Monday, December 14, 2009

Blog Outsourcing 12/ 14

Welcome to the Monday edition of the TMA!

It is only 11 days to go before the day most people look forward to. As the days grow closer and closer, the anticipation goes higher and higher, gets even more chilly and the expectation of giving gets even more intense.

Meanwhile, I have been struggling with insomnia. Definitely the after-effects of my graveyard work, I need to gets this addressed when it comes to the weekends. I need to get things re-wired already. Oh well.

On the other hand, I enjoyed the weekend. My relatives who immigrated to Canada are home again, while another international artist comes to my shores.

And so, the let's begin the link love, shall we?

Don Cherry is to blame for the violence?

It must be those uniforms, they look eerily famillar, right?

One sign it is almost the end of the College Football season. We all wait with baited breath for TWTWCFB.

Lane Kiffin News: Compliments, really?

Hecklers, beware of this guy.

The first aftershock of the Tiger Zoo.

Quitters never win, but somehow his team did.

Two things are certain: when it is December, it is good to be a Bolt and bad to be a Cowboy.

21 teams got off less completions than this guy's feat.

Mark Cuban and Jerry Jones to team up again?

Nice way to close out the year for the

Futbol update: This football game settles who's the best on the field, not by arbitrarily. Also, more issues for these Reds.

Video time:
I like the beat.

More local stuff:

Happy Holidays from the islands!
Happy Holidays!

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