Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Blog Outsourcing 10/11

Welcome to today's edition of Sparty and Friends.

Normally, I compose this post around two to three hours before it is posted to ensure I have the latest news. This week, I will be a preoccupied with certain matters, so the post was created a little earlier than planned.

Yesterday was 10-10-10. Lots of stuff involving the number 10. If you are a porn addict, yesterday was special because it was X.X.X. Here are some interesting things that involve the number.

13 NBA players wore the number last year. (Best known ones: Jonny Flynn, Eric Gordon, Mike Bibby, Leandrinho Barbosa)

17 NHL players wore the number at the start of this current season (Best known ones: Marian Gaborik, Brenden Morrow, Patrick Sharp)

5 MLB teams retired the number for someone (Sparky Anderson - Reds, Dick Howser - Royals, Phil Rizzuto - Yankees, Ron Santo - Cubs, Andre Dawson & Rusty Staub - Expos)

The St. Louis Cardinals won 10 World Series.

The number was retired in Minnesota for Fran Tarkenton and in Atlanta for Steve Bartkowski.

The 10th pick in NBA draft in 1998 was Paul Pierce. He might be the best player ever drafted at that spot, although Brandon Jennings (2009) and Brook Lopez (2008) each have a bright future ahead of them.

In the history of the NFL Draft, the 10th overall pick produced Marcus Allen (1982), Rod Woodson (1987) and Jerome Bettis (1993). It also produced Matt Leinart (2006) and Travis Taylor (2000). Remains to be seen where the likes of Jerod Mayo (2008) and Amobi Okoye (2007) will go.

Pele (for Brazil) and Maradona (Argentina) wore the number 10. 10 also means perfection in gymnastics, as demonstrated first in 1976 by Nadia Comaneci.

Hayden Fry has the 10th most wins in College Football. Bobby Bowden, Vince Dooley and George Welsh each had 10 bowl losses.

And of course, she is a ten, too.

Now to check out the links:

The Reds had no chance against the Phillies. No chance in Hell.

Brooks Conrad just committed another error.

The Rays are alive. Yankees pleased both aces (Lee for Texas, Price for Tampa B) will be both unavailable against CC for Game 1 of the ALCS.

This will be an interesting week in the Bay Area. Oakland outplays San Diego, ending a long losing streak against them. Then, there was the Niners meltdown by Alex Smith. Battle of the Bay next week. This after the way they lost and its aftermath last week.

More drama for Albert Haynesworth. But the Redskins pull out a win out of the hat. Peyton Manning looms next Sunday night, freshly disposed from finally removing the Chiefs from the ranks of the unbeaten. Mercury Morris can now celebrate and enjoy the moment.

Aaron Rodgers with a concussion. Am I ready to start Carson Palmer in the imminent future?

Admittedly, Tom Brady needs the haircut.

Hockey trying to reach back to their roots with their looks.

Speaking of which, only in Canada.

The Islanders have a feel of a college team. Imagine listening to someone call one.

Yep, it is hockey season alright.

And you think fans are already shortchanged with the putridness of a team...

Maybe this recruit can help reshape the downtrodden Colorado State Rams.

Chart action on baseball only Miz would love.

This link is because there is a horse movie out there.

You should play to win the game, not get intimidated and forfeit.

Things are getting really bad when someone bet against his own team AND earned a profit doing it.

With the Red Sox possibly having Liverpool as their bosom buddies, time for people to learn a little soccer lingo.

A sample equation of the Goodell formula.

So, why do people cheat in running events. On a Motherland note, there was a huge run yesterday.

Have you been here?

So, why did you really retire?

The NFL's alter ego as the No-Fun-League strikes again.

Charlie Davies was in a car that ran 125. He was fresh from that accident that cost him a World Cup spot. Good thing he was not driving.

We now know who is Cigar Man. Now we can finally move on.

The end is near for Tiger Woods. Lee Westwood is about to be The Man (at least for a week).

Excuses. Excuses. Urban just got outfoxed by the Mad Hatter. So be it.

Tobacco is bad for your health, I tell ya.

Here is a song from Ten to end the day.

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