Monday, June 7, 2010

Blog Outsourcing 6/7

Welcome to the newest edition of Sparty and Friends.

Today is June 7. At this time of the year, it would be the first day of school. A new school year. Where people are giddy for allowances, scared of teachers and nervous about the uncertain. The true fun for me came a bit late, in college, where it was always fun. Yes, that university Sparty highlighted in one of the comments. College made it fun. High school for me was focused on academics and not much on the trivial stuff. Makes me wonder what could have been. Then again, if I hadn't had the academic chops, I would not be able to withstand the academic rigors of my alma mater.

Today is the day Daniel Boone discovered what is currently Kentucky. The day before, it was D-Day. All I know is that June is one special month. It should be for everyone.

Here are the links:

The Blackhawks are one game away from Lord Stanley. But like what has been the norm, still overshadowed.

Who overshadowed Lord Stanley? The glam of the NBA Finals, where Boston secured the split. Rondo took over when Jesus Shuttlesworth was done shooting the **** out of Staples.

Oh and here is Kareem and Bill on Coach.

Can Dan Gilbert really snatch Tom Izzo over Sparty's dead body?

I am sure Trey has more details on Pac-10 becoming the new Southwest Conference. Meanwhile, Boise State mulls over a move. You know, all of this can be avoided really if South Bend joins the Big Televen.

Rafael Nadal is back where he belongs, as the master of Roland Garros.

The Lombardi Trophy has a new job, to uplift people's lives.

Ubaldomania goes on and on....

Yankees relied on Javy Vasquez to avert a sweep. Who knew? Meanwhile Rays keep in step while the Sawx gift one to Juan Samuel.

This Mike Stanton might make us forget the old Mike Stanton. Meanwhile, everybody is waiting for this version of Super Tuesday.

Oddly enough, I still remember him as a player.

Greece not getting good press lately. This does not help matters. Talk about partisan fans.

A soccer stampede? Not a good sign. At least it is insured. Here's a good sign for the Elephants.

What's up with England? A warm-up. Another World Cup injury, this time for the Dutch. And sometimes, one has to quit his job to see a dream.

Floyd Mayweather is a sissy. Meanwhile, Yankee Stadium was home to boxing again.

Parting shot: Here's a classic. Dedicated to Walter Ray Allen.