Monday, November 9, 2009

Blog Outsourcing 11/9

Some lucky guy in a Hawaiian shirt

Awesome weekend. I know yesterday was bad for certain people *cough*patphish*cough* but it was good for some *cough*kwsn*cough*.

The date proves to be a good alliteration with the WSOP ongoing. But this week, it is a special one, as by the end of the week, it is already the big PPV event in a place called Las Vegas. Then again, as what someone has raised, apparently, only I care about it. So there.

I know someone is really pissed with some team, so let's go to the links:

This is what happened on this date.  I never knew Atlanta had a NHL franchise before the Thrashers. And Larry vs Dr. J. Wow.

This woman definitely has more toughness than some men. Redneck material? But these people would fit in nicely.

The next Gus Johnson could be in the race track.

Bad news just keeps on going and going for the Redskins. Portis goes down, then DeAngelo gets hit.

Expect a visit to the omnipotent Roger Goodell, Chad. This is not the NBA. However, he is smart enough to know it was done in jest and expected it. So, child, please.

The new Ana Ivanovic? You decide.

If you were Richmond, you would release f-bombs, too.

Futbol update: Chelsea beats Man U. Fergie being really whiny.

The South looked good. Colts and Saints stay unbeaten. and the Creamsicle is rocking, here, look:

Nice win, Tampa

Unfortunately, the North cannot say that. the Bears and the aformentioned Packers lost. Only 1 win for both Conferences, with 3 on byes and pending Monday Night.

Ken Whisenhunt knows how to work the mic. And when Mike Singletary is around, good sound clips are always ready.

Well, it is never too early to set up the Manning vs Brady on Sunday Night Football.

Seriously, this is no laughing matter. Kidnapping is a bad bad thing.

A simple preview for TWTWCFB to be in depth. One thing. How is USC ahead of the Ducks?

Parting videos:

Because Leighton Meester is hot:

And because he can sing and if you have a problem, he will knock you out:

One last thing to say, tonight is the start of the journey towards the Madness. the Race to the Lucas Oil Stadium is on.

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