Monday, January 4, 2010

Blog Outsourcing 1/4

I hope you had a blessed New Year weekend. It's back to normalcy. It's back to work. It's back to the dullness. Back to the lemming syndrome most of the world has to deal with. I myself will be at the office tonight (today for you guys)

So how can you cure that? Here are some good ideas.

1. Volunteer.  There are good organizations out there that would benefit well from what you do best. You can even donate. The world would be a better place. Whether donating cash or spending time or even donating blood.
2. Exercise. Do I have to explain after eating a roasted pig, pizza, pasta and ham during the past two weeks?
3. Partake of Local Culture.  Of course, there's more to learn about your own.

As such, since Fantasy Football season is now officially over for the regular season, are we going to have a Playoff pick 'em or challenge? I wish I could be competitive there.

Btw, NFL Films says these games were the best of the 2009 regular season: Pittsburgh - Minnesota (Favre's first loss this season), Indianapolis - New England (4th and 2), Detroit - Cleveland (Stafford game winner), New Orleans - Washington (Suisham miss), Green Bay - Pittsburgh (Mike Wallace and 60 minutes)

Fantasy Update:

S&F League: Sparty wins over JDS, 165-140. Favre and Long finishes 3rd, 175-145. I win my matchup, 165-133.
M&F League: Patphish wins a close one over Sae, 185-181. Mikey whooped GITC, 157-97. I merely tied TONS at 161.
Pick 'Em: Tila Tequila Ate My Balls wins by 2 over Futbol Pick.... Just happy to finish 8th, because someone forgot to put his picks in *ahem*Big D*ahem*
Eliminator: I ended like the Indianapolis Colts, missing on my last two picks (Thanks, Tampa Bay and Cleveland). However, Rek was able to fish a tie with 15. He actually had the chance to end up with a higher score, but he would blame Brandon Marshall and Josh McDaniels.
Bowl Mania: Let's put it this way: the highest Max score belongs to C. Hirsch with 381. Patphish is close with 377. Johnny has 375. Kwsn and Jen also have a higher Max Score than the current leader.
Time to do the link love:

Just like last week the Manning Family lost. Archie's Saints, Peyton's Colts, and Eli's Giants.

Goodell thinks tanking is not good, so he is looking for a solution.

Giants Stadium gets a proper farewell.

At least, the Boy named Suh won't have to move far from the fields of Lincoln. The St. Louis Rams are now on the clock.

Perfect symmetry: Broncos start 6-0, finish 8-8. Titans start 0-6, finish 8-8. And they both have 2k rushers in their franchise history.

He might be the next victim of the Madden Curse.

By the way, today is Black Monday. We already know a dead man walking. But one is safe (Houston), another looks safe (Carolina) and another might have an argument (Cleveland).  And of course, there is that chin being sneaky.

This Bill Polian's argument for what they did. Julian Edelman better get ready to catch a lot of balls.

You would think he would be signed by the Hoodie for next year.

We here gets lots of cases regarding firecrackers. Never knew it could happen on your side of coast.

A scathing criticism of the handling by the WWWL on the Texas Tech crisis. By the way, they should be rehiring McNeill ala the Bill Stewart route and consider what the Texas Tech administration are doing as window dressing.

GatorTrey must be loving this. Oh, and Pat White's ok. You can breathe now. I just want to commend the sportsmanship of the Steelers during that whole process. But you're losing an awesome corner.

Unfortunately, it was not because of a punch to the throat.

Why so serious, Gilbert? Oh, and his Twitter is a must-read the way the Starbury videostream was a must-see.

Are you ready for the Monday Night Wars (Redux)?

A crushed throat will not deter him. Kudos to the Senior Bowl peeps.

The punishment may be just, but the postseason ban might be too much and it is unfair to the student-athlete.

He brings in the money when he boxes, but he does not when he acts. You get the idea? (UPDATE: this contains updated numbers) Just for your reference: PhP 46.03 = $1.

The idea is nice, kudos to Wake and Xavier.

And I still believe they will get it on. Too much riding on it.

Futbol update: Man U gets ejected from the FA Cup.

Video time:

Dedicated to WildCard Weekend (Because all games will be rematches, 3 of them from yesterday)