Monday, September 27, 2010

Blog Outsourcing: 9/27

Welcome to today's edition of Sparty and Friends.

A year ago, I spent the night in a mall alongside others stuck amidst the floods as a result of a typhoon. I walked and saw its carnage. I, on behalf of my fellow countrymen, appreciate the efforts of those who tried to chip in and help.

Walking home that fateful Sunday morning and seeing what transpired during the night, it really surprised me as to how we were caught off-guard, unprepared and shellshocked we all were. All the mud, the damage, the carnage. Good thing we were able to secure electricity that night.

I hope we learned from that experience and move on to become better prepared and better focused on handling disasters like this in the future.

Onto other things:

I'll need a miracle to beat GITC. You heard me, Aaron Rodgers? I need an aerial attack to work. And if you stall, I'll need Mason Crosby to make field goals. You got that?

Hereforth are the links:

Records are meant to be broken, but these are somewhat unassailable.

More reasons why people blame the economy. But it's also on Title IX perhaps.

We're getting closer and closer to looking like the peeps on Wall-E.

And the beat goes on for Jose Bautista.

Remember when people got scared on the possibility of OT during the NFC Title game as well as the Super Bowl? It just happened in Aussie Rules Grand Final.

Now, why would you do this?

GITC vs this girl? Who wins?

Here is an idea that might work for baseball.

The Reds have a flamethrower in their midst. Think he can do a 2002 K-Rod facsimile? They only need either a win or a Cardinal loss and they've sealed it.

Phillies seal a berth in a loss.

The Bobby Cox roadshow ends in a loss. He had earlier secured his 2500th win.

Think Ben Stiller or Vince Vaughn would be the stars of this one?

This DMC can rap unlike the other AFC West DMC. But they don't stand a candle to THE RUN DMC.

Danica Patrick making baby steps in her quest for domination.

RIP Giant Gonzalez.

David obviously did not learn from Tiger.

Finally, the Texas Rangers secure the division. Looks like their rotation is set, too.

Michael Owen saves the Red Devils from defeat. But on the other hand, Chelsea goes down to Manchester City.

Real Madrid having problems scoring goals. Not for Barca. Meanwhile, Valencia leads the Primera.

Ryan Mallett's Heisman chances are at the same tier as Jake Locker's.

Boise State did enough to stay in the chase, but what is interesting now is that Nevada is giving them an unintentional lift. They meet on Thanksgiving Friday at Reno. Meanwhile, Virginia Tech helping the Broncos out with a shutout against Boston College.

Oregon escapes with a win against Arizona State with an undefeated Stanford (fresh from blasting the Irish that had the Stanley Cup in their midst) looming in the horizon.

Ohio State and Wisconsin plaster their opponents with 70+ scores. Their Big Televen play opens next week with Buckeyes facing the Zookers and the Badgers facing the Spartans. Speaking of which, we still don't know if Dantonio is going to coach, but Don Treadwell's doing fine so far.

The Red River rivalry lost a little luster as Oklahoma's stumbling through and Texas actually losing in Austin.

Things are about to get ug(a)ly in Athens. First, they lose at Starkvegas. Then, they kick out a player.

ACLs down someone in Happy Valley and in Oxford. Knees being monitored in Purdue and Ann Arbor.

Here is the AP Poll.

How did the Twins win the division?

Cubs in no rush to find Sweet Lou's successor, but is Ozzie interested? Brenly is not.

Glad to know Blake Hawksworth is fine.

Writing on the wall for Bonderman?

Yankees end slump, take advantage of Rays slip-up.

KG is feeling good. Looks motivated, too.

At this point, the guy needs to shut up already. It's embarrassing. Makes that loss to the Rams look really awful.

Let the overhype between McNabb & Vick begin. Vick just finished assaulting cats.

Singapore really is a nice place to have a race.

Parting video: Because she made headlines on SNL after the Sesame Street issue.

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