Monday, October 26, 2009

Blog Outsourcing 10/26

Is it just me or I am the harbinger of reality for the Sparty and Friends community. A typhoon ravaging the countryside, not once, but twice. A third almost brushed us. Then, you know what I wrote last week. Rather not dwell on that one.

So, what should I write? Well, the other major collegiate league just wrapped their season last Saturday. The San Sebastian Golden Stags denied the San Beda Red Lions a chance at a fourth straight title in the NCAA. With that finally over, time to prepare for our own version of the NCAA Tournament, the PCCL.

I found some personal enjoyment watching / listening to U2 earlier today. How come? After all, I am in the 'burbs of Manila while they were at the Rose Bowl. I love Youtube. Youtube livestreamed the event online here. So the world managed to watch the event at the same time as those inside the home field of the UCLA Bruins. Very convenient since the concert was in the late morning / lunch time here.

Time for the Link-a-lot:

Sparty must be in a happy mood. I wonder why... (expect some major gloating later today). No shame to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. They really gave it their all but in the end, Andy Pettite made his mark on the postseason, and possibly book his Hall of Fame induction. Btw, found it interesting that the honorary American League President (Jackie Autry of the Angels) awarding it to Hal Steinbrenner.

Ok, insert your Big Mac joke in 3... 2... 1...

I hope this guy will keep Albert happy. I shudder at the thought of the best hitter in the game needing a hitting coach.

He definitely deserves a second chance. Does it have the Jen seal of approval?

He sacrificed it all for a woman. Haven't we heard this cliche before?

Someone is still bitter about not having the Joe vs Joe series.

Are the 2009 Phillies the best Phillie team constructed? The 1980 team might have some issues with that. Good discussion point.

Mini-preview of the World Series. And continued suffering for Jen and the Indians.

New BCS results out (because that is the only poll that matters, right?). If you are a Hawkeye and a Horned Frog, this is great news. You can discuss this further on the TWTWCFB. More stat goodness here.

SEC officiating cannot get a good break this year. Especially in games involving the Herban Jesus.

Talk about early entry. This is way too early, but at the same time, way too late. Someone has already tagged a team for him.

Mediocrity to still reign in Champaign.

Futbol update: The Reds have beaten Glazer's new boys, 2-0 at Anfield. On the other hand, Robert Kraft's new boys punched their playoff tickets.

Speaking of Glazer and Kraft, their NFL teams went to London. How the Brits view the spectacle. Goodell likes them so much, he wants seconds. Oh, Tom Brady was great.

Speaking of great, so was Miz's Manning. As for Sparty's Manning, not so much...

Steelers vs Vikings was amazing. Watching the highlights was amazing because the camera seemed to be rocking along with the stadium. AD, though, still deals hard hits that really hit hard.

Vengeance best served cold. For Cedric Benson and for Keith Brooking.

Finally some parting shots:

I was watching a special from NFL Films earlier today. It feautred this song. Fitting since Pittsburgh won against Brett:

Hope you can indulge me on something. This is a local song, a theme song, so to speak as our national elections are coming soon.

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