Jackson or Pop. D'Antoni was almost there, but he started in 1999)

1st Team West:
G - Chris Paul (07-08), Deron Williams (07-08),
F - Kevin Durant (09-10), Carmelo Anthony (09-10)
C - Pau Gasol (08-09)

G - Tony Parker (06-07), Brandon Roy (09-10), Manu Ginobili (07-08)
F - Andrei Kirilenko (03-04), Al Jefferson (08-09), Amare Stoudemire (07-08)
C - Yao Ming (07-08)

Chris Kaman (09-10), Carlos Boozer (07-08), Kevin Martin (08-09)

Coach: Nate McMillan

Looking at the Roster: Solid Team built on the halfcourt set. Whether it is Pick and Roll or DDR or normal halfcourt sets that you always see, they have the tools necessary. They also have a huge depth in big men. You can pound it in all the time and let the bigs eat the opposition alive.

2nd Team West:
G - Monta Ellis (07-08), Tyreke Evans (09-10)
F - Stephen Jackson (07-08), David West (08-09)
C - LaMarcus Aldridge (09-10)

G - Jason Richardson (05-06), Russell Westbrook (09-10), OJ Mayo (09-10)
F - Josh Howard (07-08), Rudy Gay (09-10)
C - Mehmet Okur (05-06), Marc Gasol (09-10)

Paul Millsap (08-09), Zach Randolph (08-09), Leandro Barbosa (06-07)

Coach: Scott Brooks

Looking at the Roster: I chose Scott Brooks because he is able to work with the Core in Oklahoma City, given the relative youth of the lineup. Lionel Hollins would be an alternative, considering the some of the core Grizzlies are present. This team is geared towards a high-octane fastbreaking offense ala SSOL.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Creating an All-2000s NBA roster (East)

One of the reasons it took me a while before the TWTWTNBA got posted was trying to figure out what to post. As such, since it was the end of a decade, I decided to construct a team from this past decade (00-09).

Here are the rules.

Player pool encompasses all players who started their rookie year in the 2000-01 season onwards. This means, as much as John wants to put Paul Pierce in all 15 slots (yes, I included the inactive roster), I cannot do that as, The Truth was from Batch 98.

I also selected a particular season for each player.

Coaches were qualified based on their first gig being from 2000 onwards (No Phil Jackson or Pop. D'Antoni almost made it, but he started in 1999)

1st Team East:
G - Dwayne Wade (08-09), Derrick Rose (08-09)
F - Lebron James (08-09), Danny Granger (08-09)
C - Dwight Howard (08-09)

G - Joe Johnson (07-08), Michael Redd (05-06), Gilbert Arenas (05-06)
F - Caron Butler (07-08), Gerald Wallace (09-10), Josh Smith (09-10)
C - Chris Bosh (09-10)

Mo Williams (08-09), Andre Iguodala (08-09), Emeka Okafor (06-07)

Coach: Doc Rivers

Looking at the roster: This team is built for the freewheeling transition game. Easy buckets. They don't have size, but they have athleticism. Their bigs probably have one objective: to get the boards and solidify the low post. They also have licensed shooters (pun intended in Gilbert's case) off the bench. Lebron and Rose will be the primary ball handlers.

2nd Team East:
G - Rajon Rondo (09-10), Devin Harris (08-09),
F - Hedo Turkoglu (08-09), Tayshaun Prince (08-09)
C - David Lee (09-10)

G - Ben Gordon (06-07), Brandon Jennings (09-10), Jameer Nelson (08-09)
F - Kenyon Martin (03-04), Richard Jefferson (05-06)
C - Joakim Noah (09-10), Brook Lopez (09-10),

Luol Deng (06-07), Anderson Varejao (09-10), Troy Murphy (08-09)

Coach: Lawrence Frank

Looking at the Roster: The DDR offense might be the best applicable offense, given the skill set. Considering the number of Nets in the lineup, must be a good fit to have the former Nets coach handle the reins.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Blog Outsourcing 1/4

I hope you had a blessed New Year weekend. It's back to normalcy. It's back to work. It's back to the dullness. Back to the lemming syndrome most of the world has to deal with. I myself will be at the office tonight (today for you guys)

So how can you cure that? Here are some good ideas.

1. Volunteer.  There are good organizations out there that would benefit well from what you do best. You can even donate. The world would be a better place. Whether donating cash or spending time or even donating blood.
2. Exercise. Do I have to explain after eating a roasted pig, pizza, pasta and ham during the past two weeks?
3. Partake of Local Culture.  Of course, there's more to learn about your own.

As such, since Fantasy Football season is now officially over for the regular season, are we going to have a Playoff pick 'em or challenge? I wish I could be competitive there.

Btw, NFL Films says these games were the best of the 2009 regular season: Pittsburgh - Minnesota (Favre's first loss this season), Indianapolis - New England (4th and 2), Detroit - Cleveland (Stafford game winner), New Orleans - Washington (Suisham miss), Green Bay - Pittsburgh (Mike Wallace and 60 minutes)

Fantasy Update:

S&F League: Sparty wins over JDS, 165-140. Favre and Long finishes 3rd, 175-145. I win my matchup, 165-133.
M&F League: Patphish wins a close one over Sae, 185-181. Mikey whooped GITC, 157-97. I merely tied TONS at 161.
Pick 'Em: Tila Tequila Ate My Balls wins by 2 over Futbol Pick.... Just happy to finish 8th, because someone forgot to put his picks in *ahem*Big D*ahem*
Eliminator: I ended like the Indianapolis Colts, missing on my last two picks (Thanks, Tampa Bay and Cleveland). However, Rek was able to fish a tie with 15. He actually had the chance to end up with a higher score, but he would blame Brandon Marshall and Josh McDaniels.
Bowl Mania: Let's put it this way: the highest Max score belongs to C. Hirsch with 381. Patphish is close with 377. Johnny has 375. Kwsn and Jen also have a higher Max Score than the current leader.
Time to do the link love:

Just like last week the Manning Family lost. Archie's Saints, Peyton's Colts, and Eli's Giants.

Goodell thinks tanking is not good, so he is looking for a solution.

Giants Stadium gets a proper farewell.

At least, the Boy named Suh won't have to move far from the fields of Lincoln. The St. Louis Rams are now on the clock.

Perfect symmetry: Broncos start 6-0, finish 8-8. Titans start 0-6, finish 8-8. And they both have 2k rushers in their franchise history.

He might be the next victim of the Madden Curse.

By the way, today is Black Monday. We already know a dead man walking. But one is safe (Houston), another looks safe (Carolina) and another might have an argument (Cleveland).  And of course, there is that chin being sneaky.

This Bill Polian's argument for what they did. Julian Edelman better get ready to catch a lot of balls.

You would think he would be signed by the Hoodie for next year.

We here gets lots of cases regarding firecrackers. Never knew it could happen on your side of coast.

A scathing criticism of the handling by the WWWL on the Texas Tech crisis. By the way, they should be rehiring McNeill ala the Bill Stewart route and consider what the Texas Tech administration are doing as window dressing.

GatorTrey must be loving this. Oh, and Pat White's ok. You can breathe now. I just want to commend the sportsmanship of the Steelers during that whole process. But you're losing an awesome corner.

Unfortunately, it was not because of a punch to the throat.

Why so serious, Gilbert? Oh, and his Twitter is a must-read the way the Starbury videostream was a must-see.

Are you ready for the Monday Night Wars (Redux)?

A crushed throat will not deter him. Kudos to the Senior Bowl peeps.

The punishment may be just, but the postseason ban might be too much and it is unfair to the student-athlete.

He brings in the money when he boxes, but he does not when he acts. You get the idea? (UPDATE: this contains updated numbers) Just for your reference: PhP 46.03 = $1.

The idea is nice, kudos to Wake and Xavier.

And I still believe they will get it on. Too much riding on it.

Futbol update: Man U gets ejected from the FA Cup.

Video time:

Dedicated to WildCard Weekend (Because all games will be rematches, 3 of them from yesterday)