Monday, December 28, 2009

Blog Outsourcing 12/28

Hello all. I make my Monday return. Last week, I felt really lethargic and it showed until Sparty made the save. Thanks, Sparty. I needed a little pep talk, and I got it, and I thank Sparty for that.

I have had a long 2009, for me, where I live, and for the world in general. One simple thing I want to say, I just want to get 2009 out of my system. But one thing for sure, being officially part of the Sparty & Friends family is one of the highlights. Now onto to the meat.

Fantasy Update: Pending the MNF Game.

Sparty & Friends League: SMTT leading by 4 over JDS. On my end, ALAC leading Hawk 94-70.

Mikey & Friends League: Pat leading Sae 114-98. On my end, ALAC trailing TONS 89-76.

Pick 'Em: Tila Tequila Ate My Balls with a 2-pt lead over Futbol Pick, Where's ManU. On my end, I'm 9th, one pt behind Hawkeye.

Eliminator: I hate you, Tampa Bay. I hate you. Same hate applies to Garrett Hartley.

College Bowl Mania: Let's just say that Johnny, Sae and Rek have the most PPR and the highest Max available belong to Johnny and Rek.

Before I provide the links, here is your mandatory volcanic coverage. Again, I am safe and sound. The volcano is far far away from the place.

Link love:

So, Urban pulled a Donovan. Yes, I think he will be back for Year 1 of the A.T. (After Tebow) Era.

If you miss the no mercy nature of your opponent, go to global hockey.

Saints lost again. Must be bad juju from Tom Benson. Then again, bad juju for the Manning family today. Archie's Saints, Peyton's Colts and Eli's Giants all lost.

Will you vote for Andre Dawson?

Bengals finally win the North. Their reward is a simple flex. Maybe this would be a better farewell to Giants Stadium.

This looks dated, but these happened @ Giants Stadium, considering what happened yesterday will not be counted.

Futbol Update: I missed doing this on my posts. Meanwhile, the other team in Manchester gets a nice win.

While waiting for the Team of the Decade posts of Sparty, do you argue that they are absolute busts?

Case in point why the Bowl System is needed.

You would think they are succeeding, but they just got shut out by a team that is also struggling. Plus when your big buy this year mouths off, you know the end of the Zorn era is near.

I find this map very interesting in trying to track golf.

What if Hendrick Motorsports offered to work on Santa's sleigh?

Yes, I know Paul Pierce is out, but I need to express glee as the Clippers eke one out. Bingo!

Video Slots:
Loving dedicated to (traditionally) the Dallas Cowboys.

I am sure we can all relate to this question:

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