Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Blog Outsourcing: 9/20

Welcome to the Today's Edition of Sparty and Friends.

I dunno what's going on with state of education in your neck of the woods, but the interesting thing that's going on in the Motherland as of late, is that our Education Department has released a memo barring teachers in public schools (that may extend to private schools in the future) to assign homework on Fridays. The premise is that the students deserve to enjoy the weekend and that homework cuts into that time.

I would have bought the idea, if our educational system can handle getting the kids straightened out, but with all the woes and deficiencies, that puts a lot of pressures on the academe.

Then again, one could only be bitter with them getting the weekend off, something I never experienced when I was their age. Lucky kids.

In other news, the collegiate basketball final participants have been decided. The first game between my alma mater and Far Eastern University will take place on the 25th of September. We handily dispatched our Final Four opponent yesterday. Feels good. In addition, yesterday was a double whammy as my college alma mater's high school sealed their third consecutive title. Yup, the college is eager to get this guy into the college basketball scene.

Here are the Fantasy League Updates (for NFL, pending the MNF)

KWSN & Friends FFL:

Ateneo LA Clippers vs GoodJobSmackOnTheButt - 98-72 (Clip Show still has Pierre Thomas raring to go)

So Favrelicious vs Future Seahawks Death Penalty - 83-74 (So Favre still has Garrett Hartley ready to kick)

Chmuras Hot Tub Crime Machine vs Russell's Purple Drank - 96-79 (Tub has Marques Colston while Vernon Davis is taking the Purple Drank)

Name TBD vs Favre's Flip Flops - 67-103 (GITC needs Frank Gore to do a miracle)

Pigskin Pick'em

Week 2 results:

Brawny Tom had the best selection with 11. KWSN, Mikey and myself each have 10.

League Standings:

Brawny Tom has a 2-pt lead over KWSN (23 to 21). One pt. behind them is John and myself.

College Pick'em

Week 2 results:

Sparty, after laying a goose egg on Week 2, goes off with 49. KWSN has 47, while Johnny & Cabbage each have 46.

League Standings:

Patphish has 142, a slim 2-pt lead over KWSN. Trey is being trey with trey points further back.

Onto the Links!

The idea of a mercenary cheerleading outfit might just work.

This was his chance. Looks like he took advantage. Your move, Andy Reid.

Put it this way, there more lies a social construct to who you recruit. It comes with the territory. You just hope it pans out, right Urban? Meanwhile, said Gators were dispatching a woebegone Volunteers squad whose former coach lashed out a bitterness rant against another.

Football is always considered as an homage to gladitorial combat. Injuries come with the territory. Some just can't handle that.

Some people have way too much time on their hands, but this looks really cool.

Mike Singletary is very very underrated with the sound bytes, because we are overwhelmed with Rex Ryan ones.

Quo vadis, Joe Torre?

Relax, people! He has not kicked the bucket yet.

What he really means is that he really really loves beating the living soul out of the Mets.

Reasons why I have no inclination with tattoos.

Colorado pulling off their trademark Rocktober-fest.

One creative way to increase revenues.

He really left it all out on the field.

Rules that need revising. Seriously.

2 years of Beadle.

You all know what went on during the weekend, so proceed with discussions. Meanwhile's here's Dominic Monaghan and Megan Fox to send you off.

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