Monday, January 11, 2010

Blog Outsourcing 1/11

Hello to TMA Nation!

I am pissed with Floyd Mayweather. I am really pissed that the fight will not go on. I am definitely not pleased with his antics (who has not?), but sometimes, you need common sense. Simmons has always been a proponent of the VP of Common Sense. Apparently, Floyd needs one. He needs Manny more than Manny needs him. Yes, the greatest Asian fighter in history would be better against him, but he has alternative options.

Oh, and here are some ways of improving the Clippers via the Fabled Trade Machine. I also know the chances a trade like this would happen is slim to none.

1. Getting Jared Jeffries for Al Thornton, Ricky Davis and Kareem Rush
2. Getting a healthy Francisco Garcia and the carcass of Sean May for the same three players.
3. Getting DeShawn Stevenson and Nick Young or Javaris Crittenton for the same 3 players.
4. Getting Luol Deng for Ricky Davis, Al Thornton, Mardy Collins, Sebastian Telfair, Steve Novak, Brian Skinner, Kareem Rush
5. Getting Kevin Martin for Mardy Collins, Ricky Davis, Al Thornton, Kareem Rush, Steve Novak
6. Getting Terence Williams and CD-R or Courtney Lee for Al Thornton and Kareem Rush
7. Getting Thaddeus Young and Lou Williams for Thornton, Steve Novak, Sebastian Telfair and Kareem Rush
8. Getting Marc Gasol, Rudy Gay, Lester Hudson and Sam Young for Marcus Camby and Al Thornton
9. Getting Raja Bell for Ricky Davis and Mardy Collins
10. Getting Charlie Bell and Luc Richard Mbah a Moute for Mardy Collins and Al Thornton.

And so, we commence the links,  which you like more than what I write about.

There will be a PacMan vs Mayweather match on March 13. Just not what you had initially thought.

And so the LA demigod has decided to leave the comfy heavens of the Coliseum for the dreary Qwest. And sorry USC, Mike Riley is pretty happy in Corvallis.

Is Miz ok? we haven't heard from him. After all, the Vols did shock the world with the classic "chemistry" cliche. Maybe the Jayhawks should be shooting more instead.

I hope you were able to watch SNL. I wonder when will that reach the shores of the islands.

Really, the Cincinnati Reds get this guy? There may be hope at the Great American Launching Pad. On the other hand, things are not well in Red Sox Nation.

Is it really that important for you to have your team's cap on a bust?

Career numbers for Vlad at the Ballpark in Arlington: .394, 14 HR, 33 RBIs, 24 walks, 193 at-bats. Looks like a Bobby Abreu-like deal.

Wizards erase all traces of the Agent Zero era. Well, not all of it, though.

Good news, Sparty. One of your peeps scored the 10-M point of the NBA.

The delay with his return is probably because he wants to ensure he can handle the punch to the throat.

There were brawls, and then there was this Youtube of course, has it covered. Pardon the language barrier.

UGA is trying to pirate back one of their own at Saban's expense? Your thoughts, HuskerDawg and Cabbage?

I'll believe it when I'll see it, Mr. Tuberville. The Air Raid is a fascinating thing. Still think Ruffin McNeill is the best fit for the program.

Golf: Freddie Couples in the Champions Tour? Repeat winner in Kapalua. But since Tiger's not around, we will not really care.

Futbol alert: If you think violence in your side of the woods is serious. It's nothing compared to what went on in the African Cup of Nations.

Welcome to the shootout at Glendale. Their prize: another shootout, this time in the Bayou. Care to set an over/under for this game?

Kurt Warner, take your time. But if it is the end, nice parting gift. 5 TDs > 4 incompletions. Makes you wonder what happened in New York back then.

On the other hand, The Ravens-Patriots game can be compared to what Ricky Hatton felt when he faced the PacMan. Now they get another shot at Indy.

Here is a quickie preview for next week.

Videos: This week is a tribute to Lebron James.

Allow me one final poke at Floyd (pick one from here):

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