Monday, November 30, 2009

Blog Outsourcing 11/30

Greetings! It is a holiday here in the islands, but when you enter your comments, I will be at work. My office, which is part of the outsourcing industry, relies on the American Holidays, so I was pleased to enjoy the mini-sabbatical to do something I have not done in a looooong time, which is bar hop to watch independent local music acts. Friday night was at a fund raiser for this organization. Saturday night was an album launch while earlier that day was spent doing a little charity work. Ever since I have gone graveyard (or work in the same time frame as Sparty), I haven't gone out and about going to gigs and watching bands and artists strut their stuff. At the same time, I have not been able to go on my CD binges that I have missed out on.

Let's take a peek at the linkages.

Things have not changed 4 years hence for Matty and Vince. In this case, Miz > Fiesta Trio

These Colts are the Cardiac Colts. Does Kwsn approve? I believe so. Interesting fact: Colts have trailed in all 4th quarters this month before pulling out the rabbit.

Things are looking good for J-Rod. Purple Jesus just did Sae a favor in ousting Da Bears.

Clippers have new company where they are. This guy is an easy scapegoat.

Parting is such sweet sorrow. Does CGB approve? They would say, long time coming.

Is he clearing out for Patphish? What would Patphish bring to the table? Maybe you have your suggestions. Help him reach his goal.

Tiger tells us to STFU and leave him alone in his domain. Maybe Trey can use his lawya skills.

I do not drink alcohol. I wonder if this is for Big D's to dominate.

For this guy and this guy, it's up to the AD's now. I think both stay.

World Cup update: How do you prepare for hooligans?

New meaning for football as religion.

Football has already ended somewhere.

Good day for Sparty. Unfortunately, does not cure the misery of losing to Trey.

Parting Videos:
She is one of the ones I watched in my music gigs. Perfect for the Thanksgiving vibe.

Here is another one of my music gimmick journeys.

Hope you enjoyed the weekend.
She is a lovely face.

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