Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Week That Was The NBA a.k.a - TWTWTNBA - December 16

Because of what someone wrote, I decided to make an emergency post instead of what I had in mind for this week. Since I had time (when I would have wanted to be in a conference call that unfortunately I had to miss when I would have preferred not to), I ought to write my own views on this. So let's start.

1. I agree that it will take a miracle for the G-Men to advance. A lot of dominoes have to fall in place, but they need to start to win out first, starting with the Redskins. As for the Spartans, at least it is the college basketball season.

2. The NBA has the least parity. But as long as the bellwether teams are doing mostly alright, things will be fine.

3. As a Clipper fan, I am partially a bit pleased with the T'wolves state of mind. I just need them to keep that up until the time when we have a chance at snagging the top overall pick they might get.

4. This is the complete list of free agents this summer. They key is what will be the cap space for 2010. It is said to be projected at between $50-53 million.

5. Lebron: Let's see what the Nyets can do. And of course, the Knicks. All we know is that he pays homage to Akron, not Cleveland. I would think he would test the market before he responds. He has never been highly recruited, so this is like a first for him.

6. Wade: I think he stays, but the pull of Chi-town is interesting. In addition, the Bulls have a plethora of assets they can move.

7. Amare: He is a huge risky target, with his recent injury-prone tendencies. I still have issues with their penny-pinching owner.

8. Dirk: No way he leaves. There is a reason why the Mavs are constructed the way they are. Besides, the shock it would bring would be like what this is.

9. Jesus Shuttlesworth: Veteran shooter with a ring. I am sure a lot of teams with space for an MLE or a smart winning team with a veteran's minimum would love to have him around.

10. Tyson Chandler: One thing I know is that if you have a modicum of talent and you are 7'0", you will get paid. Ask Jerome James and DeSagana Diop.

11. Manu: the so-called Bat-killer is not going anywhere. He owes it too much to the Spurs. Reduced salary will help this team rebuild on the fly as the transition of the post-Duncan era continues in its natural pace.

12. RJeff: The interesting thing is, the Spurs have not been the type of team to overspend to keep guys. Pop and Buford sure know what they are doing.

13. Joe Johnson: You better hope J-Smooth, Marvin, Al and Mike find a way to convince him to stay. But they thought of plan B (trading for Jamal Crawford) already in case he leaves. I know going from JJ to Crawford is huge, but that ownership is questionable.

14. T-Mac: This season is a tryout open for everyone to see what he can still pull off. Same for the Answer.

15. Yao: It is unlikely he leaves. There is too much going on. Not his style also.

16. Redd: The successor to Walter Ray in Milwaukee is in the same situation as he is.

17. CB4: I agree, he is the major chip that will likely move. Depends on who offers the most.

18. Amongst the second-tier players mentioned, J-Smooth is locked in the ATL for a while.

19. Again, it is all about the cap space and what the guys do early. I won't be surprised if it will be a thud, but I won't dismiss it that easy.

20. John Wall to the Nyets is nice. Hmmm...

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