Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Blog Outsourcing - 10/4

Welcome to today's edition of Sparty and Friends.

It feels good to be a champion. The satisfaction of winning is awesome. And that is a beautiful thing. The past week was great. My alma mater sealed their third straight Senior men's collegiate basketball title. Its high school sealed its third straight title as well. I was there for both games in the finals (you can find pictures on the photo section of my Facebook) and it was very gratifying to root for them as they sealed the deal in clutch style.

The bonfire to celebrate the championship was held last night in the campus grounds. I arrived late to the venue (coming from a special family dinner). Booze was flowing, commemorative championship gear was for sale, food was plentiful and the music was awesome. The school had earlier declared today as a special holiday to ensure the students have nothing to worry about if they get too drunk, in a way. Of course, those who have work elsewhere took the risk and enjoyed the evening nevertheless.

Happy days are here again. Now the long wait begins until the next season come July. We will be the hosts for that season, and we hope we get the fourth straight and let the good times roll.

Here are the links for your reference:

Before they sort of dispatched the Zookers, this is what the Sweatervest was doing.

Feel free to debunk the notion of whose team has the loudest stadium.

It has returned to wreak havoc again on humanity's ears.

Yup, it's hockey preseason. Hit the pucks time.

Are you ready for their football?

Bitterness because it was the Reds who sealed the NL Central Division?

Sometimes, people really should know what they are getting into, instead of using the legal system.

It is so hard to believe that with all the attention it has generated for tennis, Anna Kournikova never won an event.

Monster Mash is the anti-Antoine Walker.

Some people cannot accept the fact the Michael Vick deserves a second chance. I presume they were pleased that he got hurt, and that Donovan McNabb got the win he desperately wanted.

The Mets need to level the entire franchise and start from the ground up. This may be the first step.

Just shut up, get a deal done and avert a lockout. That's so simple, NFL and NFLPA.

LSU AD says that LSeaUx fans need to support the team. After seeing the end of their game against the Volunteers, he might need to take that back. The Mad Hatter thinks they'll do better.

He really did not see this coming. Literally.

Woj making sense on Lebron.

Some people have nothing else to do but find clever Gameday signs.

Congrats Sparty on knocking off the Badgers. Now can they can Shoelace tied up?

Have people outgrown Hockey Night in Canada?

I am sure Plax was pleased with how the Giants D disassembled the Bears. Nice touch on the Ring of Honor.

The Gatortreo and the iTrey still manifest in other means.

It took them a little extra to seal the AL East title, but the Red Sox made it easier for them. Good, because grim news lie in the horizon.

Speaking of Yankees-Red Sox, people really take this too seriously.

I am proud to be a left-hander.

Things are getting ug(a)ly in Athens. (I remember typing this exact line a week ago)

Congrats to Mr. Ashley Judd on his achievement, meanwhile, Jimmie Johnson is back in the habit again.

Kickers had a much much better day today than last week. Josh Scobee, Matt Bryant and a freshly defrosted John Carney did it.

Mike Singletary looks so defeated.

Titans love flipping the bird.

All the tiebreaker scenarios have been averted. Giants and Braves seal the deal. Now they face off in a duel.

Joe Torre gets a decent send-off in Los Angeles, ditto for Cito Gaston.

Good news: you keep Joakim Noah. Bad news: you don't have Carlos Boozer until probably Christmas time.

To part: here's a story of how we rolled this year. Thanks to a friend of mine.

And this one is for the three years:

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