Sunday, July 19, 2009

Snazzy Sport "Pasin-tabis" 2

1. Tom Watson leading the Open @ Turnberry. He's 59 turning 60. One thing that keeps me busy when I am at the office is reading Jason Sobel and his ESPN golf live-blog. It is really captivating what this 5-time Open winner is doing. Wow. Newsworthy. Also Tiger missing his 2nd major cut. Considering how good he has been over the course of his career, this is really a shock.

2. The 2010 Winter Classic will be held @ Fenway, with the Boston Bruins hosting the Philadelphia Flyers. Considering how good the past 2 games were, expectations are high.

3. Congrats to the San Miguel Beermen. Ginebra lost their first Game 7. Jonas Villanueva (FEU alum) wins the Finals MVP. Olsen, your successor is ready. Thanks for the service rendered.

4. Day after Beermen win, Team Pilipinas loses in their Jones Cup opener 90-59 to Jordan. Still need a lot of stuff to work on.

5. The NBA free Agent moves will have its own post before the season starts, so don't be surprised.

6. Since Kobe is coming here, no, I did not go to the Fort to try to fish for a ticket. I do have a day (graveyard, though) job and the schedule and location make it a little impractical. However, if you do, send a link to watch and observe. And, speaking of Nike, the Jordan Brand is going to secure current Converse icon D-Wade. (Which is a lateral move as Nike owns Converse)

7. DLSU lost again. No one scored in double digits, again. This will be a long season for the Archers. However, I just want to let you know, that this team is a 2nd round team, meaning they really play much better from August onwards. It is hard to imagine a Franz Pumaren-coached team like this. Kudos to FEU.

8. Adamson wins it first game against UP. Did I see a Mike Gamboa DNP?

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