Tuesday, December 1, 2009

NBA update so far (Thanksgiving edition)

Welcome to the 2nd TWTWTNBA. I have decided to make it a bi-weekly format for the interim, since after all, it is way too early. This time, since it is Thanksgiving, I would answer this question, Why I am thankful for?

First things first, my thoughts on the Answer's retirement. I think he is the poster child of the mid-90s to pre-Lebron era, when cornrows and thuggery was the norm, when Portland was known as the Jailbrazers. It's sad that he went out this way. I wish some team can figure this out right. Paging some Eastern Conference team...

As for the latest news on Lawrence Frank, I wish him well. He is the obvious scapegoat. I think Chris Paul and the dribble-drive offense would be a good fit.

And here we go:

Atlanta: That we have the best record in the Eastern Conference right now. (this was written before the Orlando game)
Boston: That GITC finally got in a Paul Pierce Stud sighting (or 2). But i would like to see a Sheed that is in shape and motivated and a KG that is fully healthy.
Charlotte: That Stephen Jackson has not blown up on them.
Chicago: That Joakim Noah is making the leap of being a serviceable center.
Cleveland: we have Lebron not making any more weird statements. But I would rather have a guarantee he would be staying.
Dallas: That they are atop the Southwest Division with the player with the 2nd most assists in history.
Denver: That Ty Lawson might be the successor to Chauncey Billups.
Detroit: Will Bynum being a quality 6th Man of the year and MIP candidate.
Golden State: That they have the endurance to play 48 minutes without subbing. But I would like to have less dysfunction.
Houston: That they have not fallen out of the race without Yao and Tracy.
Indiana: That they have the Colts to take the headlines (for now).
Los Angeles Clippers: That Chris Kaman may be the best low post presence in LA.
Los Angeles Lakers: That Ron Artest has not yet gone bad crazy. And that no one has punched the Neckbeard in the throat yet.
Memphis: That the Iverson experiment ended already. We already have enough ballhogs.
Miami: Michael Beasley is in his good graces.
Milwaukee: That Brandon Jennings is a stud. Also being 8-5. But I wish they can shoot FT's better. (3rd worst in the NBA)
Minnesota: For that one win, even though it came at a buzzer beater.
New Jersey: Is thankful for the "injury" excuse, because Lawrence Frank would have been fired already.
At least we still have Jay-Z as an owner. And Brooklyn beckons. UPDATE: Coach Frank has been fired.
New Orleans: That we have a nice gem of a find in Marcus Thornton. But I would much much rather have Chris Paul healthy again.
New York: That the Yankees won their 27th title and that their leadership will be going for some guy in the offseason.
Oklahoma City: That Kevin Durant fell into our laps. But I'd rather have the franchise another way other than taking it from the Sonics.
Orlando: That i have a deep lineup that can cause havoc in the East. But i would like a less whiny Dwight with a retinue of post moves.
Philadelphia: that they are the most ideal situation for some guy who was said to be "forcibly retired."
Portland: For the continued development of Greg Oden.
Phoenix: the SSOL is back, revving up and having the best record in the League.
Sacramento: That we have eight wins (and at .500) already for a team considered to be the worst in the League.
San Antonio: That the usual cruisin portion of the season has already netted 5 straight wins.
Toronto: That Andrea Bargnani is finally getting it. And that they are the second best team in their division.
Utah: That Jerry Sloan has no plans on retiring, ensuring stability on the floor.
Washington: for the goodness of Abe Pollin. Good luck, Ted Leonsis.

(Belated) Happy Thanksgiving.

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