Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Blog Outsourcing - 1/25/10

Welcome to the last Monday of January. Has it been that fast already that it is almost February? Yes, time flies fast when you want it to be.

I am happy with how things are going with regards to Haiti relief. Apparently, people have learned from the Katrina experience and decided to ensure help is on the way. I presume you all watched the telethon a few days ago. Efforts are still ongoing. The islands lost a few lives there, but help is on the way. It's not much, but we know the feeling, so we know what is needed.

Hope you enjoy the tunes in this playlist.

As such, here are the links:

And the Saints go marching in.

Redemption for a kicker. In a year where kicker's gaffes are the norm.

Drew Brees is awesome.

Hoping we do NOT have another Rachel Nichols stalking moment with Favre.

Another new chapter to the Purple Fail. And that does not include the Prince ode to the Purple and Gold.

Meanwhile, Kwsn prevails over Patphish. Come to think of it, Kwsn will win in the Super Bowl whether Colts or Saints win. Will probably relish a Brees vs Painter match-up, no matter how unlikely that happens.

And so, we will miss his loquaciousness.

Ok, better honorary captain: Edge or Deuce?

Here is a way-too-early preview of the Super Bowl.

This is for Jen and all feminists everywhere.

There was an obliteration in MSG and revenge 4 years too late?

Not much news, but all eyes after all were in Indy and Nawlins.

Before I go, get well soon to the Hawaiian Punch.

Video fest: The Saints are coming!

Time to stand up and get crunk!

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