Monday, October 26, 2009

2009-10 NBA Preview (part 1)

This is a portion of the definitive NBA Preview, despite what others may claim. I will try to tackle the prevailing issues the best that I can do so that the standards can be met by the others here and those who read elsewhere.

Part 1 looks into the offseason and who struck gold in the offseason and who struck nothing on a per Divisional set-up

Atlantic Division (Boston, New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Toronto)

Best non-player addition: Imagine the possibilities if Mikhail Prokhorov will be able to secure the Nets. Brooklyn, here we come. Maybe LeBron, too.

Team that best benefited from the past offseason: Boston. Adding Sheed that could be motivated by what happened last year might be able put them over the top. Oh, and Marquis Daniels might be the guy that would be what James Posey was two years ago for John's Celtics.

Team that least benefited the past offseason: Philadelphia. Because I do not know if Lou Williams can handle the point full-time. Andre Miller was really effective in orchestating the offense. Is Jrue Holliday the answer? He might be too raw. Are they a running team or a halfcourt team?

New face to look out for: Courtney Lee. Because where will all the Vince Carter possessions go? And has already proven himself to be a good scorer. Oh, he and CD-R will be handling the 2-3 spot previously held by Vinsanity.

Central Division (Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Indiana, Milwaukee)

Biggest non-issue: Indiana is not racist with their large number of white players.

Team that best benefited from the past offseason: Cleveland reloading with Anthony Parker, Jamario Moon and Leon Powe. And then, there is that big guy.

Team that least benefited the past offseason: Milwaukee. Trading Richard Jefferson away. Then let Charlie Villanueva go. What are the Bucks really doing?

New face to look out for: Shaq. Because we really have no idea how this will work.

Southeast Division (Atlanta, Charlotte, Miami, Orlando, Washington)

Biggest non-issue: Gilbert Arenas abandoning his entertainment value. That is just Gilbert being Gilbert. Also Juan Dixon being waived, but is merely for someone with Maryland tendencies.

Team that best benefited from the past offseason: Orlando. Team GatorTrey actually getting even better with Brandon Bass, Matt Barnes and Vince Carter coming home.

Team that least benefited the past offseason: Miami. Beasley goes to rehab. Wade won't sign an extension (yet). Just like Lebron in Cleveland and Chris Bosh in Toronto, watch out all year long.

New face to look out for: Jamal Crawford. All Atlanta needed to get him was Acie Law IV and Speedy Claxton. They have a good shot to retain that 4th spot. And who knows, they might finish higher.

Southwest Division (Dallas, Houston, Memphis, New Orleans, San Antonio)

Biggest non-issue: Dirk Nowitzki and his off-court brouhahas. Some may take offense with his hair. Definitely we all take offense with his choice of women.

Team that best benefited from the past offseason: San Antonio. Richard Jefferson. Antonio McDyess. Theo Ratliff. Three vets who want a ring. This team wants to win. RC Buford and Pop know what their needs are and act accordingly.

Team that least benefited the past offseason: Houston. Losing Yao Ming for the whole year is really huge. Considering that T-Mac is still unavailable.

New face to look out for: Zach Randolph. People in Miz's area think he could average 20-10 this season. Makes you wonder why they traded Pau Gasol in the first place. The other problem with that idea is that there is only one basketball to spread around Iverson, Gay, Mayo, Conley, etc...

Northwest Division (Denver, Utah, Minnesota, Portland, Oklahoma City)

Biggest non-player acquisition: Kurt Rambis. He will bring a winning attitude to a team lacking one. Interesting coaching staff with Bill Laimbeer and Reggie Theus in his corner. Remains the top man to replace Phil Jackson in LA when he retires.

Team that best benefited from the past offseason: Oklahoma City. Not much on the new additions, but all eyes on the emergence of Kevin Durant as a super-stud. Bill Simmons has drunk the kool-aid. I might have as well.

Team that least benefited the past offseason: Portland. (Not because they will fail, because that's Minny and their inability to bring in Ricky Rubio.) I think they never really made an effort to improve. Come to think of it, other than Minny, not much major player movement took place in the Northwest, excluding Andre Miller. There's the rub. I never really understood that addition. It felt like a Tony Stark moment.

New face to look out for: Jonny Flynn. Another chip on the shoulder with the Ricky Rubio fiasco. Let's see if he and Ramon Sessions can coexist.

Pacific Division (Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Clippers, Phoenix, Sacramento, Golden State)

Biggest non-player addition: Khloe K. Odom. Nothing is not interesting in LA. If Ron Artest will not keep you interested, she will.

Team that best benefited from the past offseason: (Homer Alert!) The Los Angeles Clippers. Trading away Zach Randolph. Managing to nab Rasual Butler. Drafting Blake Griffin. We might be able to finish 8th and grant the wish of most to have a series at Staples.

Team that least benefited the past offseason: Golden State. It is not about the who they acquired or who they lost, it is about the chaos ensuing in Nellie's World. Monta Ellis and Stephen Jackson are not exactly happy campers.

New face to look out for: Blake Griffin. Maybe this guy can bring good luck to a moribund franchise.

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