Monday, October 19, 2009

Blog Outsourcing 10/19

Pardon me for this will be simplistic, you might say a mailed-in version. but read the last portion of this and you would understand.

Brutal month, right?

Time for the links.

The BCS standings are out. You better subscribe to the Al Davis philosophy to advance.

Well, TCU is right now on the outside looking in, but their coach does not care. Focus is on BYU. And guess who will be there?

More fodder for TWTWCFB: This guy might end the QB Heisman run.

Exhibit B as to why if you can leave, you ought to leave. I think we should be showing this to a certain QB in South Bend.

Sad sad news
from Storrs. I like their chances this Sautrday against a West Virginia team with issues at QB.

Moving to beisbol:

This is the tim kurkjian special: the Game 3 NLCS edition.

Bill Plaschke
reminding the Dodgers about their trading gaffe.

Angels hoping their last two games were merely a mirage. However, in New York, A-Rod is clutch (so far). Must be the Kate Hudson.

Btw, Bud is not the only one hoping for a Joe vs Joe.

Your weekly Futbol update: Hot and Not in the Premier League. And btw, World Cup spots on the line as the matchups are to be determined.

Peyton 2008 = Brady 2009. This is why. Hard to believe Titans are 0-6.

The bookends of the NFL Franchise value index have issues. At least Oakland can hang their hat on a win. Zorn without play calling is a lame duck. Btw, their next game is Monday night (October 26) against the Eagles.

Oh, the State of New York lost all three games against Archie's boys, with Sparty's G-Men being the last one.

Parting videos:

After the Palace Brawl, there are times people never learn. See this case:

UPDATE: he has been thrown the book.

Meanwhile: here is a better way to end the post...

Enjoy the week ahead.

P.S. Dad, I love you.

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