Monday, November 16, 2009

Blog Outsourcing 11/16

PacMan ready to chomp on someone

80's -Survivor - Eye of the Tiger (from ROCKY).mp3

I have to admit, I had a great weekend. This one capped it off. The day before, i was here.

It feels good that one of your countrymen made you proud of your heritage. It feels good that you were watching this moment. It feels good that you saw it happen. It feels good that everyone embraced it.

Now, all I need is the HBO broadcast feed of this event on torrent, to be stored and kept for safekeeping.

Time for some specific PacMan link love:

Even the others Filipinos won their matches (except Brandon Vera and the ones who fought on Friday the 13th). However, one boxer is in critical condition.

The first step has been taken. Do it already as the Master has called for it.

Look at those who were at the event. PacMan is a boxing stud.

Time stands still in the Philippines.

And the best thing? No ego whatsoever.

Oh, and to put it in College Football terms. Pacquiao has SEC speed.

Now for a different set of links: (The Non-PacMan edition)

Bud Adams must hate Ralph Wilson. But definitely a satisfying experience, right?

Will you accept his apology? It was 6 pts, after all. It could have made a difference.

Nothing like the first time for a lady. Interesting she did it at the same age as this guy.

Big D has a scheduled post regarding this. KWSN approves of the weekend.

Chad OchoCinco lost a gamble, but won the war. He needs to pay up. Look at T.O. for example, he complied with his end.

Speaking of war, lots of attrition going on. It has been brutal.

Trevor Ariza was the happiest guy today.

I wonder how many players Lebron can sell this idea to? Answer: 12 (including Lebron himself).

Looks like we will know the state of Weis until after the season. Is Patphish willing to wait?

USC got schooled by the smart guys of Stanford. And these smart guys are being smart by keeping him away from South Bend. And yes, the shoe was on the other foot.

More talk of this in the TWTWCFB.

I am very sure Sparty has tuned out of Dantonio in favor of Izzo by now. And in typical Izzo style, he schedules hard. Look who's next.

I love the mid-majors.

PacMan Videos of the Day:

Just because it's PacMan.

Here is another PacMan special.

And i did not forget...
She's so awesome.

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