Sunday, July 19, 2009

UAAP gameday 5 assessment

UE vs NU:

Two things:

1. UE's freewheeling style of play will be advantageous only to those who have a subpar defense.
2. NU's helter-skelter play will kill this team if it will not kill the opponent.

Ateneo vs UST:

1. four words: The.Eman.Monfort.Experience.
2. no Rabeh, yet we controlled the pace of the game.
3. no one can stop us if we are shooting like crazy.
4. we can play slow. we can play fast. but one thing that's constant: we will defend.
5. coach pido had to resort to "shuffling the deck" so to speak.
6. funny scene: ryan gets rebound. ryan gets fouled by mirza, who falls down and gets cramped. ryan then proceeds to do initial first aid on mirza (you know, what the PT people would do when someone gets cramps and i would assume mirza asked for ryan's assistance). very funny. also shows that we are good sports and men for others.
7. chris de chavez got game. watch out in season 73.
8. eman-nico-ryan. is this the core for season 73?
9. ust literally has no size down low. if they had an andris biedrins-type player, they would be a vicious contender for a final 4 spot. they are fringe level as of the moment.
10. composure. composure. composure.

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