Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Blog Outsourcing - 9/13

Welcome to today's edition of Sparty and Friends.

Yup, football fever has taken over. Already 2 200+ comment posts and another 100+ comment post for the past 2 weekends. You guys surely love your football. Especially when the writers and commenters are either a Spartan, an Irish, a Gator, a Vol, a Nittany Lion, a Buckeye or a Yellowjacket or a Giant, a Jet, a Dolphin or a Patriot. I actually missed out on the commenting madness the past two days. To prepare for this post (as I always do), I had to backread the posts and comments to set the table as to what I am going to write home on.

As for me, I watched the final regular season game of my alma mater. We lost by 2 pts, but we could have won the game with the missed free throws and a missed layup in the final seconds. However, we already secured the twice to be advantage by winning our game last September 5 against the University of Santo Tomas (the game where you saw my picture from last week's TMA). The Final Four is scheduled this week. Hopefully, I can write home something positive from that and I can relate them to you on next week's TMA.

Oh, and the VMAs took place last night, where I found this picture of someone that our newest member of the S&F team would absolutely appreciate...
Now here are the links:

Johan is shut down. We wish him well.

Mariano Rivera blows one. He's fine, people. Then again, they need to get Andy Pettitte ready already. Oh, and that came after Nelson Cruz killed them. Rafael Soriano also blew one, too.

Cheers to the Twins. They get their 4,000th win.

NL MVP race still undecided, because Albert Pujols just made his presence felt. On the other hand, Domo Arigato, Mr. Joey Votto.

Welcome to Rocktober. After they stole one from the Reds, Jason Giambi gets his 1st hit against the Diamondbacks in style. That's 10 straight. They are now creeping closer to the NL West division lead, which is a toss-up by itself, thanks to Tim Lincecum.

The BCS Cartel pressed the Buffalo Wild Wings button. James Madison answered the call.

Shoelace better start practicing Desmond Howard.

Week 1 in a snapshot.

Matthew Stafford's hurt. Not good news for the Lions.

Alex Barron blew this game. He better pack his bags.

Saw this in a tweet. Might be funny yet true: Philly coach Andy Reid muttering, please stay injured... please stay injured...

Well, at least it is not due to overtraining, right?

Tony Dungy must be the NFL pontiff.

Yup, typical Jets fans.

To paraphrase a tagline of one of the Motherland's most well-known banks, You're in good hands, with Kevin Durant. But the 12 Giant Men gave them their all.

How much do you want for Ron Artest's championship ring?

Melo to Chi-town? Probably not.

Do you still remember the anti-Peyton Manning? While the real one got battered by Arian Foster.

Bruce Pearl must have learned this from Lane Kiffin. However, he is a lovable guy, so that's fine.

Johnny might be interested in this one.

This goes with the Robert Green and that Chaouchi Gaffe gallery.

Daytona gets a hi-tech face lift from someone who has never ever been there.

Terry Labonte doing a Brett Favre.

The Tafosi celebrate the Prancing Horse's win in the Italian GP, but this might be the real reason to celebrate.

Because you need to know what is going on in the Canadian Football League.

Kim Clijsters was successful in defending her crown. Unfortunately, Rafa's quest for the career Slam is delayed.

Floyd Mayweather's still getting headlines for all the wrong reasons. Still saying Floyd's a farce.

They must have had a really really bad case of diarrhea.

Are you excited for volleyball? Speaking of volleyball, the streak ended.

Parting videos... This one came from the recent Cheerdance competition that the Motherland was focusing on yesterday.

This one came from the VMAs. This one features the Real Slim Shady.

Eminem & Rihanna - Love The Way You Lie - Live MTV VMA 2010 from Infox on Vimeo.

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