Monday, December 7, 2009

Blog Outsourcing 12/7

Today is an important day, especially for those of the Greatest Generation. These days, we must not forget those who lost their lives on that fateful day.

I thought about doing a World Cup post regarding the draw, but decided not to since anything can happen from now until June 2010. We all thought that Davies would be a lock for the US National Team, but something happened. Now he's questionable.

Anyhow, I spent yesterday afternoon checking out the trains. Being a photogeek, I took my trusty camera and took shots of the scene. But more important, it is essential that the community know what that it commemorates. And I felt that the objective was made.

And I know that TWTWCFB will cover this, but I just do not like the idea of the minnows facing each other.

Time for some link love:

Never has tying shoelaces been this controversial.

Talk about homerism, i thought the announcers had to be impartial.

This is the last Bowden Bowl.

I never knew that they could be on ice.

I wonder how many of you want to be healed with beer?

Hmmm... Tiger needs to work on his taste. I think I have better taste, take a look at this:

Just me again

Another reason why smoking is not good for you.

Surf's up, dude. Maybe they can take on these waves.

Personally, I am very very disappointed also for them. They deserve to face the big boys.

Really, Marco Scutaro is the guy that can help the Sawx?

Sparty, care to fill in the details for this? Cashman being cryptic.

Maybe he could succeed Bud in 2012.

Get well soon, Ej. Third major injury in the past few days.

Army vs Navy has huge stakes for someone.

CGB: What can you say about Mike London at Charlottesville? Hope it can avert something like this...

Futbol update: Better start to get to know some World Cup studs.

The Answer is to start. He is on one of my teams, and I need him to start clicking right from the get go.

I hate to be Shaun Suisham right now.

In order to succeed greatness, one must show respect to greatness.

Last thing:

Because you can hear this song in the Vatican playlist:

I love the Transformer concept... Let's dance, shall we...

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