Friday, January 8, 2010

Creating an All-2000s NBA roster (East)

One of the reasons it took me a while before the TWTWTNBA got posted was trying to figure out what to post. As such, since it was the end of a decade, I decided to construct a team from this past decade (00-09).

Here are the rules.

Player pool encompasses all players who started their rookie year in the 2000-01 season onwards. This means, as much as John wants to put Paul Pierce in all 15 slots (yes, I included the inactive roster), I cannot do that as, The Truth was from Batch 98.

I also selected a particular season for each player.

Coaches were qualified based on their first gig being from 2000 onwards (No Phil Jackson or Pop. D'Antoni almost made it, but he started in 1999)

1st Team East:
G - Dwayne Wade (08-09), Derrick Rose (08-09)
F - Lebron James (08-09), Danny Granger (08-09)
C - Dwight Howard (08-09)

G - Joe Johnson (07-08), Michael Redd (05-06), Gilbert Arenas (05-06)
F - Caron Butler (07-08), Gerald Wallace (09-10), Josh Smith (09-10)
C - Chris Bosh (09-10)

Mo Williams (08-09), Andre Iguodala (08-09), Emeka Okafor (06-07)

Coach: Doc Rivers

Looking at the roster: This team is built for the freewheeling transition game. Easy buckets. They don't have size, but they have athleticism. Their bigs probably have one objective: to get the boards and solidify the low post. They also have licensed shooters (pun intended in Gilbert's case) off the bench. Lebron and Rose will be the primary ball handlers.

2nd Team East:
G - Rajon Rondo (09-10), Devin Harris (08-09),
F - Hedo Turkoglu (08-09), Tayshaun Prince (08-09)
C - David Lee (09-10)

G - Ben Gordon (06-07), Brandon Jennings (09-10), Jameer Nelson (08-09)
F - Kenyon Martin (03-04), Richard Jefferson (05-06)
C - Joakim Noah (09-10), Brook Lopez (09-10),

Luol Deng (06-07), Anderson Varejao (09-10), Troy Murphy (08-09)

Coach: Lawrence Frank

Looking at the Roster: The DDR offense might be the best applicable offense, given the skill set. Considering the number of Nets in the lineup, must be a good fit to have the former Nets coach handle the reins.

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